FBI Director’s Firing Shows Lack Of Leadership

Are you happy now?  We’ve been accused more than once of supporting President Trump.  The horror……we generally support the President of the United States.

But in the James Comey firing he was wrong.

A lawyer by trade, James Comey became the Director of the FBI in 2013 and I hope the history books get it right.  It should go down as the hardest job that any person could have done in the last four years.

Can you imagine walking the tight rope that Comey has had to walk.  From the Hillary Clinton investigation to telling Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, that he was calling a press conference to discuss his findings on the Clinton investigation but he was not going to tell her.  She would find out when the rest of America found out.

Comey had guts and he was in a no win situation.  Democrats hated him.  Republicans hated him and ultimately President Trump got sideways with him enough to fire him.

There is something about all of those politicians hating him that makes me kind of like him.

At the end of the day, the tight rope was breaking and the eventual happened.  President Trump fired Director Comey and this is where I disagree with the President.

Don’t get me wrong, President Trump has the right to fire “at will” employees all day long.  Any president deserves to work with whoever he chooses and the man or woman that is to lead the FBI is certainly very important so it is not the firing that I disagree with.

It is the way President Trump handled the firing.

Reports indicate that Comey found out about his firing by watching television and that goes against every leadership trait and commons sense I can think of.

President Trump used to be Businessman Trump and he certainly knows better.  It was bad judgement and poor leadership and every police officer reading this knows this because this happens to be what we like to do in law enforcement.

I dare say, that many reading this has seen personnel changes where the last person to know was, you guessed it, the person getting the change.

Law enforcement leadership can do better and President Trump can do better.  We owe those that have given their life to public service more and it is my hope that maybe, just maybe, law enforcement leaders will actually lead and look their officers in the eye whether it’s good news or bad news.


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  1. ahaz

    I agree that any Administration appointee serves at the pleasure of the President. But the optics of this firing is bad and does not enhance Trump’s stature as a leader or truthfulness, it does the opposite. It’s true that Comey had pissed everyone off on both sides of the aisle and certainly he was in a no win situation. It was probably time for him to go. However, Comey has a long history of integrity and doing the right thing, even at his own political peril. I have disagreement with some of his positions in the past. But this firing is pure amateur hour and it casts suspicion on Trump and his own integrity. The narrative for the firing have changed dramatically and and the only consistency is the inconsistency. The VP says he was fired based upon the recommendations of the Deputy AG, the very same Deputy that threatened to resign if the Administration continued to use that narrative. Now it appears that the AG and Deputy AG were brought in after the fact. This President has a tendency to throw his people under the bus with his misstatements and false assertions. I wonder how long it will be before VP Pence begins to separate himself from the President? And when you add the Russian investigation on top of this…people are right to question the actions and reasons of this President.

  2. Bruce Hennequin

    Trump was WRONG? No, his methods may be unorthodox and his mouth may run away like a kid during kindergarten recess but Comey is an incompetent fool who was too political for his position. You missed this one by a long shot!

  3. Gil1957

    Sometimes mistakes happen. I am sure there might have been a breakdown in communication here, but it doesn’t show poor leadership. Poor leadership would have been allowing someone who had shown that his job performance was poor and allowed him to keep it, due to the “perception”. It is possible that Trump or someone had tried to reach Comey, but were unable to since he was traveling cross-country. Believing what the press tells you is a major mistake. In the case of this President, they only highlight the bad.

    • ahaz

      Obviously you have the willingness to suspend disbelief.

  4. Tim Barfield

    Although I believe that it was time for Comey to go, he had allowed politics to get in the way, leadership is foremost about doing things the right way. At its basic level, no matter the behavior of of the employee, the golden rule applies – if it was you how would you want to find out? The clear answer is face to face. It is a cowardly act to fire by letter. Unfortunately many bosses lack the intestinal fortitude to do the hard things. Leadership is hard, if not everyone would be doing it.

  5. Chas

    I strongly disagree with you and m disappointed that you would put this in print.

    • Law Officer

      So you think that we should fire people and let them find out about it on the news?

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