Man left paralyzed after murder plot against estranged wife backfires

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – A Florida man’s murder plot against his wife backfired and he was left paralyzed as a consequence of his scheme.

A Virginia judge on Wednesday denied bond to the defendant whose alleged plot to murder his wife went awry earlier this month when he was shot and paralyzed.

Henry Frank Herbig, 65, appeared in court via videoconference from his jail hospital bed. He is charged with aggravated malicious wounding and breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony.

Prosecutors said Herbig, 65, broke into the Virginia Beach home of his estranged wife on Sept. 8 and assaulted her and her daughter with a wrench, WGNT-TV in Norfolk reported.

He was shot in the spine by his stepdaughter during the attack and left paralyzed. Authorities concluded that she acted in self-defense and would not face criminal charges.

Investigators said they found a journal in Herbig’s car that outlines his plans to commit the murder. It said he used several cars to drive from Florida to Virginia and bought gas cans so he wouldn’t be required to stop, according to WTKR.

Furthermore, the now paralyzed criminal defendant also carried multiple cell phones, disguises, garbage bags, zip ties, duct tape and weapons, including a wooden baton, the wrench and a firearm.

Prosecutors said Herbig is wealthy and is a flight risk because of his connections to several pilots and homes, one of which is near the Canadian border. Although he can’t walk, they said he still poses a danger.

His defense attorney argued Herbig needs to be released so he can receive adequate health care at another facility.


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