The Victimization Of Philly Cop Is The New Norm

Political correctness in America has been converted to down right lies in an effort to hurt and harm America’s Law Enforcement Heroes. The latest travesty has occurred in Philadelphia and it seems that the motives of the cop haters know no bounds.

On Thursday, Philadelphia, Mayor Kenney condemned a photo of a Philadelphia police officer with an apparent Nazi-style tattoo on his arm, saying the tattoo was “incredibly offensive” and not the sort of message police should be giving the community.  The agency promptly launched an investigation on the officer and the internet cowards went to work.

A picture of a Philly cop with a German Eagle tattoo with the word “Fatherland” on one inner forearm and the American flag with an AR-15 on the other was posted on Facebook courtesy of Black Lives Matter supporter Evan Parish Matthews.

It was then tweeted out by Mindy Isser:

“@PPDCommish hi can you please explain why one of your officers, ian hans lichtermann, has a nazi tattoo on him? Thx”

Of course, city leaders and the internet trolls are missing a very important piece of information.  National media jumped on the story as positive proof that there is a secret Nazi cop hiding in plain sight.

No one bothered to ask the police officer anything and they won’t because these zealots know a very important fact when it comes to news and headlines…..The first story is always THE story.

If you don’t believe us, ask a citizen on the street if the cops shot Trayvon Martin.  They didn’t but everyone thinks they did.  Ask them if Michael Brown had his “hands up” when he was shot.  He didn’t but the truth doesn’t matter and the internet cowards know that they are changing the minds of America by lies.

Marine Corps Veteran and current Philadelphia Police Officer Ian Hans Lichtermann was the officer in the photograph.  He has an unblemished record of public service to the citizens of Philadelphia with fifteen years of service.  Ironic isn’t it that this “Nazi” has been working the streets of Philadelphia without issue but that means nothing in our current climate.  If the cowards including the Mayor would have asked him, we are certain he would have explained his tattoos but they don’t ask because that would get in the way of their lies and false narrative that they want to spread across the world.

From the German-American Police Association.

From the German-American Police Association.

The Eagle has been used to represent Germany for hundreds of years. Just like the American Eagle, there are more variations of the iconography than you can count. This particular one is from the German-American police association.  Officer Lichtermann has pride in his heritage and his country. The Eagle tattoo with the word “Fatherland” is an obvious homage to his ethnicity but why believe the truth when you can label our America Heroes a “Nazi.”

The Philadelphia Police Department also failed this officer.  Instead of explaining the tattoo, that took our editors about an hour of research, they sent out the following weak, spineless message, after announcing an internal affairs investigation, that only fueled the desires of the cop haters:

“The Department does not condone anything that can be interpreted as offensive, hateful or discriminatory in any form. This is a very sensitive topic for both the citizens that we serve as well as the officers providing service to the public. We must ensure that all constitutional rights are adhered to while at the same time ensuring public safety and public trust aren’t negatively impacted.”

Did you read between the lines there?  “The Department does not condone anything that can be interpreted as offensive, hateful or discriminatory in any form”.……..That’s right, if one cop hater gets offended we throw our officer under the proverbial bus.

Imagine those game rules?  If anyone gets offended, we take action against the police officer.

Cop haters, keyboard warriors and cowards must be jumping for joy today.

Let us not make the mistake that this is a “one-time” incident in Philadelphia.  These tactics are being used across the country and it is impacting good, honest police officers along with their families.  We see it virtually every week here at Law Officer and one of our distinguished writers and long time editors was attacked mightily based on an article he wrote describing the “War Against Police” after the Dallas and Baton Rouge shootings.  Why read the article, ask the author or read the disclaimer in the article that would tell you the intent and motive of the article when you can blast press releases and e-mails saying this veteran police officer is a racist and wants a “war” against blacks.

