We Have A Media Problem

The recent police shootings of two black suspects by white officers last week was a repeat of other events such as Ferguson.  The story usually goes like this:

  • white officer shoots black guy
  • media runs with a story and/or video within hours
  • suspect is a great, family guy
  • everyone loses their mind
  • protests and riots break out
  • the investigation unfolds and we all find out that there is A LOT more to the original story
  • that story now includes that the suspect was a criminal and that the suspect was actually fighting officers
  • cops are cleared of any wrongdoing
  • media then says the entire criminal justice system is racist
  • we repeat the entire story as soon as the next shooting occurs

That is what usually occurs and Ferguson was just about burned to the ground despite the facts (from the DOJ) that Officer Wilson did nothing wrong.

So here we find ourselves again but this time you can add something to that story…..5 cops are dead and others have been shot.  There are violent protests in several major cities on a nightly basis.

Other items have yet to be written but we certainly know more today than we did the day of the shootings (when everyone lost their mind).

We know that a second and third video of Sterling existed and we know it paints a much different picture than the first grainy cell phone video that kept dropping to the ground.  We also know that in Minnesota, that officer was stopping a potential robbery suspect and we know (from the live FB video) that the officer verbally told the suspect to not reach for the gun.  Yes, I know the girlfriend claims he was only reaching for his identification but is she our only source for truth?  Do we riot and kill cops based on her very odd live Facebook video?  Certainly there is a better way?

“The media is responsible for the false narrative and for stoking the emotions of the American public.”

While some may think the news media stands in the gap to expose the truth, that could not be any more further from the truth.  They are using falsehoods to drive stories that then will drive them a larger audience.

In short, they are using you to make money and for that, we all lose.

Indeed, there are times that cops mess up but in an overwhelmingly fashion, they are accused of being murderers and racists before any of the facts are revealed and when those facts are revealed, the officers are cleared of any wrongdoing almost every time.

And before someone says, “yea but once in a while a cop does something wrong,” let us not think that makes painting an entire profession as a bunch of murdering racists ok?  Doctors kill over 250,000 patients a year by their medical mistakes and we don’t decide to run around and call them murderers.

“The countless lies told by the media gives them no credibility when there is actual wrongdoing to expose.”

So where do we go from here?  We have to learn from our past mistakes.  We saw an entire country turned upside down over “hands up…don’t shoot” and after the investigation was complete, it was all made up.

We find ourselves in the same place today.  We can either continue to be played by the media as fools or we can wait for the investigation to be complete before we pass judgement.  I won’t hold my breath for that but at some point, Americans need to decide because one thing is clear, what we are doing now is destructive beyond measure.



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  1. Count_Iblis

    It’s not a media problem, it’s an idiology problem. It’s not a secret that the media for the most parts leans to the left. It’s also no secret that the left tends to support criminals and lawless behavior. Put the two together and the bias is not only clear, it’s expected.

  2. Bubba

    All media are commies. Even Fox is a bit left of center. There is NO middle of the road media, none! The only right of center media is on the internet. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/

  3. Patrick

    This is so funny I was just talking to people
    about petitioning a lawsuit against the media for not telling the whole truth and I think that’s what needs to happen I’m a truck driver and I appreciate my police force very sorry for all the stuff you guys are going through let’s get a petition signed and Sue the media for not telling the whole story and all the proceeds goes to the fallen officers

  4. testaxc

    Only stupid people watch the news now. It isn’t a reliable source of information.

    • ZynWoof

      Agree, totally biased towards whatever is sensational and/or liberal…

    • Patrick

      Not only that they think it’s the truth that’s why we need to get this petition signed and start doing the media

  5. Randy

    Diamond Reynolds, the girlfriend of the Minnesota man shot by police can be seen on a YouTube video of her smoking pot with her four-year-old daughter in the back seat a car driven by the boyfriend,

  6. Carl Dunlap

    I was taught at a very young age that there are always three sides to a story, or even an eye witness account: your way, my way, and what the actual reality happens to be. The more emotional the story, the more vehement the stand will be.

  7. ZynWoof

    YES! YES! YES! Very Well Said! Agree 100,000%

  8. Theresa Fowler

    This is so true, although I am British, it is much the same here and with the addition of social media everyone is a social commentator on everything. The media are, as you say, only interested in sensationalizing everything to get more hits or sell more papers. We all have a responsibility for finding out the facts before we run our mouths off or comment on social media if that is what we feel we must do. Taring everyone in one profession with the same brush is an ignorant standpoint, that is like me blaming the first American I meet for the views of Donald Trump saying ‘well you’re American so you are all the same’! Don’t hold your breath for too long regarding the media as I fear you may suffocate!

    • Fire_and_Steel

      Yup, seems like “Armchair Experts” are everywhere now, doesn’t it?
      Something else that I read awhile back said the phrase “Where there’s blame, there’s a claim” originated in the U.K., so apparently you folks also have some lawsuit-happy people just as we have here.
      While it’s good in a way to know the problems aren’t just in the USA, it’s still pretty sad that some people feel they have to act that way.
      Here’s a saying about what seems to drive the “news” media on this side of the Big Pond: “If it bleeds, it leads.” Don Henley slammed that in his song “Dirty Laundry.”

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