Clinton: Police Violence And White Extremists Are As Big Of A Threat As ISIS

Hillary Clinton, the current front-runner for the Democratic Party, apparently believes when it comes to threats to our national security, “white terrorism” and police violence are just as threatening as international terrorist groups such as ISIS and other Islamic extremist movements.

The statements came Monday evening during the Brown and Black Forum held in Des Moines Iowa as Clinton answered questions about domestic threats to citizen safety. During the forum, a moderator questioned Hillary from the standpoint of minorities in the country asking if “white terrorism” is an equal threat to the United States as groups like ISIS.

Hillary addressed the question very briefly at first, stating that there are many threats across the country and none of them should be discounted. She quickly transitioned into gun control, sidestepping the question at hand as quickly as possible, to praise the current Obama administration gun control policies that have been recently rolled out.

Attempting to get back to the question at hand, Hillary Clinton said that “white extremists” and “police violence” are just as threatening as international terror groups like ISIS as if there was no distinction between the groups.

Despite the moderator speaking about racial issues being “tiptoed” around, Hillary still danced around the question trying to find a suitable answer that was more politically correct than anything else. With the recent threats made and carried out across the world by ISIS, however, it is hard to see how Hillary could so easily compare the threat of international Muslim terrorist groups with police violence.

You can see the clip of Hillary addressing the question during the Iowa Brown and Black Forum, a public forum where Democratic candidates talked about racial issues, in the video below:

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  1. Ernest

    What she is saying that all white men are terrorist and that includes the police officers, How dare her talking like that. What white terrorist groups she is talking about??? Hope to God Hillary Clinton is not our next President because she will come after all white men and lock them up. If that happens there will be a civil war and it will tare up this country with racial divde or she will start a race war………

  2. Katrina

    There IS no police violence. There is criminal violence and police meet that violence with force to protect the public and themselves. Hillary is giving criminals permission to commit their crimes and when police are called, the criminals are able to justify their behavior by claiming police violence. A true leader would call for national unity. Obama has been nothing but divisive, Hillary would carry that even further. Criminals won’t abide by gun control. It would only hurt law abiding citizens and prevent us from defending against the criminals she backs. She doesn’t want the presidency to do the best for this country. She wants the presidency for her own selfish lust for power. Trump doesn’t have her speaking charisma, but I do think he has better intentions.

  3. KLC

    Yes Hillary is awful! And yes like all politicians, she did her best to avoid tackling the question posed head on. However, I watched the video and the article misrepresents what she said. The question posed, “do you believe that white terrorism and extremism is as much a threat to some in this country as is something like ISIS?”

    She did not answer in the affirmative. Rather she cautiously answered by saying that violence is a problem where ever it comes from. She did not in any meaningful way address the problems created by BLM as a hate group and she did not address the role of the media in promoting violence against Law Enforcement. Just to set it straight however, although her answer was cowardly (as is the case with most political rhetoric), she did not state “Police Violence And White Extremists Are As Big Of A Threat As ISIS.”

  4. Steven Costa

    This hag is a disgrace. We just had a 35 year veteran Los Angeles Sheriff’s Sergeant gunned down by a Black thug in cold blood who shot him 5 times point blank while he was on the ground. Do you know what the shit heel news media said? “Did he shoot him in self defense???” The turd was a parolee with a rap sheet as long as your arm and our putrid media paints HIM as the victim! Then we had a 35 year Palm Springs veteran police officer and his female partner who was recently a new mother, shot down in cold blood by some scum bag gang banger with again, a rap sheet as long as your arm. We have Governor Jerry Brown who wants to release even more do these scum onto our streets “to give them another chance” to do what??? Kill another cop! NO ON PROPOSITION 57 and vote AGAINST HILLARY CLINTON!

    • KLC


      Yet, it seems to me that Prop 57 is intended to relieve the prevent violent offenders from early release, by giving lesser sentences to non-violent offenders. I would be for anything that keeps violent offenders locked up for as long as possible. Additionally, the longer that non-violent offenders are incarcerated, the more likely they are to develop more hardcore and violent criminal behaviors, thus increasing the pool of violent offenders running loose in the community.

