Leading by Example: Show Your Officers How to Act on the Job

This tip comes from a group of peers I’m honored to be a part of: our nation’s military veteran family.
Courtesy of U.S. Navy veteran Brent Gleeson and Inc.com come these words of wisdom. Gleeson describes leadership traits he learned as a member of SEAL Team 5. While initially geared to business leaders, they are especially applicable to law enforcement leadership.
1. Get your hands dirty: You don’t have to be the most advanced technician on the team, but you must have an in-depth understanding of your industry and your business.
2. Watch what you say: Words can have a direct impact on morale. Always show your support for all team members. If someone needs extra guidance, provide it behind closed doors.
3. Respect the chain of command: All team members need to respect leadership at every level. If the senior leaders don’t respect the chain of command, why would anyone else?
4. Listen to the team:  One sign of good leadership is knowing that you don’t know everything. Listen and get feedback from your team regularly.
5. Take care of yourself: Get in shape and lead from the front.
Robert Sher of CEO to CEO, a consulting firm for chief executives wrote in Forbes magazine recently: “Tolerating poor performers out of a sense of personal loyalty is, in fact, disloyal to the company. As former General Electric CEO Jack Welch wrote, ‘Loyalty isn’t dead, but rewarding loyalty without performance should be. It’s shortsighted and wrongheaded.’”
Police leaders should take note of these words.
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