Video: Don’t Miss the POTUS Limo Video in Training

The Viral Video of the President’s Limo going backwards in EVO Training is fun to watch but it is fake.

Travis Yates, our Editor In Chief, has been an emergency vehicle trainer for close to two decades.  We asked him about the video today and he quickly explained why the video is not real.

“On the first glance, the vehicle dynamics and sounds simply don’t match up.  In short, that vehicle isn’t designed to go backwards in that fashion and it’s going to fight you every step up the way.  There isn’t much of a fight going on here. Cars don’t shift gears going backwards.  This one does.”

Reddit identified the video from a video game, Forza 6, where you can opt to drive the “POTUSmobile”.

We say enjoy the video and have fun with it but just know that you will never be able to do what the video shows.


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  1. Pieter

    If you look verry verry good you see birds flying back. They dont do that.

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