Man Pulls AR-15 On Man With ‘Make America Great’ Flag On His Truck

A video has emerged of a man pulling what appears to be an AR-15 Rifle on a President Trump supporter because he had a “Make America Great Again” flag attached to his truck.

The video was originally uploaded by someone called ‘Neal YsdalHothead Norles’ on Facebook but the clip has now been removed.

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  1. Katrina

    If the man with the truck files a complaint, man with the gun could go down. Would be a good guess he has a warrant or two or parole violation.

    • Sam Daniel

      Yeah. Tough MF with a gun. I don’t ANYWHERE that I’m not heeled.
      Coming at me with a gun, Snakehead McSpookydooky could result in
      chest pains you may not want, like 147 grain jacketed hollow-point.
      Choose who wish to confront with wisdom. You never know who may best you.

  2. Truth Hurts

    This is one of those fantastic occasions when you get to kill a negro legally. Never pass up one of these.

  3. Stanky

    lol ….. anudder snake haydid genus fo reels

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