ACLU Demands That Body Cams Are Turned Off During Inauguration While They Intend To Record Police

Civil rights groups are concerned that the police will violate their rights during the Inauguration protests so they intend to record their behavior. Meanwhile, the ACLU supports a D.C. Law that tells the police to turn off their body worn cameras during the events.

D.C. Police say their policy is to only record when there is a police activity and they do not consider monitoring protests an activity.

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“We are concerned what they will do with the data,” says Monica Hopkins-Maxwell of the District of Columbia ACLU.

Ironically, at the same time the ACLU expects the police to not record the inauguration, they have launched a new app called “Mobile Justice” that encourages others to record law enforcement.


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  1. Donald Swanz

    My uncle has telephoto video cam aimed at the inaug area, i believe.

  2. Russell W. Erwin

    The American Criminal Liberties Union remind me of Flies which only have 2 purposes in life!
    1. They eat shit.
    2. They Bother People.

  3. VegasVets

    LOL they demanded the camera be worn by LEOs now they want them shut off….

    To damn bad asshats you can’t have it both ways!

  4. Terry Tate

    ACLU can kiss butt, Police, please record their every move….

  5. Raymond Chuang

    Not a chance that will happen. Especially body cams are widely used after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO back in 2014, where without video evidence, it was difficult to prove what happened one way or another.

  6. Warthog

    Fuck those commie pricks

  7. MAS

    One thing these protestor street vermin have learned to do well is use videos (often carefully edited) to support their claims. I’d recommend those of us on the other side take that lesson to heart and do the same (sans the editing). Bring your camera/smart phone to these events and film away. The ACLU or liberal PD Chiefs cannot take your cameras away…back and protect the blue line officers people.

  8. Jakob Stagg

    The police officers shouldn’t need to monitor the crowd with body cams. The snipers should do that and eliminate threats as they show themselves.

  9. L O

    They want to be able to riot, without any kind of accountability. Police body cams should be running full on. This aint Ferguson, and protesters aren’t immune from lawful behavior.

  10. Flick Yoli

    ACLU = The Jews

  11. Michael S. Dersch

    I hope the estrogen filled, intolerant, scumbag libs/dems/racists/blm’s/muslims/illegals behave badly. Arrest them, beat them down, tear gas them, rubber bullets, clubs, water cannons, real bullets, jail, fines. We’re done with the scumbags. They are trying to destroy our goal of a better USA. A USA without the influence of muslims, the UN, the racist USA hating scumbag in the white house, illegals, or the liberal scumbag media.

  12. Street Detective

    ?If the left’s lips are moving, they are apparently lying or deluded. The same applies to their supporters, enablers, Fake Newsers, and advocates.

    Don’t buy their CDs or the products they hawk on TV, don’t go to their inane movies, don’t visit their stupid sites, don’t listen to them on the radio.

    Don’t watch them on their Fake News TV, don’t buy tickets to see them do ANYthing, and especially don’t watch or attend their dumb, leftist-activist “shows.”

    Are they the oily, lying, “Shmuck Shroomer,” political type?

    Or the lying, insane, “You can Keep Your Doctor,” I-rule-the-world, type?

    Or the “Pajama Boy,” t-Shirted, Marxist-indoctrinated, spoiled, over “educated,” multi-multi-billionaire, web or silicon mogul type?

    Or the blathering, “Holy,” Islamist, devoutly corrupt, Marxist, “priestly” type, from some other world?

    Or the radical, leftist, multi-millionaire, arrogant, self-agrandizing “media” liar type?

    If so, they would be your leftist, Islamist, One-World, slave-master wannabes. Your Rulers in waiting. And they are coming after you and your family, just as they are coming after Donald Trump and his family.

    And…you have only to see the bloated, vacuous, debauched-looking face of their newest poster shill, John “The Tea Party Spit On Me” Louse,” the failed, “great civil rights leader,” to see how they roll in their own, filthy, stinking lies about Donald Trump and you.

    Their despicable “heroes,” like John Louse, and—Her The Stumbling Zombie Witch of New York—they demonstrate they stop at Nothing to grasp and clutch at their rotting, stinking, filthy goals for YOU.

