Texas Lt. Governor Confronts President At Town Hall On Police Murders

President Barack Obama responded to the recent shootings across the country by holding a nationally televised town hall Thursday night focusing on race, called The President and the People: A National Conversation.

The president’s words in the wake of the shootings have attracted a fair amount of critics, perhaps none more harsh than Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who believes the president was not supportive enough of police. Patrick was present at the Town Hall and used the opportunity to challenge the president, face to face.


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  1. LibLieExposer

    Obama is a lying sack of shit! He NEVER waits for due process before criticizing cops – “the Cambridge police acted stupidly” for example. But he tells us ALWAYS to never judge all muslims by the actions of a few [million] and we have to wait for due process to take place when muslim terrorists attack us!

  2. Tina Louise Bond

    He makes me want to puke every time he opens his mouth he is so full of bullshit and lies he never answer questions he preaches around it he is sickening in every aspect i cant believe he is still alive today

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