My Experience At President Trump’s ‘First Responder’ Inauguration Ball

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“Our Police Officers are the most mistreated people in America.” These are the words that Donald Trump spoke while campaigning to be our next president of the USA.


“We can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN once we bring back the respect and honor to our HEROES. Our police, firefighters, medics, first responders and military deserve to be honored and recognized as our true heroes in our country. Only then will America become great again.”

Those words are the words that over 9 months ago got me invited to open up for Trump at one of his rally’s in front of 12,000 people and tagged as “Trumps Hype Man.”

Now over 9 months later, I was humbled and grateful to be invited to the Presidential Inauguration and Presidential Armed Forces & First Responder Ball in Washington, D.C.

The invitation to the Inaugural Ball honoring First Responders.

The invitation to the Inaugural Ball honoring First Responders.

The experience was surreal and gave me a greater love for the amazing country that we are blessed to live in. We witnessed history of great Americans coming together; we witnessed protestors, rubbed shoulders with politicians, celebs, and people from all walks of life rooting for our country to WIN.

We spent an evening in a room with true American heroes…men and women from all walks of life that proudly put a uniform on and fight for our country… not as a job but rather as a calling. Over 3000 of our #army #navy #marine #coastguard #nationalguard #lawenforcement #firefighters #medics and 200 of our Medal of Honor recipients.

Life is all about how you can help other people WIN.

Making America Great Again isn’t possible without these HEROES.

This experience was humbling to say the least… most people would have chosen to rub shoulders with the politicians and celebs…not me. I wasn’t here for me, I was on a mission and that mission was to honor those that deserve to be honored. What an honor it was to talk, laugh, pray, and bring hope and love to these heroes.

coach1Here I am spending time with Lieutenant General and Senior Advisor and National Security Advisor to the President, Mr. Michael T. Flynn.

Here’s my WINNING word for you from what I took away from the last 48 hours attending these historical events so that you can WIN ALL DAY.

So that you can BE YOUR BEST. America is GREAT and it starts with YOU being your GREATEST.

VISION. You must have a vision. What are you seeing for your life? This will refocus you and motivate you – this will bring you a new energy to make it happen. Write the vision. A strong vision will give you a supernatural strength to endure.

What does GREATNESS look like for you?

ADVERSITY. We all face obstacles and adversity. EVERYONE has, does, and will face adversity throughout their life. You don’t choose the obstacle or trial in life, but you do choose your perspective. No one knows this more then the true heroes, our military and first responders. The only meaning in life that anything has, is what you choose to give it.


We are all given the same time each day. You have to OWN THE MOMENT. No one knows this better then our 45th President… to witness a billionaire business man become president of the free world and relentlessly own every moment is empowering. Become obsessive with getting stuff done and being better each day.

Now it’s your turn…


To be THE GREATEST version of YOU.

You are a WINNER, baby!

There are NO shortcuts for WINNING. NO excuses. YOU do what it takes to make it happen. This is your life…no one owes you anything… GO GET IT!

Free yourself and go WIN.ffr-300-600

You’re no slave.

You have no chains.

You’re not imprisoned.

You’re a free man/woman!

No longer live your free life with an enslaved mind.

Starting today it’s YOUR time to free yourself. BE YOUR BEST!

Who loves ya?! I Do!  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=””][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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