Law enforcement needs to understand that this is the new norm and it will not stop.  Our only hope is that law enforcement leadership steps up to defend when our officers need a defense.  In this case, the leadership at the Philadelphia Police Department showed every police officer that they are weak excuses for brass.

Find out how to become a Courageous Leader here.

What others are saying about “Courageous Leadership For Law Enforcement”

“This class is absolutely outstanding.”  Nathan Mendes, California Narcotics Officers Association

“This class should be required for every single police officer in America.” Officer Jason Cummings, Claremore PD

“In my 12 year career, this was the best class I have ever taken on leadership.”  Sergeant Josh Johnson

“The best presentation I have had in over 22 years in law enforcement.”  Sgt. Michael Huber, McMinnville (OR) Police Department

“This is some of the best training I have attended in over 40 years of law enforcement.”
Scott Johnson, Chief of Police – Grand Rapids (MN) Police Department  

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  1. Young Werther

    “The Victimization Of Philly Cop Is The New Norm”

    This is a fact. And it is worse than that. The real new norm is that it is so easy to burn cops with certain racialist and cultural slogans which is all part of the literal WAR ON COPS that has existed off and on for a very long time and by various groups be they political or criminal or both. It has been determined by the forces of power in power that it be *UNFITt* for a Southerner to use a Confederate Symbol even if trying to honor ancestors at their graveside during or after that War or UNFIT for people to say certain words or slogans as it might be considered OFFENSIVE to some or even one individual since that can be all it takes to bring down the wrath of the NAACP, ACLU, SPLC or hundreds of other organizations designed for court battles to change laws in any given situation on a whim of the LEFT. Certainly, any thing or symbol of a certain period of Germany’s history (hence the officer named in the article) is considered UNFIT. Unfit thus the human or individual with the symbol or uttered word must also be deemed an UNFIT thereby needing re-training as well as punishment. It is all ideology of the Critical Theory approach to changing the world’s inherited European Culture and or history. WE are UNFIT…if we are willing to accept that label. But we are not willing, therefore we don’t therefore we must fight this war by any means necessary. With or without words. In fact, the fewer the words used the easier it will be. Don’t ever imagine there is not a WAR ON COPS; there is.

  2. Young Werther

    Political correctness in America has been converted to down right lies in an effort to hurt and harm America’s Law Enforcement Heroes.

    (Yes! PC is the primary vehicle by which the ideology of the school of Critical Theory from Europe has overtaken all socio-political institutions in America. It ruled us before we realized it.) “And it’s all over now, Baby Blue” – bob dylan

  3. Young Werther

    This is how it feels to be from the Deep South all your life and for 11 generations. No matter what you do you are THE ENEMY….THE WAR ON AMERICA is going strong and it looks like this story in so many ways…it IS the norm (endorsed by the present Administration) to hate cops and to applaud killing them…just like it was in the 1960’s and 1970’s…only now with presidential approval…the coup d’ etat was effective.

    • Young Werther

      The New York Times floated the meme that “America’s cops were out to kill all the black men”…that is the reason it got so bad back in the 1970’s…radical liberals are or were the NEW LEFT then…they have won their revolution…the proof is what one sees happening today as you report…

      • Young Werther

        Ask the old generals. They know.

        • Young Werther

          The old generals know about the coup.

      • bacchys

        The New York Times did not say cops were out to kill all black people.

        When you have to misrepresent someone to make your point, you don’t have a point.

        • Young Werther

          No, what TNYTimes DID say was to repeat an infamous radical’s politically motivated lie that *America’s Police were waging a secret WAR against innocent black men* which in turn set off a targeting and killing spree by black men (Black Panthers and other revolutionary groups) against innocent cops across the country. You will have to do your own research in order to fully comprehend the relevance of the past terrorist movements. Then follow it up with real talks with the old timers of certain mega cities. It is a shame you don’t have a clue what I am speaking of.

          • bacchys

            So you admit to misrepresenting the NYTimes?

            I can’t research your delusions. They’re only in your head.

