Anti-Police Art Shocks Father At School

At North Oldham High School, several parents have sounded the alarm over a controversial piece of student artwork found on display in their kid’s classroom.

The painting in question?

twiitergrabApparently, the artwork was the product of a homework assignment. Students were asked to create a piece based on Harper Lee’s famous book, “To Kill a Mockingbird,” a book studied in an Honors English class.

However, some parents took serious issue with the controversial image depicting a police officer in a negative light.

One troubled parent, Dave Kingman, posted about the picture on his Facebook page.

The post reads:


This was hanging in my daughter’s Honors English Class.

I sent out a request to take it down and it seems that the school and school administrators believe this to be an appropriate form of discourse and educationally noteworthy. The teacher stated, “it’s a really good example and shows how racial violence has evolved”. My daughter was subjected to this yet again, and my requests to the school to abstain from this obvious hostile learning environment were met with deaf ears.

I now ask that each of you who care, share this with every first responder you know. I cannot sit back and allow the teacher’s supposed right to free speech when the courts have found that the right to freedom of speech is not absolute if it compromises a student’s right to learn in a hostile-free environment. For example, the courts have held that professor’s use of vulgar language is “not germane to the subject matter.” The courts have held that instructors must avoid indoctrinating or proselytizing.

This Honors English class read the Pulitzer Prize Winning book, “To Kill A Mockingbird,” by Harper Lee, and were supposed to do art, based on the book. The book is a beautiful piece of art describing social and familial dilemmas of the early 1900s, and has NOTHING to do with the hatred filled propaganda coming from some in this country today. The “art” is not from a student in the class, it was from a student last year and the teacher liked it so much she placed it back on the wall.

My daughter is not unlike other children of first responders. She fears for my safety every day, and believes me to be a man of honesty and courage. She is proud to say I am her father and tells others what I do for a living. What this propaganda creates, are future cop haters, which endanger me, and 800,000 other courageous protectors. We speak of tolerance, we speak of changing hostile environments, we speak of prejudice, and we speak of racial relations, yet, when it comes to hostility toward police, their families, and profiling them through bigotry we are expected to tolerate it. I will not, nor will my child.

Tracy Green, an Oldham County School spokesperson, had this to say over the painting:

“When discussing social injustice, people will likely be offended by some topic.”

“The drawing is a student’s artistic representation based on the lens through which the student viewed that issue and the student has a First Amendment right to share that opinion.”


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  1. Free Thinker

    Picture looks about right, though.

  2. S.H.

    1) If the student had painted a scene depicting a kid pointing a gun at a police officer, or at a classroom full of students, or at his/her teacher… the school would have immediately been alarmed and the kid would have been sent for a psych evaluation & his/her home investigated for real weapons, etc. The teacher nor the school would have displayed it on a wall or anywhere!

    2) The described painting has absolutely nothing to do with the book “To Kill A Mockingbird”, PLUS it was painted by a former student the year before; Not by a current student of that class. A responsible teacher would have notified the school principal as well as the school psychologist and/or guidance counselors *the moment the teacher saw that picture. But this teacher “liked” it? And liked it so much that he/she hung it up on display another year in a row, while it -again- had nothing to do with the book read by the students? And somehow the principal, certainly now aware of this situation, is standing by the teacher’s decision making & actions?

    3) At this point the County’s School District administrators should be stepping in, and if that is not happening, this matter should be brought to the State. Why? Many reasons:
    A. The student who painted it may be the victim of an unreported traumatic incident.
    B. The student might be being indoctrinated to feel fear or hatred towards LEO by the parents.
    C. The student may not be emotionally stable, and could pose a threat of danger to others. Therefore a psychological evaluation of said student seems necessary ASAP as a precautionary measure.
    D. The teacher may not be emotionally stable, in that he/she is displaying this picture 2 yrs in a row even though it has nothing to do with the book read by her students, and regardless of the unhealthy scenario it depicts. Therefore the teacher should receive a psychological evaluation as well as the student, for the safety of all of the other students at that school; current & future.

    Art is art. And students should be encouraged to express themselves through art as one of many outlets and studies. However, any time a student’s artwork depicts violence that is unrelated to the topic being taught, and especially when fire arms are depicted, whether brandished by a child or a LEO or anyone….. it’s time for someone to step in and order all necessary evaluations & investigations before someone gets hurt or killed some day by an unstable kid or teacher.

    I would love to see a follow up article about this case. Surely the parents who spoke up with their concerns and were ignored by this school should be taking this matter to a higher level, and I for one would like to read about the outcome of that.

  3. Timothy Krohn

    This certainly has been biased by someone close to this student. This does nothing but show how racist the students mentoring may be. Along with the possible personal interests being addressed by whomever is actively permitting this piece to continue to be shown. I think the student is being used by someone to suggest that the KKK has been replaced or has an extension being the Police. I fail to see how what is going on today has anything to do with what the picture depicts. This to me is contributing to racism and attempting to keep it alive. A victim is a victim and a criminal is a criminal, regardless of Race. I feel sad if anyone thinks this to be true, but if you do then the next time you are scared or in danger and need help, don’t call 911

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