FOP Hacked: Member Data At Risk

Private files belonging to America’s largest police union, the Fraternal Order of Police, have been hacked and posted online.  The file is said to contain names and addresses of officers including various contracts with cities and private forum posts.

The file was posted online on Thursday after the National FOP Website was breached the day before.

The file is currently posted here:

Please note, Law Officer has not analyzed or opened the file.  We are attempting to get professional guidance as it is likely there is malware, etc. embedded within the file.

We recommend that you only open the file after consulting with your technology team.

The Fraternal Order of Police represents approximately 330,000 law enforcement officers across the United States and the FBI is investigating the breach of 2.5 GB of data.  The National website is currently off line.

FOP National President Chuck Canterbury said he was confident that no sensitive personal information or financial details of their members had been obtained. “Some names and addresses were taken,” he said. “It concerns us. We’re taking steps to try to notify our members but that is going to take some time.”

The hack appears to be from an IP Address in the UK.  The hacker posted this below the data:

Note to irritated members of law enforcement
Don’t bother with legal threats or trying to get UK law enforcement to seek revenge. This is me playing nice.
If you want to go nuclear with me, feel free to do so, but trust me when I say you might want to think long and hard before you do.
I’m not known for bluffing, and I know many more of your secrets. About 18TB all in all actually, all unpublished yet.
“I dare you – I double dare you motherfucker”


The hacker has claimed to be holding back a total of 18 terabytes of additional data but the FOP denied that was possible and that their system did not contain that amount of data.

Law Officer is reaching out to the FOP and we will update you as we know more.


January 30, 2016

Update:  The National FOP President issued a statement.  You can read that here.


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  1. Ken Kollock

    I am a proud menber of the F.O.P..I don’t care who knows it . I’ve got nothing to hide or be ashamed of.Whose who hacked into our data base can kiss my ass.They are nothing but cowards and over all losers.If you want to make some sort of statement , then face us toe to toe.You don,t have the guts to do that now do you. The poeple responsible for this are just criminals .

    • Barry Hester

      I think that Ken hit the nail straight on the head. The people that hack into any website are just plain
      low lifes and should be treated as criminals.
      We must get our UNITED STATES back.


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