Arrest Of School Teacher Shows Effects of Drugs

The latest Facebook photo of Megan Sloan is shown next to her booking photo.

A Sapulpa (OK) 2nd grade teacher was arrested on drug and embezzlement complaints on Monday.

Court records show the assistant superintendent called police after the teacher, Megan Nicole Sloan, left her Facebook account open on another teacher’s computer.

KOTV reports that Administrator Johnny Bilby told police the second teacher could see a conversation where Sloan was talking about using and selling heroin as well as pawning items that belonged to the school, an affidavit states.

Police say Sloan was questioned and admitted using drugs even before they searched her purse and found heroin

Officers found 40 syringes, empty plastic bags, empty balloons and two bent metal spoons.

An affidavit states substances in her purse tested positive for methamphetamine, black tar heroin, and a controlled substance identified as Suboxone.

Sloan, 27, remains in Creek County Jail on a $41,000 bond. The affidavit states anticipated charges include three counts of possession or purchasing controlled drugs within 1,000 feet of a school or in the presence of a child under 12, embezzlement and possession of drug paraphernalia.

She has no prior criminal history.

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  1. Bob Pointer

    We used to keep a “before and after” mug shot book. When people were brought in for drugs (especially meth) we would show them photos from earlier arrests side by side of current booking photo

  2. rv9flyer

    Hopefully this will be a “wake up call” for her. If not, it will eventually kill her, and do it early in life.

    • Frank

      I hope this discussion is still ongoing; I unfortunately and embarrassingly I used heroin in the very distant past and I am paying for it dearly. I know first hand how negatively it can effect anyone who is stupid enough to mess with it.

  3. Michael Lee

    A got damm low life junky and a freakin thief….pure scum.

  4. Michael Lee

    A got damm junky….smh.

  5. Richard Kaup

    A TEACHER!!!
    Honestly !?!?!

  6. Frank

    This what drug abuse to you

    • Russell Zeke McCloskey

      This is what heroin abuse does to you.

      • Frank

        I guess it already did. Lol. I get really tired of using my magnifier, it’s so darn big, have to read extremely slow. Same for typing.

  7. bettyeboo777

    hmmm no one noticed anything ‘odd’ before this??

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