Detroit Police Face Increasing Danger

Three officer involved shootings this past weekend where suspects fired on Detroit police officers have reminded the officers there that the dangers to the job are real and constant.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said that since September of last year, 10 officers have been shot or killed in the line of duty.

The chief and many of his officers believe anti-police rhetoric online, on social media and in the news is playing a big part in the shift.

“Every Facebook post you see somebody is talking about kill them, kill them all, we don’t need them,” says Officer Kijuan Anderson.

Law Officer has documented what Chief Craig is pointing out and a few months ago, the FBI confirmed our assessment.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our brothers and sisters in Detroit and we certainly hope that the community rises uop above the hate and come to the aid and support of the fine men and women of the Detroit Police Department.

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