          • Young Werther

            It is a fact. I am just embarrassed for you that you don’t know it. Look it up. I am not making it easy on you, why should I?

          • bacchys

            Keep spreading the stupid.

            There is no war on cops. The profession is safer today than it was for decades. Cops are more likely to be killed by crashing their own car than by a criminal, let alone someone targeting them.

            Calling this Administration anti-cop only proves that you’re so brainwashed, brain-dead, and delusional that there’s really no hope for you. Unless, of course, you happen to run into some roid-ranging nutjob that some idiot gave a badge. Then, maybe, you’ll start to figure it out. But even then it’s probably a slim chance.

          • Young Werther

            Calling this Administration anti-cop

            (LOL Where exactly did I say that? yawn…no help for you).

          • bacchys

            Forgetting your own delusions?

            “This is how it feels to be from the Deep South all your life and for 11 generations. No matter what you do you are THE ENEMY….THE WAR ON AMERICA is going strong and it looks like this story in so many ways…it IS the norm (endorsed by the present Administration) to hate cops and to applaud killing them…just like it was in the 1960’s and 1970’s…only now with presidential approval…the coup d’ etat was effective.”

          • Young Werther

            I see.
            Of all the things (boring I admit) I stated in that and the other posts; this is the line you actually chose to see or *hear*, as it were.
            A folly of sloth on my part. Or is it? “…endorsed by the present Administration…’ is rather sloppy. Well, the word *endorsed* could certainly be misleading. By the term, present Administration, I am referring to the present governmental administration as in the United States of America’s present Democratic Presidential Administration. That is why the word is capitalized. In no way do I mean the administration of this site or the writer. Just goes to prove how difficult it is to write the written word in such a manner that it is easily comprehended to all or most. In point of fact, it is perhaps a true impossibility.since so many of history’s greatest minds and writers have been *misunderstood* and also deliberately misconstrued…to the point of death. I am sorry I wasn’t more careful in my wording. But, I must say that it happens all the time since I usually simply re-act to what *I* think I am hearing or reading, as do most people. This was merely a post in reaction to what was obviously an article that had a strong effect upon me immediately and I responded with a certain personally sympathetic emotion and when that is done I don’t usually *edit* every word…in fact I rarely do unless it is something to be submitted formally. I don’t think many rational people of my ilk will likely mistake my meaning at all. I am prone to extreme satire at times. This is not one of those times.

          • bacchys

            I’m well aware you were talking about the Obama Administration. Calling them anti-cop is delusional.

          • Young Werther

            Look, don’t bother me again. I don’t have time for your foolishness.

          • bacchys

            More like: you don’t want to deal with someone who knows you’re full of crap.

            Toddle off, son…

          • Law Officer

            Safer? Do you track anything but Line of Duty Deaths which have come down due to training, technology, tools and tactical medicine. Surely, you are looking at assaults against officers and those injured along with others that are disabled?

          • bacchys

            Yes, and those are also down. Like violent crime in general. Compared to the 70s, 80s, and 90s, being a cop is extremely safe.

            Somewhere in these comments someone posted numbers as part of a general claim that police aren’t out there looking to kill anyone. I don’t know that those numbers are very accurate, but they look right to me. 800,000 cops involved in tens of millions of interactions with people every year. About 1200 civilians get killed by police in those interactions. Less than 50 cops, OTOH, do.

            Sure, a lot of those 1200 were doing something which justified they’re getting shot. Some of them weren’t. The record of police investigating police to hold accountable those officers who unjustifiably shot someone is abysmal. The killer of Jon Geer ended up with a 12 month sentence on a manslaughter conviction (plea deal) after his department stymied state and Federal investigations. I point you again to Balko’s series on SLED in the Washington Post. The shooting death of Jon Crawford is another.

            There’s little reason to trust that the investigations in those 1200 shootings are credible, so unless one personally investigates the case one can’t say with confidence the killing was justified.

