It Is Time For The President To Step Up

The President  spoke at 1 pm (CST) today.  He did what a President had to do and he excelled at it.  He offered his prayers and told the City of Orlando that he would do all he could to support them.

He called this incident an “act of terrorism.”

He thanked law enforcement and  cited their “courage” and “professionalism.”

Thank you President for recognizing the heroes in Orlando.  There were 300 citizens inside the club.  Their quick, decisive actions no doubt saved hundreds.

And now, Mr. President, it is time for you to step up.

You have spent your tenure discussing how the “militarization” of police is wrong.

You have blocked federal funding for the very equipment that the police used in San Bernardino and now in Orlando to STOP terrorists.

You have misled the America public by flaunting police “tanks” as your reason but the truth is that they aren’t tanks and are the very vehicles that broke down a wall in an Orlando Club early this morning and saved lives.

Courtesy:  Orlando PD

Courtesy: Orlando PD

We continue to see images of police dealing with rioters without the proper equipment to do so including riot gear and Kevlar helmets.  You have also blocked funding for these items.  The very items that saved at least one officer’s life a few hours ago.

The Orlando Police Department released a photo of a Kevlar helmet worn by a SWAT member during the raid on the terrorist suspect.  Their Twitter post said, “In hail of gunfire in which suspect was killed.  OPD officer was hit.  Kevlar helmet saved his life.”

Mr. President, I know politics is your job and it is an election year and just about everything being said from the White House is calculated but this must be done.

Law enforcement has been tough on you.  We feel like we do not have your support and we are perplexed by some of your decisions but we need this.  We need you to help us prepare for what has happened during your presidency and what will happen after you are gone.

I do know that local governments could purchase the equipment but you know, just like I know, that these kind of “high price” items are almost an impossibility with the budget restraints on local departments.

Mr. President, you have spent billions on outfitting personnel from other countries during your tenure.  It is not too late.  You can do the right thing.  We need it.


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  1. Count_Iblis

    Obama’s heart is with BLM, therefore he can’t fully support the police. Clinton, on the other hand, is just pandering to black voters with her support of BLM.

  2. ahaz

    I keep wanting to give those in LE the benefit of the doubt, but then I read what the Chief wrote and some of the user comments, I keep losing it. President Obama, correctly decided that local police don’t need tanks, .50 cal weapons, grenade launchers in their arsenal. And even with the terrorist threat, which has always been here, local police still don’t need it. Why? because it is the average citizen that will be exposed to that type of equipment and militarized techniques. US police conduct over 50-60K SWAT deployments per year. In the states that do collect statistics of SWAT deployments (MD, Utah), over 80% of these deployments are for issuance of search warrants and in the case of MD, over 68% of those are for part-II non violent crimes. You want to reduce mass shootings, make it more difficult for citizens to buy assault type weapons. Almost every mass shooting in this country has been conducted with a legally purchased assault weapon. I’m all for the right to bear arms, but there needs to limits. Secondarily, police have developed a hair trigger because because they know that anyone can have a weapon on them, and yet many LE types are full bore NRA extremists.

    • Katrina

      While police may not need tanks and grenade launchers (yet), there IS equipment available they do need. They DO need MRAPs and Kevlar helmets — like the one that saved the officer from a head shot yesterday when he went in to free the hostages. Like the one that broke out a hole for the hostages to escape from the back of the building. The cartels are bringing in drugs and weapons, so criminals have no problem acquiring them. The idea of disarming the law abiding citizens is ludicrous. Police aren’t bothered by law abiding citizens having weapons to defend themselves because they aren’t a threat. Not providing police with equipment they do need is only one of the stupid things our president has done. Surely there must be a subject somewhere you can comment on with intelligence. This isn’t it.

      • ahaz

        Police don’t need MRAPs and never have. Military equipment should be in the hands of the ones that know how to use them and most importantly, know when to use them. Those are soldiers, not COPS who want to play soldier. Police have accessibility to Bearcats which are more than adequate to handle the overwhelming majority of situations they might face. Police should not have access to weapons of war to be used against the citizens of this country. You are using the same tired and inadequate arguments used to allow police to adopt the attitudes that they have. Drug cartels do not have the presence in this country as they do in others and the influence of these cartels could be reduced significantly if the failed Drug War was eliminated. And you are incorrect about LE caring about the law-abiding citizens having weapons. How many citizens are killed yearly because of furtive movements, reaching for their waist and other perceived threats. That tells me that police do fear what the citizens might have in their possession. Last year approximately 1200 citizens were killed by police, and police are on tract to meet or exceed that number this year. Everyone is law-abiding until they are not and every policemen treats every encounter as a potentially dangerous one.

