Tampa Bay Officers Refuse To Work Beyonce Concert

Some believe that Beyonce’s new song, “Formation” had an anti-cop message.  We previously discussed the video but there was little doubt that her Superbowl performance was an homage to the Black Panthers who were responsible for the murder of 19 police officers and it appears that cops across the country are sending her a message.

Beyonce is scheduled to perform a sold out concert on April 29th in Tampa Bay at the Raymond James Stadium and no officers have signed up to work the concert.

Events such as these are offered to officers on an “overtime” basis and it is on a voluntary basis.  Representatives from the Tampa Bay Police Department have not said that the failure of officers to volunteer for the event is because of the recent controversy but they did say that they would ensure there was security at the event.





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  1. lkobielski

    There is lots of hypocrisy with her behaviors and I dont believe she should have it both ways. Let her hire her own security, I am all in favor of that.

  2. Armando

    Way to go, Tampa Police Officers !!!! The liberals, movie stars, entertainers are the first ones to cry for help when something goes wrong in their little elitist lives. Stay strong and united. When you do, you will be the point of the spear for all other police departments to send the exact same message across the country. “We will not cower, nor beg to be in your shadows, no matter the overtime, to provide the very protection that you dispise in your scripts, lyrics and books.”

    If you are ordered to do the overtime, then so be it. But I’m glad no one has volunteered yet. BRAVO Tampa Bay PD !!!

  3. Barbara

    Maybe they feel threatened by the clearly anti-cop attitude displayed at the superbowl? Kinda stupid to take the risk given that if people are attending this concert they probably have a similar belief. Cancel the concert, or let her hire a private security firm, no one needs OT this bad.

  4. Cat Sue

    The officers would be a target… Why put their lives at risk… Better off home with family than whear not wanted let them kill and hurt each other…officers lives matter not hers….

  5. Anna

    Tell her to get a rent a cop. Then our men and women are sure not to be made to work it..Second, we need to boycott her music and tell our children to
    She n ever impressed me. I guess,
    Kanye will jump on this. They hate white people, but sure scream for thme when they need them.

  6. Mary

    I don’t blame the police for not signing up for this “overtime”

  7. BAMA

    I hear kanye is needing extra money!

  8. Susan

    In the end the police will need to provide security for the venue. I do, however, applaud them letting Beyonce ‘hear’ how law enforcement feels about her anti cop message. Possibly she could donate money to a fund to one of the charities for officers killed while on duty to make amends for her ignorance and allow the officers to do what they know they should be doing anyway. This way everyone comes out shinning?

  9. Rhonda

    I used to respect Beyonce but no longer I can’t believe she had the gall to do something like that kudos to Tampa Bay I hope it happens to all her concerts

  10. BB

    she has the $ hire people to do her shows, If I were a cop Ill tell her to fuck herself too

  11. DWD

    Talk about TRASH! She can get her own security! I’m glad the police are staying away. Maybe people will take notice of the good they are doing for us! I don’t see what people see in her to start with! I certainly didn’t think her Super Bowl performance was any good.

    Why do people want to stir up trouble? They should be trying to talk peace into the ignorant!

  12. Live YOUR life

    People, wake up. You all are not asking enough whys.
    Why did she send that message?
    Why we’re people of her race abused, shot, and killed for actions not worthy of death?
    Why is history relating itself?
    Why were the black panthers formed?
    Why do you matter in this dispute?
    Is your name mentioned?
    Seriously, life is too short and most of it is spent setting about shit from an unforgivable past. My question to you is what are you doing to make it better?
    You have the option of living your life and staying secluded to yourself.
    Social media had away of manipulating people and turning people against each other.
    Funny how people spend more time making small messages bigger than the USA debt.
    Wake up and stop waisting your time on this senseless shit. By next month or next year there will be a new story and you’ll be trying to pick a side for another senseless cause.

  13. J. Price

    She should have to provide her own security. Let her bring the black panthers. I’m sure there would be no violence what so ever so why worry about it.

  14. Lovemycop

    GOOD! Screw her. shes a witch. I will never listen to any of her music ever again. And, if it comes on the radio I’ll switch channels.

  15. Deb

    Way to stand against her perpetration of hate and ‘hidden’ message that killing police is OK!

  16. Theresa

    Good for them. Let her pay for private security

  17. Sarah

    She should have to cancel her show and refund the tickets if no officers volunteer for overtime! They should not be forced to work her concert.

  18. Mack

    Actually this is not true. Tampa PD already debunked this lie.

    • Tmalex

      Finally a sensible comment. Geesh

  19. kenny b

    I am a retired Police Officer (33 Years) and I made a lot of money working events like this. I would not work this event!….I am a B/M

  20. MO

    Ditch the security, and let them kill each other. Problem solved.

    • no nameshere

      looks like a bunch of shit piled up there…. thats what im talking about

  21. David

    Way to take a stand officers. Let her perform without LE security.

  22. Lila

    Tell her to hire her own security



  24. Jerry Harrell

    As a retired St. Louis police officer I dealt first hand with the black panthers back in the 70’s. We raided numerous locations on Delmar and Grand confiscating numerous guns, of various calibers, as well as narcotics. They have always, as they still do today, to kill the “pigs”. Need I say more about her performance?

  25. Sharon

    Bet they get forced to do it anyway. After all, the princess must be protected. I wouldn’t walk across the street to see her for free.

    • Eric

      Doubtful, first of all it’s voluntary overtime and second the police union is too strong, they don’t fire cops for things they should be fired for, they aren’t going to force them to provide security. I bet their department head fully supports them not doing working this.

    • clay

      They can’t force the police to do security for that RACIST BITCH. They all volunteer to do security for concerts on their own time for extra money so they don’t have to do shit for that rag and i don’t blame them for turning their backs on the piece of shit

  26. JoAnn

    Wasn’t there a city that refused a performer due to a song? I can’t remember who it was though. Boycott her concert for the safety of our men and women in blue.

  27. Ann Cummins

    Hallelujah! Stand against the disrespect of our men and women in blue. Kudos to the Tampa Bay police officers. Ann Cummins.

  28. Linda

    Let hwr hire security. If she can donst $1.5million dollars to black lives matter she cna surely afford to hire her own security

  29. Glenn Sampano

    Let the BITCH hire her own security.

  30. Susan

    Tell her to hire the Black Panthers to do security at her event…POS!!!

  31. Drew

    Screw her!! Let her pay for her own freaking security for her concert. There are plenty of private security companies that she can choose from.

  32. Pieter

    I should say: screw it. I work not for that over payed piece of crab. I work for the people. So no concert at all its not safe.

    • Jeff

      It’s up to the venue to provide security. They offer to cops as usually easy money. Until a statement confirming though this is much ado about nothing.

    • Billie Jo Haworth

      I am all for them not wanting to do Security for her. I wouldn’t waste my time on trash like that.

    • Renee

      Agreed. Blue lives matter


  1. Tampa Bay Officers Refuse To Work Beyonce Conce... - […] Some believe that Beyonce’s new song, “Formation” had an anti-cop message. We previously discussed the video but there was…

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