            Most cops are good people. Some aren’t. Even good people can have a bad day. The Blue Wall of Silence means not enough is being done about that.

  4. Beth Baran

    Disgraceful that the leadership at the Philadelphia PD don’t have their officers backs. How cowardly. If they don’t stand up to the ridiculous crap now it will get worse. How pathetic.

  5. naftali216

    Unfortunately, the real problem is that the family unit is not sacrosanct anymore. Respect for anything and responsibility for anything absolves anyone of misbehaving. We excuse away everything under the guise of economics, race, religion, etc. If parents would teach their children respect and responsibility we might, perhaps, see less crime. But that presumes the parent/parents learned that also. The truth is, too many generations haven’t and as those continue to procreate and model such bad behavior, the problem will continue unabated under the rule of PC. Combined with the increased absolution for that negative behavior with excuse noted above, we have fostered an uncivil society. The recycled efforts that failed in the past doesn’t help to alleviate the problem, either. The public’s short memory only allows politicians to waste taxpayers money on formerly failed projects. It’s said that the definition of insanity is ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’. I’m now old enough to confirm it seems to be true with our politicians and civic leaders. Familiarity may breed contempt, but it also leads the ignorant into being stupid – and that can’t be fixed!

    • Yappy2

      My thoughts exactly. Tired of excuses of they were poor so they stole a car, robbed a store, shot a someone, or burned down the neighborhood, mugged someone and on and on and When the police are called the mothers say well they didn’t have to shoot him just because he had a gun in his hand.

    • Young Werther

      We don’t see these huge groups of white protesters disrupting civil life and looting and burning their communities down protesting cops do we? Think that says anything in particular? or speaks to any other rational issue?…other than I must be an evil white racist for bringing it up, LOL.

  6. Monica English

    As a former reporter, you NEVER go to press (or air) with half a story. You certainly don’t publish (or broadcast) a story with these kinds of inflammatory statements without even attempting to contact the central figure. It’s lousy, lazy reporting at best and muckraking at its worst. This officer absolutely has a rock solid case for libel and slander. Posting on Facebook is no exception. While most people believe these posts are protected by the right to free speech, this is not the case. Many people have successfully sued for defamation of character, libel, dissemination of false or libelous information, etc. This Officer should also lodge a complaint with his union.

    • Law Officer

      You must be a former reporter if you believe that. Too bad, we need good ones like yourself.

      • Monica English

        I appreciate the sentiment, thank you. One part of my job was covering crime and policing. In my work it was important to walk into any situation with an open mind; no preconceived notions allowed. Statistics are just that – they are numbers, not people. They do not always tell the whole story. A perfect example of this currently is Chicago, where shootings and homicides are reported separately. And some are not reported as either until the ME logs in their findings, others are not reported if waiting to be determined whether an investigation needs to be launched, and still others will not be reported as homicides until and unless the victim dies, and we all know, the victims can linger for years. There is ALWAYS a bigger picture. BLM wants to paint all LEO’s with one brush. Think about that. Just let it percolate for a minute. In my mind the next INTELLIGENT follow up question to BLM would be the following: It seems that a large part of the BLM movement pertains to the idea that Law Enforcement has preconceived notions about race and use of force, sometimes deadly force. That being said, if BLM as a group, finds this to be an offensive idea, that ALL people of color are targets, based on the color of their skin, which is racist and unjust and cannot be tolerated; what then do you call a group of people who target another group of people based solely on their career choice, make blanket statements about said group based on actions of a few, call for the targeting of all members of this group, encourage (and applaud) the use of force and sometimes deadly force?
        Yeah. Let that scramble your eggs for a minute.

        • Law Officer

          Excellent take. There is always a place for you here if you want to “jump back” in to reporting. I dare say that law enforcement needs the fairness that you offer.

          • Monica English

            If this is indeed a legitimate offer, and you feel I would be an asset to your team, sign me up.

