Math Teacher Charged With Having Sex With Three Students

A North Carolina charter school teacher was arrested on Thursday for allegedly having sex with three male students: two 17-year-olds and a 16-year-old.

The Daily Mail reports that Rocky Mount Preparatory math teacher Erin McAuliffe, 25, was charged with “three counts of sexual activity with a student and one count of indecent liberties with a minor.”

Detectives with the Rocky Mount Police Department conducted interviews with students and staff at the school before obtaining a warrant for McAuliffe’s arrest this week.

The math teacher’s alleged sexual encounters with the three students all took place off campus.

McAuliffe was ordered held in the Carteret County Jail on $20,000 bond pending her first court appearance scheduled for June 12, reported WITN.

School administrators at Rocky Mount Prep said that the 25-year-old educator was fired on May 4, a day before police were tipped off about her alleged dalliances with minors.


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  1. Samuel Fivey

    Why aren’t there this many comments on the posts that should be getting a lot of commentary, discussion?

  2. Trinh Tran

    3 boys in her class got horny n wanted 2 fuck her. Sue em 4 bein guys. Apparently she is really hot accordin 2 u guys commentin. We all have needs n temptation do get the best of us. Only problem is she was a teacher n they weren’t legal yet. Close 2 thou. But still wrong as code n ethic n law n stuffs. But doubt noone would have known unless the guys were braggin about bangin their hot teacher. N course some1 who heard eventually dobbed her in.

  3. BS

    Blame the students as well, teens are not innocent either,

  4. BS

    Disgusting, what the hell is wrong with these stupid ass, teacher’s? You csnt trust no one. She’s a Bitch.

  5. David B Lawrence

    One of the guy’s might have tried to black male her to have sex again, and she said no or 1 of the boys got jealous an told on her, but she should understand what she’s got, u can’t give a 17yrs old boy a taste of that an expect him to walk away an not want more

  6. David B Lawrence

    That’s why u can’t have sex with high school boys, they run there mouth an brag , I would have kept my mouth shut an got some more , she’s hot , next she’ll be in playboy

  7. Archie Kent

    This is getting all too common. We are living in the end times people. Repent!

    • A sad American

      You’re kidding right. You’re suppose of God raped Mary when she was a 12 or 13 year old girl and Jesus Christ was born. Repent are you a fucking retard

  8. David Merino

    Come on,17 year old young men
    Should of done the dead on summer break

  9. Timothy Gray

    So, this publication is owned an operated by law enforcement? Let’s hope you do better than that Nazi rag called Blue Lives Matter.

    And, while you are at it, why not publish some stories and editorials concerning America’s failed drug war and the lives it has ruined including police officers, nonviolent offenders, and their families.

    Let’s discuss why people in your profession are so despised accross all ethnic and economic spectrums, and what needs to be done in order to change that.

    As far as this woman’s charges are concerned, get real! All she is guilty of is turning these teenaged boys’ fanticies into reality.

    As for those of you who point out so-called double standard, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    • Law Officer

      “Let’s discuss why people in your profession are so despised accross all ethnic and economic spectrums” – you may want to stop watching the mainstream news and read the latest Pew Report.

      • AMD Guru

        He’s too ignorant to want to educate himself, he just believes whatever CNN tells him to believe.

  10. Dan Maynard

    Why, tell me why I never had a teacher like that!?

  11. Eddie Bbm

    Deiom they rats I wish my yrs

  12. hammer

    Oh the nightmares and PTSD these young men will suffer lol

  13. Dennis Miller

    Where were the teachers like this looking like this when I was in school lol

    • Ore Underwood

      Rite. I would have done anything to get detention lol

  14. All honkeys suck devil dick

    A white women.she get away with the crime..with some house arrest and a pat on the back..

    • Dennis Miller

      Just cause you’re​ jealous she wouldn’t touch you with a 10′ pole you gotta kill MLK’s dream lol

      • All honkeys suck devil dick

        Shut your honkey ass up.I’m not skin is more whiter then your momma ass.

    • Timothy Gray

      Yeh, I agree with you that our so-called justice system is racial bias. But common, bro. Who she hurt? No one.

      Those stupid kids should have kept their mouths shut. They’d still be hittin it. Now those fool are back to jerking off full time.

