Black Student Union Urges UC Irvine to Remove Police Department

The UC Irvine Black Student Union has asked the university to dismantle its police department.  The student organization states that the university police department has not addressed the safety concerns for black students on campus.

The letter sent to campus administrators demanded that the police department and any additional “paramilitary force presence” be abolished in three to six months.

“The university does not adhere to black student concerns … regardless of instances of black death and police violence,” the letter states. “Therefore, our demand does not call for the reform of UCIPD, it calls for the dismantling of this institution’s presence in its entirety.”

Ironically, the group said it was not referring to a specific campus event or a pattern or practice by the department but rather an overall “anti-black sentiment” held by police. The letter discusses the increased police violence around the country since the 1992 riots in Los Angeles although they did not point to any evidence of that increase in police violence.

The group states that “Police presence on campus is a manifestation of anti-Black aggression. This aggression produces the same psychic damage and racial terror that Black folks suffer from beyond the university…..The police are emblematic of an endless array of dead Black bodies, the death of our loved ones, and of our communities.”

The university has no plans to dismantle the agency and issued the following statement:

“The UCI Police Department comprises a highly respected team of officers who risk their lives to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff,…..We are proud of them and will continue to support the department.”

Last March, Breitbart News, reported that a member of UCI’s Black Student Union sought to abolish all national flags, including the American flag from a common space on campus, suggesting the flag hurt the feelings of illegal immigrants and minority groups.

Currently, a Petition has garnered a few hundred signatures to abolish the police department.

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  1. Karen Hill

    What a joke. The flag “offends” illegal immigrants-the fact that they are “illegal” does not entitle them to any consideration in my book. If they don’t like it then go back to your own country. Problem solved.

  2. Barb

    Who do they call for every little squabble? Which is constant. Yes, they are psychotic and infantile whiners. Criminals don’t like the police, it’s a fact.

  3. chris

    Maybethey should abolish the Black Student Union due to being ignorant

  4. mag

    It’s absurd that one campus group would suggest this. The officers are in place to protect students and faculty. These men and women would give their lives for you. I think that sometimes when kids are book smart they lack common sense. I can say this because I have son who teaches and he has a Masters and a daughter just about done at Cal Poly Pomona. I hope the students never have a need to call on the officers but let me tell you that if the day should ever come that things go bad, they will be grateful for the police presence.

  5. tim

    you want everything your way. you don’t care about other peoples feelings. I would say more but I will leave it at that.

  6. Aclinn27

    Perhaps since this group wants nothing more than to support anarchy, maybe it’s time the school disbands them. Just like all the other anti-law enforcement groups, they didn’t do any research and they utilize media sensationalism as the basis for their argument. Kevin is right…. They are nuts.

  7. Kevin

    Their nuts and do not live in the real world.

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