  7. haI9000

    Please understand that this particular officer has tons of support among the community and his friends. These people will not stand for the lies, misinformation and incoherent babbling of the narcissistic, leftist miscreants determined to ruin the lives of decent people. Blue Lives Matter! In fact, they matter much, much more!

  8. CROFT Photography

    Look at that. An ENTIRE article of crybabies with badges bemoaning that no one asked him for an explanation… yet this ENTIRE article offers none. Did you bother to get the story? Or is the “explanation” exactly what everyone thinks?

      • Law Officer

        Of course it was but if the Mayor spent 5 minutes looking it up, he wouldn’t have had the chance to blast the officer.

      • Young Werther

        The American Eagle is also one of Americas most famous and beloved symbol. Naturally, the leftist see this as the reason American Whites are Nazis too, LOL.

    • Monica English

      If you had read the article in its entirety, you would have found that the author researched the iconography of the tattoo and its meaning with regards to the officers heritage.
      When you skim an article, you not only miss pertinent facts, you do yourself a great disservice in that you only get part of the story. This is especially problematic in today’s “instant gratification” mind set; some, if not most readers today rarely make it past headlines and the first paragraph of written media.
      As a society in an age of social media which brings us almost instant news, two things suffer greatly: the immediate “reporting” of “news” without the benefit of research; and the ability of the public to make informed decisions about the veracity of the story. Rarely will the public take the initiative to do their own fact finding.
      When “clicks” and “likes” are the fuel behind so – called reporting, shock and awe headlines are the match to that fuel. The drawback to this formula is that we are burning up the reputations of innocent people, and fanning the flames of uninformed decision making.

  9. Jasper Conway

    Hold the line, Ian! TJ’s got your back, brother man. Screw these liberal whiners who can’t even blink twice without being offended by something, bunch of weak-minded spineless saps.

  10. Pieter Brons

    Thanks for the info.

  11. bacchys

    Claiming the Philly police’s response to this is throwing him under the bus is risible. Y’all whine more than the SJW’s.

    • Law Officer

      Like we said, “Cop haters, keyboard warriors and cowards must be jumping for joy today.”

      • bacchys

        But not cowards like Phillip Nace…

        • laughing tyger

          So …. what’s your issue with the police? You a Wannabe officer like that BLMer in Atlanta who just got arrested for impersonating an officer?

          OR do you live a criminal lifestyle… street racing, date raping, drunk driving, drug doing/pushing, child molesting, thieving, computer based fraud…?

          OR are you one of those lousy drivers who thinks you’re a great driver who gets pulled over all the time and gets irate about it? If that’s the case, know this: the vast majority of drivers DO NOT get pulled over all the time. Hate to break it to you but …. It IS your driving…

          OR are you hung up on officers (badge rabbit) but none will date you so you take it out by visiting their websites and writing bitchy comments?

          • CROFT Photography

            why does one have to be a criminal to have issues with the police? I don’t rape people and I don’t like rapists. I’ve never been raped and I don’t like rapists.

            Are you seriously too stupid to understand that one doesn’t have to be a criminal to dislike criminal behavior or corrupt police?

          • bacchys

            That’s some weak ad hominem right there.

            My issue with police is that we have a huge problem with institutional corruption. For some unlawful acts, the police are protected by their institutions, not to mention their unions, and are able to violate the law and peoples’ rights with relative impunity. Qualified immunity has become too broad, moreover.

            There’s also the Blue Wall of Silence. Joe Chrystal was run out of the Baltimore Police Department for doing the right thing: he reported the assault of a restrained suspect by a fellow cop. For that, his fellow cops shunned him, refused to back him up on the job, and put dead rats on his car. His union leaders and supervisors told him he probably needed to quit before he ended up dead. His is a rare event more because few cops turn in their fellows when they commit wrongdoing than because few support protecting other cops from the consequences of their unlawful actions.