  15. AMD Guru

    Because the suspect is a woman, there will be no prison time, only 10 year probation. People don’t care when the perpetrator is female, but when it’s a male, the its a whole different story.

    • ShadowFalls

      While a female teacher might be in a position of power over male students, a male teacher can be in a position of dominance over a female student. It is just as easy that the three male students could easily rape the female teacher.

      In terms of things, it all is silly. I have seen people marry someone else over 10 years apart. The biggest difference is 9 years and at some point you have to stop treating these 16 or 17 year olds as victims but rather very willing participants.

      • Larry H.

        Same with the 16 year old? 14? 8?

      • AMD Guru

        You just demonstrated another example of how we as a society choose not to hold women accountable for there actions. Your thought that male teachers dominate women is as dumb as the thought computer hardware advances quickly. Both are wrong. More and more women are actually manipulating men much more frequently than the other way around. Just last week I wrote about how that is occurring more and more and here you are providing an example of it.

        Men are just dumb. They have this overwhelming natural feeling of taking a women’s side without thinking about both sides. They just want to jump to the “rescue” of the women and automatically make her the “victim” or wronged party and the guy the piece of garbage. They do this without even thinking, it amazes me. I see it in every aspect of life including in every job I’ve every held. Men will flat out just do anything for women, especially the ones they “like”. Women, on the other hand, enjoy seeing just how far the can get the idiot to do whatever they want. Sure, both men and women, can be vulnerable, but in our society, especially in a court room, no body likes to admit a man is or can be vulnerable! It’s called jury appeal and men, especially white men, don’t have much of it. Ask an attorney! Yes, there are times when a man will get a women to do something wrong for him, but mostly, it’s the women who are in the position of “dominance” do to the ignorance of men. Again, men are just dumb!

        I’ve too seen guys marry a woman 10 to even 15 years there junior, but that has NOTHING to do with this case. This is about a crime and she is guilty of that serious crime which she will, for the most part, just get away with.

        Would you have said “stop treating these 16 or 17 year olds as victims” if they were FEMALES and the suspect was a man???! I’m guessing your opinions would be totally different in that case.

        • ShadowFalls

          Be careful when you jump to conclusions, you might sprain something. Women are just as dumb as men, it is just easier for woman to string a man along for sex. Stupid people are everywhere, but thanks for making some truly ridiculous assumptions that all men just want to “protect” women.

          Unless there is some evidence of pressure applied or rape, male or females of that age are conciously aware of what they are doing and that it is illegal for the teacher. Eventually some even realize they can blackmail the teacher since telling the police won’t get them jailed. So no, my opinion is the same regardless.

          So do you thing these teenagers who are old enough to get a job at McDonald’s and drive on the road can not make an informed decision about whether they should sleep with their teacher or any other adult? I’m not saying it is ok, but at some point people need to realize that many aren’t “victims” but willing participants. Sorry if you can’t understand that.

          • AMD Guru

            I actually agree with you, 16 and 17 year olds are NOT kids and I really hate law makers treating them, especially the girls, as “victims” all the time. People that age absolutely can manipulate teachers, weak ones anyway. So we agree on that, but the law is the law! She is guilty and you are just making excuses for HER, again, sorry you can’t understand that!

            We also agree that women are just as stupid, but my point I was making is still correct. More on that below.

            My reply to your comments were not meant to be taken as a hostile attack on you. It looks like that’s how you took it however. I didn’t agree with your excuse making for a woman, that everyone makes, but I also didn’t have the intent on attacking you either. So please don’t take my comments that way.

            Let me point this out. Have you read the comments here. Many are just a bunch of ignorant men commenting about how hot she is and how they would like to be in the same situation as these students. That’s what I’m talking about when I say men are dumb. You won’t see women saying those things about a male teacher.

            Go to every newspaper’s website and read a story about a man arrested for doing something to a woman. Then scroll down to the comments and read them. It’s ALWAYS the same thing. Everyone, both men and women, attacking the male suspect and calling him names and talking about what a piece of garbage he is. EVERY TIME!!!! However, in those same newspapers, when the woman is the suspect, many, many people, such as yourself, will actually defend the woman suspect. That’s what I’m talking about here. So going back to my original post, when I said she won’t do any prison time, you have actually helped prove I’m correct with your excuses you have made for her. Thanks for proving me correct. 🙂 No hard feelings, take care and buckle up.

