Judge Rules Philadelphia Must Stop Immediately Release Officer Names Involved In Shootings

A Philadelphia judge has ruled the city can’t immediately release the names of police officers involved in shootings.

The judge issued a temporary injunction on Friday after the Fraternal Order of Police sued.

Fox 28 reports that the lawsuit came after Black Lives Matter protesters gathered outside the home of Officer Ryan Pownall, who is on administrative leave for shooting an allegedly armed man June 8.

Police found a loaded weapon at the scene.

The temporary restraining order says the city must wait 72 hours to release an officer’s name, during which time the union can challenge the city’s attempt to release the name.

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  1. LegalBeagle

    We should celebrate the triumph of good over evil, and be proud of our officers who do what must be done when faced with such threats to themselves or others. Sadly, because of the apologists for the criminally feral, it is often not safe for the names of these heroes to be released. All officers should know their rights under their state FOI laws, and if they can use the protections often applicable to crime victims (which they are) or witnesses, they should do so.

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