Doctor: “These Officers Are Basically Forgotten”

“These officers are basically forgotten and it is gut wrenching for me.”  Those are words from a doctor that tried to save Major Greg Barney last week after he was shot in Riverdale, Georgia. He is frustrated that there isn’t more outrage in the community over the murder of a police officer.

Dr. Barry Zisholtz told Channel 2 Action  News that the experience has affected him personally and he wanted to speak out about Barney’s death.

“(I want) to make sure everyone knows Officer Barney was a hero,” Zisholtz said.

Zisholtz feels Major Barney’s death should have the community protesting the violence that took his life.

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  1. Pathfinder306

    Officers, please don’t sell the majority of us short. We as there with you, even when you can’t see us, We’re the ones saying “raise their wages, put more of them on the street and change their ROE (Rules of Engagement) to give them a fair chance. Jail any dip weed wearing a mask on the street. That’s not a cop or other law abiding citizen, it’s a criminal wanna be or gonna be, and no I don’t care what ‘color’ it claims to be. Cute little blond bimbo, nope, a criminal in the making, jail it for 30 days.

  2. Donna Haverty

    He’s absolutely right,7 cops were shot and killed last week and no mention of them in the news.Then to top it off our President,praises the scumbag blm “president”for all the great things they have done.They will riot,loot,burn businesses down when some punk thug criminal gets shot by the cops,but a cop gets shot and no-one cares.

  3. Spike

    Yes – they are our children, siblings, spouses, parents – most never draw their guns on another human, but now they are getting the same message our military have been getting – do not fire unless fired upon. Oh, no – too late and the tragedy affects law enforcement, families, friends. What are we thinking of?

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