FOP President Responds To Data Hack

Law Officer brought you the report that the National FOP Website had been hacked and that personal information from the members may have been stolen.  You can read the President’s statements below:

1/31/16 Response

Brothers and Sisters,

The FOP has been the victim of federal and state crimes. We have already contacted the Department of Justice Cyber Crimes Division and the FBI will be investigating the crime.

Here is what we know:

Around January 13/14, someone hacked into our data system. Whoever did this found a found a hole in our defenses that even the software developer did not know existed. The platform software was accessed through a method known as 0Day vulnerabilities. This is described as a flaw in the base software that was used to write our program that was previously unknown to the developer or security professionals. They stole all of the information that we store in our system.

We do not keep your social security number in our records but all of our member’s names and addresses were stolen. Some members had their date of birth connected to their member file and that was stolen to. We know all too well that this could place our members safety at risk.

The media and the hacker seem to think the theft of the collective bargaining agreements we had on file is a big deal, apparently not knowing that all of these documents are publicly available.

Here is what we are doing:

We have taken offline. We have contracted with experts to work with our IT team to make sure that this does not happen again. We are working to put in place a workaround for lodge presidents and secretaries to keep doing the business of the Order while we are completing our work on this end.

Here is what you can do:

We recommend changing any email or other accounts that share the same username and password as those used to access the members only section. If you are not sure please change your email passwords.

We are taking this crime very seriously and we appreciate the members concerns and understand your concerns and are working hard to secure our system.

Chuck Canterbury


1/29/16 Response

Message from FOP National President Chuck Canterbury via E-Mail
Brothers and Sisters,
We have learned today that our data system has been hacked by the Group known as Anonymous. It appears to have originated outside of the United States.
The data breach is a complete breach of our data and they have posted some of the data on Twitter.
The data posted to date is merely Bargaining Contracts that we have collected and inputed into our data system and those are all available on the open web. 
They have however breached all of our records and therefore we have shut down access to our entire site. We have engaged professionals to identify all the necessary steps we need to take to put our system back on line and it may take several days. 
The Executive Board will be having a teleconference later today to discuss the breech and we will provide as timely information to you all as we can. 
I am asking State Lodges to notify their local Lodges of the system being down and advise them we will put out an immediate notice when we can safely put the system back on line. 
Our professional Computer experts have identified how the hackers made access but that information cannot be distributed at this time for obvious reasons. Suffice it to say that the level of sophistication was very high. 
I am truly sorry that this is happened and we are working as hard as possible to take the necessary steps. 
Chuck Canterbury 
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  1. DRuta lodge957

    Gee that sucks yes but for god sake how long before we can get it running again and more usefull the state lodges can then have the local lodges issue the current years credentials. I further think that all members who should be offered credit monitoring for free at the expense of the folks who didn’t know there was a back door and B. all of the member’s who had submitted their dues prior to this that are being denied their cards should be offered a two month prorated rate on 2017 membership . Ok stuff got jacked but members paid their dues over 4 months ago and are being told hold onto your cancelled checks cause the National lodge has no record and thus can’t give out membership numbers or this years membership credentials.

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