President Obama Is A Slow Learner

President Obama just can’t help himself.  Within 24 hours of two police shootings involving African Americans and white police officers, he makes a statement about the local police cases and he did it from Poland.

He said he felt compelled to address the shootings in a televised statement and on Facebook because of the “extraordinary interest” in the incidents.

He said he was “deeply troubled” and that “regardless of the outcome of such investigations, what’s clear is that these fatal shootings are not isolated incidents” and “are symptomatic of the broader challenges within our criminal justice system” including “racial disparities.”

We have become accustomed to the President opening his mouth on local police incidents since he began his Presidency.  From the famous “beer summit” in his first year in office where he was clearly wrong to his quick statements on Ferguson, where the officer was cleared by the DOJ, Mr. Obama is a slow learner.

I wouldn’t mind if he made statements today but those statements should have served to calm the tensions of Americans and to encourage them to wait for the investigative outcome of each case.  He did neither.

Instead, President Obama danced with his words and told America that what occurred over the last few days in Minnesota and Louisiana are problems despite not one drip of investigative evidence being done on either case.  Unlike the President, I don’t call a grainy cell phone video, a Facebook Live video showing a man dying and countless media pundits to be the final story of what should be an exhaustive investigation.

There was no waiting for that.  The President had to speak and the protests began and the violence erupted and this time, the violence was against law enforcement in the City of Dallas.

As I write this, three Dallas Police Officers are dead and one Dallas Area Rapid Transit Officer is dead.  Several other officers were shot.

I’m not blaming the President for the violence but I am blaming his narrative.

Did you read between the lines?  He stated, “regardless of the outcome” these shootings are not isolated incidents and a few words later mentions “racial disparities.”

So does he not care about the outcome of the investigation?  Does he realize that police officers encounter millions of citizens each week with no force used? How can he call two cell phone videos evidence of “racial disparities.”

As usual, he is speaking about things he knows nothing about and if you have a proclivity for violence against cops, I just don’t see how this hyperbole helps one’s mindset.

I’ve been particularly tough on President Obama but he has not helped himself in regards to law enforcement issues.  I don’t think he hates cops.  I just think that he has a predisposed notion that racism is ingrained in the profession and that gets in the way of sound decision making in these incidents.

Unfortunately tonight’s events in Dallas will give him something else to talk about.  It’s a local police issue and I will wait to see what he has to say.

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  1. Laura Ellison

    Why is it when there is a black person shot by police it makes National News? When a white person is killed by police it hardly makes local news! The media is causing this whole racist bullshit! There are some bad police and there are many good police. The difference here is how the news covers only 1 side. Putting the lives of every police officer out on the streets. These police officers shot are innocent of the crimes they are protesting, they have wives and children and are being gunned down for no good reason! I’ve never been racist, but I’m getting really sick of this black Lives matter! It shows how the hate seems to be coming from the ones screaming about being hated and treated different.

  2. Mike M.

    He is the problem in this country today. He has other plans before he leaves. If he leaves? Prepare America. The worst has yet to come

  3. LT714RET

    Obama has a devising agenda. That’s all there is to it.

  4. Lt.Frederick Georges

    I am amazed at this person’s inability or willful disregard for the facts.

    Our current President is “black enough” to have had his own negative run ins with police persons in his youth as well as a hostile citizenry who would cross the street if they approached him. He himself related these facts to the media.

    Commander Yates has completely dismissed these facts so feels that President Obama is somehow out of touch with what has been painfully obvious to people of “the richly tanned race” since slave owner days. “Nigras” be expendable and “White” folks be immune from prosecution.

    Surely it was not just these two latest incidents that he drew his comments from. We “White” Americans do enjoy a culture of callus disregard for the rights of others we see as less than human beings. I experienced this inculcation in the NAVY boot camp I attended, in the training academy I attended for the Connecticut State Police and on many irresponsible TV and radio talk shows usually hosted by extremists in the right wing of our democratic socialist government who wrap themselves in the American flag and hide behind the freedom of speech article in our constitution while always blaming the left wing for everything bad that happens when they feel their rights to carry military style weapons by any citizen who desires a “large penis” effect on others or their right to free speech is threatened when they irresponsibly make assertions about what they believe to be facts.

    An “investigation” Yates claims is needed to be sure that what your eyes see is not enough to conclude that when a man who has been stopped for a classic traffic violation and tried to comply with the officer’s demand for “license and registration”, which many men still carry in their back pocket, and he was believed to be “reaching for a gun” by that officer because they all are paranoid and actually taught to be suspicious of every move citizens make, the man was shot to death.

    Surely it is nonsense to claim our President is a “slow learner” because he addressed an issue, that he personally knows a great deal about, in a way that did not support or even somehow dismiss the actions of policing entities who have lately been responsible for several deaths of innocent civilians across our nation so far just in 2016. Not to mention his several “ivy league” diplomas and honorary degrees for his keen intellect and understanding of American Jurisprudence.

    What else could our President have responsibly done? Why does Commander Yates feel our President failed to “calm the tensions of Americans” as he put it, when behavior like that would have surely been rejected by everyone who saw for themselves the “grainy videos”, that would have been and usually are, good enough for the police to finger a criminal suspect.