    Don’t believe any lying word they say. Ignore their lies. Defund them; block their plots.

    “Find them; fix them in place; isolate them; and ridicule them.” (To paraphrase their leader, Saul Alinksky)

    Think: would you maybe wipe them out financially? Or have them praising Trump? All in about 6 weeks? ??
    Oh…by the way…we don’t “protest;” we don’t “riot;” we don’t “organize,” create “snowflake cells,” or “do Twitter,” in place of action.

    But there are some things we could know how to do—if we are maybe bulldozed into a corner.

    Will you pass these ideas onward and forward to your mailing lists and resources? It’s your Move, isn’t it?

  13. MAGA

    What the HELL?!?! This is INSANE!!!!! NO WAY!!!!! WHAT R THEY UP TOO!!! KEEP YOUR CAMERAS ON!!!!

  14. Derbytown Mike Junior

    Since the Event is out in the Public.. its public domain… So by Law, the Officers can record the public scenery

  15. Andrew LaChasse

    Public venue, the cops and citizens may record anything they want within public view.

  16. GTKRWN

    “Jew-funded terrorist groups upset they may be caught on camera committing felonies, high treason.”

    • Josh Rothman

      “Jew-funded” may be partially correct, but it’s not relevant here and it makes you sound like a mouth-breather. I’m a Jew and I despise the ACLU for what it’s become. “Leftist terrorist group…” would be sufficient and more accurate, too, since the ACLU has non-Jewish donors as well.

      Meanwhile, what is the deal with leftists and hyphenated surnames?

  17. Melissa Wilson

    It’s a “no win” situation for the police.

  18. Steve Lownes

    the aclu are stupid attorneys. they can not demand anything

  19. Jack Fecalman

    We are concerned what they will do with the data,” says Monica Hopkins-Maxwell of the District of Columbia ACLU.
    What they will likely do with that data is what we do with any security video. We identify those people committing crimes that they may be prosecuted.Don’t do crimes, don’t worry.

  20. General Jack Ripper

    Body cams have done more to exonerate police officers falsely accused of crimes than anything else. Of course they need to be shut off now. We can’t have fine upstanding members of our law enforcement agencies protecting their own civil rights.

  21. Dan Flathers

    A perfect example of why I hold the ALCU in the very low regard I have for the NAACP — both organizations are no longer what they once were.

  22. laughing tyger

    I hope that Officers wear personal cameras and that pro police citizens film film and more filming …. this seems like a set up …

    I just submitted a link to this article to Breitbart …

  23. Bob

    Everything should be recorded! It will protect the police.

  24. Adam Redbird Mac

    “Ironically, at the same time the ACLU demands that the police not record their activities, they have launched a new app called “Mobile Justice” that encourages others to record law enforcement.” Ironically? It’s not ironic, it’s intentional!!! Lies can only be told if evidence is not readily obtainable, or if only the evidence you want to corroborate your lies with is the only video available. True visibility of what these protestors do would be damaging to their protest.

    • GTKRWN

      Of course the libs will be recording their felonies; they need to post them on WorldStarHipHop.

  25. Skip Kirkwood

    SInce when has intellectual honesty had anything to do with the ACLU?

    OF COURSE they want police body cameras off, while they have the right to record whatever they want. Just more left-wing hypocrisy!

  26. Daniel Taylor

    They cant say anything if its in a public place

  27. LL

    Oh no you don’t get your cake and eat it to. You useless whine bags demanded body cameras. Now you have them. Having them turned off when it conveniences you fools is not part of the bargain. You should be careful what you fools wish for. Now you fools can choke on it. ACLU is suppose to support all Americans not just the racist law enforcement haters. Any and all federal and state money that these fools get needs to be cut off they have a clear agenda and state and federal tax payers should not have to pay for these fools.

    • Michael DeMeo

      NBC? FAKE NEWS? I’ll pass

      • Mason Kelsey

        The TV news channels NBC, MSNBC, CNN are all reliable news sources. Attempting to denigrate
        them is part of the strategy of the White Nationalists and radical right
        political activists.

