Dash Cam Footage Released Of Philando Castile Shooting

Authorities have released dashcam footage of the traffic stop in which Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez fatally shot black motorist Philando Castile.

The squad-car video, which filmed the encounter between Yanez and Castile, shows the officer firing seven gunshots at the motorist during a traffic stop last July.

Unlike the Facebook live video that was filmed by Castile’s girlfriend Diamond Reynolds in the aftermath of the shooting, this is a video of the actual shooting.

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  1. Gregory Geller

    Absolutely disgraceful verdict. Absolutely disgraceful police conduct.

    • ahaz

      Agreed! But until juries stop buying into the scared cop defense, all citizens are at risk. It makes no sense that a man would announce that he has a weapon and then reach for it. It’s obvious that this cop shouldn’t have ever been allowed to carry a weapon and didn’t have as capacity to make rational judgements. In addition, the training these cops receive has them view each and everyone of us as a deadly threat. Until we take control of our police forces, murders like this will continue.

      • Lisa A Burzacki

        We only see outside!! We have no view what the motorist was doing!!! How can anyone say it’s the officers fault without seeing what was going on inside the vehicle!!!

        • ahaz

          I have no reason to doubt what the victim or his girlfriend said before the murder. And the video shows a out of control scared cop. Stuff like this, Betty Shelby and Walter Scott among others makes we want to disarm regular patrol officers. Our Cops, compared to their Euro counterparts, aren’t trained well enough and have too much discretion to use deadly force.

          • Lisa A Burzacki

            No one can say anything bc you don’t know what happened inside!! Of course the girlfriend won’t depict her man in a bad way just like man orhers. Just like the this whole hands up bs started with a criminal who was in the wrong but obviously got turned around!! Do I think there are some bad cops? Yes! But some of you are to biased to look at both sides!!! A lot of you just are co haters!! Hope you never need one!!! Just like Beyoncé. Good thing I’m not a cop bc I don’t care what was happening to her I wouldn’t go. It’s a good thing cops wouldn’t do that!! She obviously wasn’t thinking! It’s funny how it’s turns out to people who hate cops that it’s a racist thing!! But when a white personality gets shot by a black or Latino cop you all sit back and say he probably deserved it! Double standards!!!

          • ahaz

            There’s no double standards, this cop was panicked before during and after the shooting. The only ones that showed any composure was his girlfriend and child, who thankfully remain alive during this travesty.

          • Lisa A Burzacki

            Have you trained to be a cop? If not, how would you know?

          • ahaz

            I don’t need to be a cop to see right and wrong. Our cops are woefully inadequate in comparison.

          • Katrina

            Wow, you seem to think you know everything without being there. No training, no knowedge, didn’t hear all the evidence, yet you think you know better.

            The officer wasn’t showing a lot of composure because he had almost lost his life and had just shot a man. Not something any officer ever wants to do, and not easy to deal with, but he DID manage to maintain CONTROL. The girlfriend appeared “composed” to you? She was high as a kite on marijuana, as was Castile while their child was in the back seat inhaling second hand smoke. She was also just arrested along with two others for bludgeoning someone in the head with a hammer causing serious injury. I feel bad for the little girl growing up with no parenting.

            Here is another thing to chew on. You are always comparing our armed police with police in the UK. “makes we want to disarm regular patrol officers”. Good thing you have nothing to say on the matter! How do you feel about the UK discussing giving guns out to ALL their frontline officers? Looks like we had it right all along! It was sad seeing innocent citizens knifed and killed because police had to wait for armed POLICE. Looks pretty impotent for UK. Good reason for terrorists to target them. Everyone should be thankful for the protection we have from our brave officers in this country.

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