Baltimore Officer Under Investigation For Refusing To Respond To ‘Gun’ Call

An internal investigation is underway after Baltimore police said an officer declined to respond to a report of someone tossing a gun into some bushes downtown, saying “This is not my district.”

Baltimore Police Department showed video of the alleged offense in a press conference Monday, which was captured on the dashcam of two firefighters, said interim police commissioner Gary Tuggle.

The video apparently shows the suspect throwing an alleged gun into bushes in the area of Lexington and St. Paul streets.

A nearby officer, however, wouldn’t look into the incident. She is seen saying, “This is not my district,” confirmed Tuggle in the press conference.

Police clarified after the press conference that the gun was actually recovered after an area canvass during the day.

Tuggle also said police don’t know how long an officer actually took to respond to the 911 call, but explained the officer’s alleged activity, as seen in the video, is not acceptable.

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