K9 Dog Dies After Being Left In Hot Car

Southaven (MS) police have confirmed a 6-year-old K-9 officer died after his handler left him in a police car.

Police Chief Steve Pirtle said the handler had just returned to the office Tuesday evening following undercover work when he left his partner, Gunner, in the car with the windows up and the engine off.

The Times Free Press reports that the officer returned two hours later where Gunner was in complete distress. He was taken to a nearby animal hospital where he died.

Gunner was the only K-9 dedicated to the department’s narcotics division and had only been partnered with the officer for three weeks

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  1. julsruls

    The issue at hand is the officer left the poor dog in the car with the windows up and the engine off. Again engine off so even if emergency equipment was installed would it have worked since the engine was off . If someone in law enforcement is this careless then the community of Safe haven is in trouble.

  2. Thaddeus Szczotka

    The cop had one job to do, protect his partner…and he failed and his actions led to death of partner. Treat the situation as such.

  3. LegalBeagle

    There is nothing I can say about how criminally stupid this was without getting dinged for my language. RIP, Gunner. You were failed by a piece of garbage who has no business in LE, and who had far less value to the planet than you.

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