          • ShadowFalls

            You still seem to be in a world of conclusion jumping. Perhaps reading comprehension is the problem? Where in there did I come to anyone’s defense? Idiots are everywhere btw, you have no way to base any assumptions that all or many of these comments are from men at all. These are all part of the assumptions you make. Nor is “Everyone” attacking the men. It is this kind of blind ignorance that I am talking about.

          • AMD Guru

            When you made the remark about how women are just in a position of power, but men actually have dominance over women, what do you think that means? Perhaps comprehension is your problem?

            If you actually could read what I wrote you, and you tested that, you would find my theory to be correct. The reason you choose not to agree with me is only because you want to win some sort of battle with me. Fine you win, wow that wasn’t hard for me. However, instead of just writing off what I said so quickly, how about you put what I said to the test. Read my last paragraph and put it to the test. If you’re as intelligent as you think you are, you will challenge yourself. That’s the problem here, you won’t because in your head you are “right” and I’m wrong. If only more people would challenge there own thoughts and ideas? That’s the difference between us, I don’t care about being wrong or right, I just want to be correct. Sometimes that means being wrong in order to educate myself and become correct. My strong recommendation for you is to challenge your opinions. Every subject matter one can think of is a misconception because people don’t challenge themselves. Here’s one major misconception, computer technology is stagnant and doesn’t advance quickly. However almost everyone I would meet on the street would tell me otherwise. Think about it.

          • ShadowFalls

            It is in reference to physical strength, which is a fact.

    • Timothy Gray

      That’s correct! You got a problem with that? You see how hot she Is? What, you think she held a gun to these kids’ heads? You’re either a woman or a chronic masterbater.

      • AMD Guru

        Obviously I do have a problem with that! Thanks for your ignorant example of how we don’t hold women accountable for there mistakes in our society! How “hot she is”?! REALLY?!!! You are a MORON!!!! I’m a man and not a “chronic masterbater”. I just choose not to be deaf, blind and dumb. I see things for how they really are.

        So if the victims were females, would you still think it’s OK? A crime is a crime regardless of gender. Again, she won’t do any prison time because the jury will be filled with morons like yourself who will think she didn’t do anything wrong. Grow up and mature idiot!

        • Timothy Gray

          How mature of you to reply with name calling. I’m so impressed. My guess is you were busted with an under age girl and did time as someone’s bitch. It’s no wonder your so pissed!

          • AMD Guru

            Your guess?! That’s right, you don’t know me so to assumed anything about me is ignorant. You don’t like me calling you a moron? Well, I’ll tell you what I told so many like you when I was a police officer, if you act like an idiot I’ll treat you like one!

          • Timothy Gray

            Lol. Ok. Thank you for clarifying.

            So you WERE a state sponsored terrorist caught in bed with a little girl? Or were you let go with a slap on the wrist for murdering an unarmed black man.

            Either way, when you and your fellow Blue Gansta’s act like thugs, you can expect to be treated accordingly.

          • AMD Guru

            You’re so ignorant! You’re nothing more than an ignorant liberal who has no respect for the rules. When you don’t get your way, you run down the street crying, attacking innocent people, destroying property and attacking law enforcement. That’s how you immature you idiots are. You have no idea what law enforcement is about and what makes them HEROS and you arenothing more than a worthless thug! I’m wasting my time with you.

          • Timothy Gray

            Uh Oh. Did I push little Mr. Piggy Wiggy’s buttons? Lol. You are a classic example of why children and like-minded adults with low EQ’s should not handle fire arms.

          • AMD Guru

            Ignorant THUG!

          • Timothy Gray

            Lol. You just keep proving my point over and over again.

            Does mommy and daddy know you are using their computer without permission?

          • AMD Guru

            Spoken like a true liberal! Are you going to cry because the big bad police man gave you a ticket? LOL We’re done here, go play with your hot wheels.

          • Timothy Gray

            Lmao. Really?

            We are actually done here…..finally… (AGAIN)?

            Lmao! I can’t stop laughing at your mindless posts.

            Lol. What? Ur tiny little fascist child-like brain has another cramp?

  16. Jerry Medlin

    I’m SURE she WAS teaching them!!

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