A Broken Tail Light, So-Called Activists And Murder

Those that often critique law enforcement will refuse to watch the video of the last traffic stop of Tecumseh Police Officer Justin Terney.  The ten minute video will take too much time out of their precious day and it would educate them far beyond what their simpleton thoughts can allow.

I’ve become all too accustomed and even experienced the “police activist” from his mother’s basement firing off social media posts and press releases without one ounce of education on law enforcement, tactics  or context.

So when I woke up this morning and watched a heartbreaking ten minute dash-cam video of Officer Justin Terney stopping the coward murderer Byron Shepard, my mind immediately went to the absolute losers attacking law enforcement across the country.

Where are they now I ask?

Where are your comments now?

Where is your outrage?

I’m not dismissing good people, with good character that have a desire to see law enforcement as professional as it can possibly be.  I can get along with those citizens and we have a lot in common.  I want to see the same thing.

But when weak minded cowards and politicians sit back and yell “hands up, don’t shoot” when that is the biggest lie ever perpetrated against law enforcement, I laugh at their stupidity.

What I saw in Officer Justin Terney’s last act on earth was a police officer doing his job in an admiral and professional manner.  After stopping a vehicle for a broken taillight, he surmised that something wasn’t right and his investigation led him to the passenger.

His demeanor was calm and polite.  His tactics were sound and there were no indications that the man he was having a cordial conversation with was about to murder him.

It was a traffic stop I have seen or conducted a thousand times which is what made it all the more disturbing.

Nine minutes into the stop, the passenger runs and Officer Terney follows.

That is something the keyboard warriors attacking cops will never do…..place their life on the line for the community or even run after anything other than their refrigerator.

Heck, they won’t even watch this video or acknowledge the sacrifice that Officer Terney and others make on a daily basis.

It is this hatred that fuels the attack on law enforcement and it is the attacks on law enforcement why we must not be silent.  It is why I will never be silent.

As Justin caught up to this coward, just off camera, he utilized his TASER.  There have been some that criticize him for that but there had been no indication of the suspect having a gun at this point.

An altercation ensues with another brief foot pursuit and then shots are fired.

This incident shows just how vulnerable our profession is and it shows why those that are so quick to critique will never understand because they refuse to understand.

We live in a time where we can watch six angles of high definition replay of a NFL Catch and all disagree for weeks whether it was a catch but someone not educated in law enforcement can watch 30 seconds of an altercation and demand that cops go to prison.

Then we have Tecumseh Police Officer Justin Terney.  His entire life and career was ahead of him.  Advancing in his career, becoming a dad, a husband and a grandfather were all swiftly taken from him this past Sunday night and for what?

So some “Social Justice Warrior” can hide their head in the sand just to pop out next week and demand “no justice-no peace?”

They didn’t deserve any mentioning here and they won’t deserve attention next week.

What does deserve attention now and forever is the sacrifice that Justin and so many others have made.

May God Bless them, their families and their communities for now and forever.


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  1. AAA

    this article is difficult to undestand What Happended?

  2. Been Sailin Skilled

    What right did the officer have in asking the passenger for his ID in the first place?
    He did not have probable cause to do this.
    Maybe if he just did his job and issued the citation to the licensed driver and sent them on their way, he would still be alive today.

  3. Mr.Gee Marino

    He had No Right to ID the passenger, at all. The stop was for broken tail lights. His business was between him and the operator of the vehicle.

    • USMC Force Recon

      Yes he did have the right to ID the passenger. The driver had no license or insurance verification. The officer will ask passenger for ID because the individual that was driving had no license, so the passenger could drive the vehicle with a valid drivers license. This idiot was a wanted felony who has already been in prison for violent assault, robbery and several other crimes. Justin should have shot the POS when he ran. Trying to elude a police officer is a felony! This idiot deserves to die! He should been left in the field to bleed to death!

      • Mr.Gee Marino

        No. He had No Right to ID the passenger, unless the passenger Offered to Drive. What if the passenger said he doesn’t know how to drive? The passenger is Not responsible for the vehicle. PERIOD. You are an Order-Follower, so I Expect you to Defend the State. FUCK THE GOVERNMENT. Our Elected Officials Deserve to Die. 9/11 was an Inside Job. You think that “USMC” lends you credibility? Our Military doesn’t defend us from our Enemies – It takes it’s orders from them. What the fuck are we doing helping the Saudis overthrow Assad? The Saudis financed 9/11… We should have Nuked them 13 years ago. How much proof do you need that 9/11 was an inside Job?

        • USMC Force Recon

          Just for the record, the reason Timothy McVeigh was caught was because of a traffic stop for no license plate on the car he was driving! I have credibility without the corps. Which has nothing to do with this subject. In the state of Oklahoma, (many other states as well) law enforcement does have the right to ID passengers. Especially when he suspects there are possible other issues. This idiot, he ID’d had 8 outstanding warrants for his arrest. His RAP sheet is 2 pages long. Traffic stops have resulted in many drug trafficking arrests and other felonies. I don’t disagree that our government has over stepped its boundaries, and has been the cause of many unscrupulous deeds. That is not what this is about! It’s about a young police officer losing his life to a career criminal. Officer Justin Terney was and is an incredible young man. He did not deserve to die, especially by a criminal! Law enforcement has rules to follow, criminals don’t. Just like the rules of Engagement! I just wish I would have been there. This P.O.S. criminal would be dead instead!

