Cat Takes Over Philadelphia K9 Car

The Philadelphia Police Department won the internet on Saturday with a moment captured in time with a photo that turned into a Facebook post.

The brave cat decided to let a Police K9 know who the boss was.

The Philadelphia Police Department took full advantage of the moment with the following caption:

Cop: “Between the barking and the huge red letters, there is no way that *anyone* approaches my car.”

Cat: “Hold my beer…”

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  1. Katrina

    Feline cop blocker. “Wacha gonna do? I’m just sittin’ here mindin’ m’ own business. Ya can’t touch me.”

  2. TenderKisses

    Cute, but I’d have tazed the cat and arrested him for malicious damage to city property.
    His claws will create micro scratches in the paint that eventually become rust and cost taxpayers money.
    Being adorable doesn’t negate flagrant violations of the law. No person or animal should receive deferential treatment.

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