        • kenneth wise

          You do realize that most polic officers are eithr prior or current service members correct?

        • kenneth wise

          You do realize that most police officers are current or prior service members and have trained in those vehicles correct?

          • ahaz

            You are correct, there are is an ex-military presence. The problem is the following; The military has rules of engagement and a system of accountability, something that is severely lacking in many local PD. Look at the number of SWAT deployments in this country and the flimsy justifications for their deployment. The number of unarmed citizens killed yearly clearly indicate a lack of training and discipline. The civil asset forfeiture rates in this country indicate that police clearly have a problem identify who drug kingpins are. All the above tell me that local police do not have the necessary judgment to properly utilize weapons of war. My last point about this is the following, no weapon designed for war, designed to kill America’s enemies should every be used in this country against it’s citizens. Police are not soldiers, are not warriors no matter the rhetoric that some within their departments might espouse.

          • kenneth wise

            With all due respect I think you’re factual wrong. Unless you’re actually out there doing the job then really you don’t have any idea what the job is about. And yes ROE’s are different…Too bad the enemy missed that memo and don’t follow the same rules.So, you and I will agree to disagree on the aspects of the job, and despite what you think many are doing the job honorably and with pride.

          • ahaz

            Sorry Ken..Your first argument holds no water and never has. LE commonly uses that line “unless you do the cant judge” in a lame attempt to denigrate those that questions the actions of individual officers and departments. the fact of the matter is that the public can and should question the actions of officers and should be critical of department policies and procedures. And you are wrong, i think there are many officers that do a great job. But that does not mitigate the fact that many of our police departments are not healthy and that the standards they use to enforce laws, utilize deadly force, conduct surveillance and seize monies from citizens should change. Police are police, nothing more. They hould not have access to military grade equipment.

          • kenneth wise

            And you’re referring about all 900,000 plus officers? I can’t recall ever seeing you on my patrol routes or call-outs.I can’t even recall seeing you in any of our training events. So, again you have the right to your opinions as do I and we’ll leave it at that.

          • Firewalker9

            You couldn”t have made it any clearer that “Police are Police. Nothing more.” They don’t need to adapt, do they? The obligatory, “I think many officers are doing a great job”.. BUT…” Nice touch.. Unless you are one of those people hunted down like prey as were those people in Orlando. And elsewhere.Or the loved ones helplessly watching and praying because “Police are Police. Nothing more.” No tanks for you! Problem solved. Now who is up for another exciting round of “guns kill”. No tanks, no guns, problem solved! Well, sort of…

          • ahaz

            And what exactly is your argument or point you’re trying to make. I have yet to see one mass shooting prevented by police. I have yet to see one school shooting prevented by police. I have yet to see how any issuance of military grade equipment would have helped in Columbine, San Benardino or Orlando. The fact of the matter is that while citizens make have access to military assault type weapons the risks that officers face are minimal.

        • ReadingBetweentheLines

          It would be nice if you even mildly knew what you were talking about. What do you do for a living?

    • Peterg123

      It is exceptionally difficult to buy an assault weapon in the USA, under a long standing law, and any such will cost up to $22,000- and the background check is immense- most people are wholly ineligible. Do you even know the difference between an assault weapon and a simple rifle? Almost every shooting in the USA has been done with a pistol, rifles, let alone assault weapons, account for a very small number. Where do you get your false figures from?

  3. Katrina

    Step UP? Never. He is visiting my state with his next in line, Hillary, Wednesday. He should have stepped DOWN long ago. Instead, he is promoting the next in line…for terror. He only labeled this terror because it was not shown to be Islamic terror. He isn’t picky as long as it destroys America. Same as Hillary.

    • David

      Of course he is visiting, as many states as possible, he loves traveling more than doing the job the mindless elected him to do. Campaigning is his best attribute, he campaigned for 6 years after he was sworn in and now he’s off in Air Force One, and accompanying support jets/limos/SUVs, etc to campaign more… it’s like a rock star on his going away tour.

  4. Fanfaron2011

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for this jerk to ‘step up’! It will never happen.

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