    The fact that the police across this nation are seen as out of control is not the fault of our President nor the ” media pundits” reporting the endless incidents that are making many Americans afraid to go to the store because they are not Caucasians.

    It is truly the fault of the police who are responsible for these deaths. The only thing that a “thorough investigation” will do is either prove what the President said was correct or it will allow the needed time to make it all “disappear”. Like the police body cams that “fell off” in the one incident and the removal of the security camera video record of that same incident. That all seems too convenient for the police to have total control of every item of evidence to show what actually happened.

    Remember how fast a cellphone video got a cop in Carolina put in jail before any “investigation” was conducted. That city police Commander came on the news and declared the video was enough to justify his firing from the police force and his arrest for murder.

    It is clear that a thorough investigation will do no more than make it more obvious that this officer who shot an innocent man who was beloved by most everyone who knew him , was totally without any justification for his actions. Every public service job is dangerous and a threat to the life of the servicemen. But this is no reason to “shoot first and ask questions after everyone is dead or injured” which is a common police model for dealing with “suspicious” people.

    Commander Yates suggests we “read between the lines” of the President’s remarks when what was said was not to be left to the reader’s imagination by reading between the lines. He uses the word “we” to suggest many Americans feel the same way, when actually it is himself and his group of fellow officers only that are locked into this racially biased mindset against our country’s leader.

    To cite the President for making a presentation from another country is irresponsible. He is the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, so he spends a great deal of time traveling on invitation to where he is representing us all. But like when he traveled to Cuba and sat at a baseball game with that nation’s leader, he was ridiculed for not being “presidential” enough by people who would never be capable of filling the shoes of any President past or present.

    Everyone here seems to be locked into an “us vs them” mentality and a “If you are not with us you are against us” culture, so it is obvious that a Democratic entity at any level will be bashed here no matter what they say or do.

    But clearly no matter what actions the police of this country take now or what our President has to say about the current events, many citizens now have their minds made up and so will begin a campaign of violence toward all who wear the uniform of the few, the proud and the defenders of the American citizens, our police.

    The time for change by our police was long ago. You made this mess, now live with it.

  5. Bennie Cochran

    Yes. He’s about 15 years behind …

  6. Sue Rawson

    Ovomit’s incitement of racial disparity is all part of Muslim teachings to divide and conquer. He is an utter disgrace to this country and my empathy goes to the persons who must protect this pathetic example of a leader who must know in their own hearts he is the cause of the disgraceful state this country is in. As the motner of a dedicated police officer with the utmost integrity, who risks his life and his K-9’s life daily, I feel the profound pain this Dept feels for the loss of life to their own. My sincerest condolences.

  7. Eric N Cash

    Some police officers have a history of disrespect towards black citizens. Most blacks encounters with police officers are negative. We need police officers being active in the communities beyond harrasing and arresting folks. We know not all police officers are bad it’s a pubic relations issue. The image needs to be cleaned up.

  8. Bill Meeker

    Bingo. And I missed his comments about the 60 shot and four killed Chicago over the 4th of July weekend … oh, he DIDN’T make a statement about that? So, I guess it only concerns him when cops and/or white folks are involved?

  9. Mike McLaughlin

    Obozo need to shut his pie hole. So sad we have to endure 6 more months of this imbecile and his racist rhetoric!

    • CatinTx

      12 year-olds should really refrain from posting comments on adult blogs. Grow up and act like an adult.

  10. Van Hamlin

    President Obama insights violence through his failure to support police officers. In his mind, we are all white racists needing to be put in jail by his twisted Department of Justice. In reality, we are not all white and there are damned few racists. The rule of law is broken and there is no respect for authority because of his open support for anarchist movements like “Occupy Wall Street” and “Black Lives Matter.” Unfortunately, his looking the other way and supporting violent leftist organizations extends back to his first four years in office. All of these groups are supported by George Soros. In other words, President Obama, George Soros’s lapdog, is promoting the total undermining of the rule of law.

    Once people believe that government cannot protect them, anarchy ensues. Currently, our citizens see the government failing to track down Islamic terrorists, faIling to protect citizens engaged in political demonstrations, failing to prosecute political insiders and promoting acts of violence directed at those who protect the average law abiding citizen. I predict more vigilante violence, like this incident in Dallas, before the November elections because the left wing feels these incidents help their candidates. As individuals and collectively, through our unions, we must vote to end this madness. Please select the candidate that you feel will support the rule of law and enforce the Constitution in its present form, then get out the vote for that candidate. It is a matter of survival.

    • kaththee

      I agree with you that Obama is not stupid. His acts are intentional. Whether he’s giving veiled support to Islamists trying to invade and influence our country or undermining law enforcement institutions, he is not on our side. He and his ilk are using the age old practice of allying yourself with your enemies enemy in order to defeat him. When does crime become insurgency? At what point is policy treasonous? I’d speak about the law, but Hillary has shown us how much the law counts for anything.

  11. susandanielspi

    What Obama does best is shoot off his stupid mouth. That is why he is so revered by Democrats.

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