Radical Islamic Terrorism: The Spin Is Coming

It is a sad state of affairs when you hear about a mass shooting in a gay nightclub, during Ramadan with an Afghani shooter confirmed to be a Muslim and you think to yourself, “Will the White House Actually Admit To Us What This Is”

I can hear it now.  

“Isolated Incident”

“Deranged Individual”

“This is not a reflection on a peaceful religion”

“This act of violence is because of the Trump rhetoric”

This is why we need gun control”

And I’m sure you can add your own.  By tonight we will have figured out what “spin” we are given and that is why our country is an easy target.

That has to change.

This is a Terrorist Attack on Americans, on American Soil.  It’s that simple.  You don’t hear about a shooter in a Tel Aviv Market described as an “isolated incident.”  We would laugh at that assertion but that is exactly what certain pundits will try to tell us here in America.

Our politicians must change.  Our media must change and law enforcement must change.

A change of mindset, purpose and training is the only actions that can prevent the United States from suffering these so called “isolated incidents” on a weekly basis.


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  1. E - Reinos

    How about MENTAL ILLNESS but it appears that is not nearly as sexy as “radical” and “terrorist” for those on the right. Go ahead and chest pound and wave your guns around and pretend to protect us from all those Radical Terrorist Muslims. Meanwhile there is another mentally ill dude with an assault rifle coming our way.

  2. ahaz

    You guys act like this is something new. The only thing different from the shootings that occurred in Columbine, Roseburg OR, Charlestion SC, is the that this guy is Muslim. Am I supposed to me more afraid of a terrorist that is Muslim, than an white supremacist, or the Christian extremist that’s willing to blow up an abortion clinic? I worry about all equally happening in this country. I haven’t bought into the xenophobic narrative that people on the far right espouse, that Islam is a religion of hate. Our own bible is rife with its own levels of violence against gays, those who do not believe. Our US history is rife with mass shootings and the only thing we do as a nation in response is call for more guns. people are now saying, if the people in the club had a weapon, things would have been different. Almost every mass shooting was conducted with legally purchased assault type weapons. I’m pro 2nd Amendment. I grew up with weapons and handled my share in the military. Reasonable restrictions are necessary to try to prevent shootings like this in the future. What we have been currently doing is insanity and cannot continue.

    • MAS

      Perhaps you could define “Reasonable restrictions are necessary…” for us. What “reasonable” gun restrictions would you apply? Better yet, how would you enforce them…see your post to me below to remind yourself about the police state you fear. Or do you only fear police states that reasonably restrict YOUR worldview?

      • ahaz

        Absolutely the police state is a concern and frankly it’s a state that’s supported by both major political parties, even though they might deny it (hear that republicans?). The Conservatives on the SCOTUS are just as compliant in eroding our 4th and 5th Amendment rights as the liberals. I think it should be difficult for civilians to buy assault type weapons (there’s no practical need), and certainly not every Tom, Dick or Harry should be able to carry around weapons (concealed or open carry) just because they feel like it. More stringent background checks, demonstrable need for concealed carry, restrictions on sales of assault type weapons and restrictions on high capacity magazines.

        • MAS

          So you support the amendments…sort of. Unless they are the ones you personally don’t agree with. You might have a bright future in the police state…for awhile.

  3. MAS

    “A change of mindset, purpose and training is the only actions that can prevent the United States from suffering these so called “isolated incidents” on a weekly basis.”

    Unfortunately weekly attacks and a bunch of them are what it is going to take to change the mindset of average Americans. Department heads will do what they always do, protect the Chief/Sheriff from political blowback by bowing to community pressure. Boards of Supervisors and City Counsels will not fund a real program of training and readiness and if they did most brass would waste it. Seen it far too many times. After Columbine we got active shooter “training” that amounted to throw your under staffed and equipped self at the problem and hope for the best. When I asked if anyone was considering equipping supervisor cars with tactical gear for this type of event I was told to shut up and quit being a trouble maker. I doubt my experiences in this area are unique.

    • ahaz

      The fact of he matter is the following, there is very little any LE organization can do to detect and prevent acts of terrorism from the lone wolf. If you want to make the attempt, think about the levels of surveillance and lack of freedom the Chinese have and then imagine it here. I’ve been in places where that type of surveillance is pervasive, believe me, it’s oppressive. Say the wrong set of words, expect a knock on the door, visit the wrong website, get a knock on the door. You want that here? I don’t.

      • MAS

        You stretched that one almost to the breaking point ahaz…straw-man much? I take it you are a Muslim?

        • ahaz

          Actually, I’m agnostic; not that it would make any difference to the points made in my central arguments. Lone wolf terrorist events have been taking place in the US for decades and that fundamentally, there is no difference between the terrorist killing in the name of Islam and the terrorist killing trying to start a race war or the terrorist killing trying to stop abortion.

  4. Matthew Johnston

    They could put in an undercover to get evidence of similar statements to the ones reported or gone further and conducted a controlled sting. The FBI do that a lot but not on these guys, usually more disorganized figures of lower threat. The Patriot Act gives wide powers. And they are well resourced to conduct such operations. That should not be a factor in close a case.

    You have to feel for the people who reported him, they think he is a terrorist, an open investigation know to the subject. At best it could have ended in a work place shooting. The informant burned.

  5. radiskull

    Can you imagine if Pearl Harbor happened under this administration?

  6. SirMe

    I think this guy had mental issues….

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