Police Officers Save The Life Of Baby, Find A Crib In Unusual Location

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Conyers Police Department

When Samantha and Don Swaney began to set up some furniture early in the morning for a yard sale, they had no idea their whole lives were about to change.

A police cruiser rolled up, and Samantha immediately thought that she needed to get the official permit out to prove to the officers her yard sale was legal, but the cops soon put her worry to rest with a big smile and a genuine interest in what they were selling.

You see, earlier that morning, Officers Hutchinson and Searcy of the Conyers (GA) Police Department had just saved the life of a little baby who needed immediate first aid, and the cops noticed that the parents were in need of some extra help.

The officers were on their way to purchase a brand new baby crib for that family when they happened to come across Samantha and Don setting up and figured it was worth checking out to see if the couple had a baby crib to sell.

Samantha and Don Swaney were the ones setting up for the yard sale. And when the cops asked if they had a crib for sale, Samantha’s life changed.

You see, several years ago, Samantha lost a baby son during labor. And for years a brand-new crib sat unused in her attic, understandably impossible to throw away or give away.

But when those cops asked if they had anything for sale, Samantha feels that they were being led by the Lord and she didn’t have a second’s hesitation.

They went up to the attic and brought the crib down to give to the family in need. While it’s heartbreaking to hear of Samantha’s loss, we hope she can find comfort in the fact that her amazing gift will truly help the lives of another family.

Courtesy:  Little Things

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