        • Weldfreek

          You sound like a paid shill.

          • MAGA

            Exactly what he is!!

      • Teddy

        Your evidence that all news from NBC is fake, please. A claim that is made in the positive must be justified with verifiable evidence.

    • GTKRWN

      >It is against the law for police to monitor citizens during an inauguration.

      … and the only source for this claim directs back to NBC.

      Absolute horseshit.

  28. 2112

    Sources please. Imagine this story had to stand up in in court.

  29. markcwells

    I can’t find this claimn anywhere but on your site. Can you provide a link to a story or a memo of some kid?

      • Michael DeMeo

        FACTS? From NBC? No thanks!

        • Mason Kelsey

          NBC, MSNBC, CNN are all reliable news sources. Attempting to denigrate them is part of the strategy of the White Nationalists and radical right political activists. People have better common sense than to accept their values.

          • Dean Anniballi

            That’s the best laugh I’ve had all day.

          • David

            You can say it all you want. Statistical facts, prove the lie of your claim. The elections results, from State seats, Governorships and the presidency, as well as polli g data, prove people are aware of the lies and are paying ever less attention.

          • Fenway Nation

            “Attempting to denigrate them is part of the strategy of the White Nationalists and radical right political activists”

            By your reasoning, NBC, MSNBC and CNN must be White Nationalists since nobody worked harder to denigrate them than their own journalists acting as Clinton campaign operatives last year.

          • CazzT

            “NBC, MSNBC, CNN are all reliable news sources.”
            PFFFFFAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA No they aren’t, cupcake. They are propaganda outlets, fake news, purveyors of lies.

            ” Attempting to denigrate them is part of the strategy of the White Nationalists and radical right political activists.”
            Awwww What adorable Liberal rhetoric. This is why you lost the election, by the way. But hey, do keep doing it. You will keep losing elections as long as you do, so I fully encourage you to keep doing it.

          • James Harris

            No they are the fake news, part of the lefteist snowflake libtard, lemmings propaganda machine.

      • Mike

        I just watched this clip and it says the exact same thing as this article. The only difference is the order in which it is said. This article says ACLU doesn’t want police recording during the inauguration protest then says police wouldn’t be recording anyway because it isn’t ‘a police activity’ whereas the NBC video states that the police don’t intend to record the event because it’s not ‘a police activity’ (unless they are required to act) and that the ACLU doesn’t want the police recording the protest. They even have the same representative of the ACLU listed as their source for the ACLU request (Monica Hopkins-Maxwell). So my question is, how can one be “factually incorrect” and the other be “factually correct” when they are both stating the same thing with the same sources?

        • tyhertyertyetyerty

          Honestly man, I’ve seen 10 people read the same line in an article and come back with 10 versions of what it means. It’s barely worth the effort to correct anymore.

  30. Speakup

    Only if the ACLU are forced to wear hi vis vests with an x marks the spot on their backs.

  31. scotfahey

    This can only end in tears

  32. Numberdude

    The ACLU can encourage people to monitor the Police all they want, but they are hypocrites to not like the Police monitoring Police activities. Further the ACLU has no authority to dictate Police policy. The need a legal basis to challenge Police policy on use of monitor cameras and they have none.

  33. Guy Pinestra

    Tell the ACLU to go pound sand! If the cameras aren’t recording there will be no way for the officer to prove he was assaulted, thereby provoking his reaction.

    • Katrina

      I think that is the plan!

    • Megg Lindeen

      You guys are far too easy to goad. It’s fricking DC law that LEO NOT record peaceful protestors as they have a history of using those videos for intimidation. How about you familiarize yourself with the very profession you profess to admire~

      • Guy Pinestra

        If that is the law then the law needs to be changed. The filmed previous provocations by these ‘protestors’ amounts to a ‘reasonable suspicion’ that they will engage in acts that will require a police response.

      • L O

        How about you familiarize yourself with the current issues. This isnt a ‘good for me, but not for thee’ situation…. Complaining about the lack of body cams when low lifes get a beat down, then demandiing them turned off so you can act like rioters, doesnt do much for the rioters you profess to support….GOOSE MEET GANDER.

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