Cincinnati Police Sergeant Retires After 45 Years

We could all learn a lot from Cincinnati Police Sergeant Thomas Reid, Jr.

“Slow it down” and be more deliberate he recently told one new sergeant.

“Treat others as you want to be treated,” and “Don’t take the job home” was Reid’s advice last Thursday when the Cincinnati Police Department celebrated the man that spent 45 years wearing their uniform.

The 66 year old Sergeant could have retired 20 years ago but he stayed and he not only stayed but he worked until the very last minute.

At roll call on Thursday morning, Reid asked his officers to line up, remove the magazines from their sidearms and test their Tasers.

In 1972, when he joined the force, the Taser had not been invented and his sidearm didn’t have a magazine. He carried a .38 caliber revolver. Police cruisers at the time were AMC Ramblers with no power steering.

Not everything in the career is something that Reid wants to remember.  He was Officer Sonny Kim’s supervising officer on June 19, 2015 and on that day Kim became the 98th Cincinnati officer killed in the line of duty.  Reid had spoken to him just a few minutes earlier.

Reid fired his weapon in 2001 at an armed robber along with four other officers.  Reid doesn’t want to remember that but he embraces the good that he was a part of.

Indeed, on behalf of Law Officer and every law enforcement officer in America, thank you Sergeant for all you have done.

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