Cowboys Owner Gets Ethics Violation For Giving Gifts To Police Officers

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he was just trying to show respect to police officers when he gave game tickets, travel accommodations and Cowboys merchandise to cops in his home town of North Little Rock. But the Arkansas Ethics Commission found that the gifts violated state rules.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Jones was found to have committed an unintentional ethical violation. Jones personally attended the Commission’s hearing to say that he merely made the gifts to send a positive message about work police officers do, specifically volunteer work when they’re not on duty.

An Arkansas blogger who monitors bad government in his state filed the ethics complaint.

Jones will be given a written warning for the ethical violation.

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  1. Jack Spencer

    And just who the hell is he Arkansas Ethics Commission? Sounds like the board of Taliban Clerics.

  2. jrhdkh

    Life long Steelers fan, so you know what I feel about the Cowboys…but what the Cowboys owner did was a class act…

    • Sally Becker

      It may have been a class act to give these gifts but it is TOTALLY unethical. LEOs are NOT suppose to take as much as a coffee cup – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! How do I know? I worked in the administrative end of it and we were told NOTHING! We could not even accept an additional item that was included with an order for office supplies as an extra little thank you, & we were not LEOs. THERE CAN BE NO APPEARANCE OF IMPROPRIETY!

  3. Soldier

    We will continue to boycott the cop and military hating NFL. Enjoy your low ratings again this year.

    • Culture Club Warrior

      The NFL didn’t have anything to do with this case.

    • tomzakes

      Boycott whoever you please, but this action was by the local yokels in Arkansas, not the NFL.

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