Los Angeles To ICE Agents: Stop Identifying Yourself As Police

Los Angeles’ top elected officials are urging federal authorities to stop the practice of immigration officers identifying themselves as “police” in their search for people living in the country illegally.

Citing a practice disclosed this week in The Times, Mayor Eric Garcetti, City Atty. Mike Feuer and City Council President Herb Wesson cosigned a letter to the directors of the immigration services “to urge in the strongest possible terms that ICE immediately cease this practice in our city.”

The letter said the practice undermines decades of work by the Los Angeles Police Department to build trust within the city’s large immigrant community so that those in the country illegally can report crimes and offer information to police without fear of deportation.

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  1. Katrina

    LA Times actually wanted me to pay them money to read more on this article. HaHaHa! Like I would pay for propaganda? Get outa here, LA Times!
    As for the Mayor and those wanting police from ICE to not identify as police, equally hilarious!
    Imagine being in another country illegally and expecting to be protected. Where would that be, exactly??

  2. Robert Johnson

    Tell HIM to pound sand

  3. Bill

    Tell Garcetti, et al, to have their officers identify by saying LAPD, if they want to differentiate themselves. The city of Los Angeles has no copyright on the word “police.” There are dozens of LE agencies operating within the LA city limits at any given time. The arrogance of these people is stunning.

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