          • Law Officer

            Do you even read our website? We posted several stories this week alone of police officers being arrested and fired.

          • bacchys

            For what? Stealing from the evidence room? Or because they were caught on video that was made public before an “investigation” could clear the officer?

            Again: why is Joe Chrystal no longer a Baltimorecop?

          • Law Officer

            So you are giving me one example. Any more you would like to share. There are 800,000 plus police officers and over 18,000 agencies. Law enforcement is not perfect but the “institutional” issues you speak of are a myth.

          • bacchys

            Which is one more example than you’ve given.

            The institutional issues aren’t a myth. At the Washington Post, Radley Balko has a series of articles on the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and how they “investigate” potential police misconduct that well demonstrates the problem with having police investigate other police.

            When Adrian Schoolcraft was being run out of the NYPD for whistleblowing that management was imposing illegal quotas on the rank-and-file, where were all the “good cops” standing up for him? Where were they for Chrystal?

            When Vincent Cosom assaulted and falsely arrested a man in Baltimore, two other cops helped him with both. Cosom was ultimately convicted of a misdemeanor assault (nothing for the false arrest), but nothing happened to his accomplices.

            Cops have a choice. They can act like whiny victims every time something happens, or they can start cleaning up law enforcement.

          • Law Officer

            So you aren’t reading our site.

          • bacchys

            Sure, vague claims are always a winner.

          • laughing tyger

            Yes, like plane crashes and shark attacks bad officers do exist and bad outcomes can happen. BUT RARELY. The press is misleading the American people on this issue.

            Let’s look at some research and numbers, shall we?

            Here’s research by a BLACK researcher AT HARVARD who found that when it comes to, ” the most extreme use of force – officer-involved shootings …..we find no racial differences in either the raw data or when contextual factors are taken into account.”

            NO RACIAL DIFFERENCES in Officer Involved Shootings. .

            The narrative of the police wantonly killing black men because they’re hardcore racists is FALSE.

            Link to Harvard research:

            Something else to keep in mind … There are MILLIONS of police/citizen contacts a year here in America. In 2013 the DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Statistics published numbers for 2011:

            “In 2011, over 62.9 million U.S. residents age 16 or older, or 26% of the population, had one or more contacts with police during the prior 12 months (figure 1). For about half (49%) of persons experiencing contact with police, the most recent contact was involuntary or police-initiated.”

            Link to DOJ

            So let’s look at the roughly 30 MILLION INVOLUNTARY contacts. Let’s say every year 1000 people die by police action. Washington Post diligently tracked police deaths in 2015, they found 965 were killed.

            I’m using WAPO’s number because many (cop-haters) don’t trust the FBI’s lower numbers and WAPO left no stone un-turned – they found every death they could.

            Roughly 1000 deaths out of roughly 30 MILLION contacts a year is .0033%

            That’s a tiny number and the majority of the individuals shot were violent and a threat. Remember, too, the Washington Post is liberal therefore: anti-police. Right up your alley!

            It is EXTREMELY RARE for people to be killed by our police officers and when they are the majority are a threat and are NOT Black.

            But you wouldn’t know that by the reporting. The way the media is focusing on, and presenting it, one gets the impression it’s happening on a scale that is FAR larger than the reality.

            Link to WAPO research:

          • bacchys

            We sort of agree the press is misleading the public. They’re painting it as a “black problem” when it’s a police problem. Blacks aren’t the only people who can become victims of police misconduct, and it matters little whether what colour the person is with respect to whether or not police misconduct will be addressed.

            On a related note: look at the numbers you cite here and consider them with the claim of policing as a dangerous job…

      • haI9000

        Isn’t that redundant? Although true nonetheless.

    • Unity Nowe

      Yes, I have heard there is a fast food joint opening soon, where the employees will be wearing socks with pigs dressed in police uniforms, and will refuse to serve cops, while Beyonce’s songs play over the speakers, in protest of police misconduct and lack of accountability.

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