  5. Gordon Miller

    Her comments demonstrate that she belongs in another country.

  6. bald1956

    She does not believe that. She is just pandering to groups she hopes support her as much as they supported Obama. The only true belief Clinton has is she is entitled to wealth and unbridled power.

    • D.K.C.

      Exactly, after all she has a “Private policy and a Public policy”.

      • KLC

        There is not a politician alive that does not have a “Private policy and a Public policy.”

        • D.K.C.

          I know exactly how bad the government is on BOTH sides and I don’t take party side. This particular case was talking about Hillary and I brought up her arrogant comment she made in one of the wikileaks emails.

          • KLC

            I understood that was what you are referring to. She is a criminal / pathological liar. All I was saying is that is not unique. 🙂

            And government has more than 2 sides – we are so stuck in duality. Ultimately the foundation of our government is to protect the ultra rich and powerful

          • D.K.C.

            Yes, we are stuck in a two party mold and it is time to break that puppy wide open and start focusing on the issues and people again, not politics as usual. I know exactly what you mean and it is very infuriating. I will never be a part of any political party.

  7. Diane Vail

    I’m the Mother of a dead officer and I’m saying she is a bigger threat than cops and Isis. How dare her, she needs stop her nonsense. In my opinion she should already be behind bars. She is nothing but a lie in everything she does and says. She is dishonest and a killer . Our poor Military, police officers, and well us Americans can’t take a chance on her becoming our President.

    • KLC

      I am so very sorry for your loss. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. JIM

    Mrs. Clinton has publicly declared that that the Police are killing young men, called it systematic racism! My question, is there a Lawsuit going to be filed by the FOP? I believe Mrs. Clinton has to prove her accusations. In all of the so called high profile Police shootings, none has been proven to be race related.

    • Donna Lear

      Exactly, well said. My husband is a police officer and he is a good man. He has integrity and honor. Something Ms. Clinton doesn’t seem to have at all. He took an oath to protect people like Ms. Clinton. But people like her will never appreciate it. Ms. Clinton you are a threat to this country, not my husband. Ms. Clinton insights racial divide and violence against police. I am a Democratic and I will not vote for Ms. Clinton or any other candidate that contributes to hate.

      • Rick

        The GOP is a mess, arguably a lost cause. But how can any sane American call themselves a Democrat???? You’re misguided at best lady!

        • KLC

          Divide and Conquer is the method by which the affluent control the rest of us, and we fall for it every time. We polarize into “us” and “them;” “democrat” and “republican” and the list goes on… While we fight with one another, the mega powerful go about their tyrannies unchecked and unquestioned.

          The “mainstream” media do not cover white collar crime and corruption. Instead, they promote crap like BLM and put us at the throats of one another. In the meantime, we are handed 2 lying criminals running for office, and we are expected to believe that this is a choice.

        • 1Clara2

          Didn’t you read what Donna said? Even though she’s a Democrat, she can see through the fog created by the lies HRC spews forth. I hope there are millions of Democrats who feel the same way, and who will vote for the best candidate we’ve had for president since Ronald Reagan. Hurrah for President Trump!!!!!!!

    • KLC

      Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, president of the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation and a 17-year law enforcement veteran, filed a lawsuit in September, blaming the movement for race riots and violence against police officers. ( )

      The listed defendants include not only those associated with the Black Lives Matter movement but public figures such as the Rev. Al Sharpton, Louis Farrahkan, George Soros, the New Black Panthers Party and even President Barack Obama and presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

      The suit accuses the defendants of inciting supporters and others “to engage in threats and attacks” against law enforcement officers around the country, including the July 7 murders of five Dallas officers by Micah Johnson after a Black Lives Matter demonstration.

      Pennie is being represented by Larry Klayman of lobbying organization FreedomWatch.

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