Friendly Fire Is ‘Possible’ In Shooting Of Missouri Police Officer

Kansas City police are investigating whether the bullet that struck an Independence police officer in the head during a robbery call came from a fellow officer’s gun.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker charged four men in the home invasion robbery that led to the shooting Wednesday of Independence Police Officer Thomas Wagstaff, who is in critical condition with a severe head wound.

Baker to,d the Kansas City Star that it is “possible that through some kind of freakish event or some kind of one-in-a-million scenario that could not be expected and certainly could not be replicated in a lab if you tried to repeat it, that that incident could have happened at this scene.”

She said, the four charged are responsible for Wagstaff’s injuries.

“I hold them accountable in every possible way for his injuries, and I will continue to do so,” she said. “We are still investigating, but I have the individuals responsible.”

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