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            Timothy McVeigh was a Fucking HERO. Muslims aren’t our Enemy – Our own fucking Government is. Our Government did 9/11.

          • USMC Force Recon

            Timothy McVeigh was a coward. He killed 19 innocent children. He couldn’t even get into the Army Rangers because he was weak, Mentally and Physically!

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            How many Innocent children were killed in Waco? How many innocent children were murdered and raped by our troops in the Innocent country of Iraq? American children are no better. If they were collateral Damage in Mosul, they were Collateral Damage in OKC. Iraq never did Anything to us. Our Government was behind 9/11… The Saudis attacked us on 9/11. WTF are we doing helping the Saudis murder innocent children in Yemen and Syria? Don’t you cry any crocodile tears to me, you baby-murderer. The US Military is the Largest terrorist organization of the fucking Planet. If you defended us, you would have invaded Saudi Arabia, post – 9/11. You don’t protect us from our enemies – You take your orders from them.

          • USMC Force Recon

            Baby murder? You are total nut case! You weren’t there how the hell do you know went on or didn’t go on? CNN? ABC? You must be one of those idiots that believes everything he hears. Because you dam Sure didn’t see anything. It’s real easy to run your mouth about something from your safe place at home. If you believe everything you here from the news media you are a total idiot!

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            You had No Business in whatever country you were in. Nobody has posed a credible threat to this country in over 50 years. Iraq never threatened us. The Saudis murder 3000, and we let them get away with it, and Invade Iraq and Afghanistan.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            If I was dumb enough to enlist, and they tried to deploy me to a country that I knew couldn’t hurt us, I would tell them to go themselves

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            You ahd No business going wherever you were.They like deploying our Military for any Bullshit Reason, just to push up the price of the shares. War is All About Money. They don’t care any more for our troops, than they do for the people they send our kids to Murder.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            I wasn’t there, because I’m too smart for that shit. I Follow Nobody Blindly. I will never give up my autonomy to Any fucking body.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            The Bushes, Clintons, Obummer and trump All love the Saudis… What a bunch of “Patriots” we have running the country; huh? You have your head up your ass. Too much Military brainwashing. You’re supposed to Defend the Constitution – HAHAHAHAHA!! They’ve been wiping their asses with that thing, for Decades.

          • USMC Force Recon

            Where is your head? All you do is whine. Get involved and do something about it!

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            I’m not whining – I Educate people. I can’t do it, all by myself.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            I know a few cops who rob drug dealers and sell Drugs on the side, too. The Whole “War On Drugs” is Bullshit. The Government helps import the shit. They get people hooked and lock up dealers and seize the proceeds, and it keeps their prisons in business. Drugs should be Legal. The War On Drugs has destroyed far more Innocent lives than the drugs ever would have, even if they had been Legal. But the CIA has Black Ops to Finance. It’s a fucking Industry. They don’t care about any of us. The only thing that makes a drug user a criminal is the Law. The cartels work for the CIA.


          • USMC Force Recon

            Sounds like you run with some real winners! Not everyone in this country is corrupt. If you think so maybe you should look at yourself! Once again what have you done for this country? What are you doing to change it? It’s easy to blame everyone else and think your the only one who gets it!

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            What has Our Military done for this country? Waste Trillions of Dollars, and throw our kids’ lives away murdering Innocent people in countries that couldn’t hurt us, even if they wanted to. The Pentagon claims it “Lost” a total of ten TRILLION Dollars, and Trumpty Dumpty wants to INCREAS Military Spending. Of course – He owns stock in Raytheon, and other Armaments companies. War is So fucking Profitable, that the Pentagon is “Losing ” money and using it to Create enemies for our soldiers to fight. I think our kids are worth a fuck of a lot more than that. Fuck the Rothschilds and their Banks. Russia, China, No. Korea, Syria and Iran are the only countries left that do not have Rothschild-owned Central Banks. THEY are the True “Leaders of the Free World”. The Rest of us are enslaved to the International Banking Cartel.,

          • USMC Force Recon

            Why don’t you move to China or Russia? Or better yet you can move to North Korea and live under the rule of an over grown Tele Tubby!

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            This is MY fucking Country. I want to take it back from the Filthy Zionists who Hijacked it. We need to END AIPAC and Expel all of those Fifth Column Traitors with Dual US/Israeli Citizenship.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            The International Bankers are using OUR Military to usher in their Global Agenda. if that happens there will be No “America”. In fact, we have Not been a Sovereign Nation, since the Creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            Sure… Just give me the money. I’m an Economic Prisoner, like Most Americans.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            McVeigh was a Coward? What about those FBI and ATF Agents who murdered the people and the kids at Waco? When the Government does it, it’s Different? I say it’s NOT.

          • USMC Force Recon

            The David Koresh the leader of the Branch Dividian who had sex with little girls? Who would not allow anyone to leave if they decided that life wasn’t for them. There’s a democracy! He had complete control over all there lives! The had no say about anything!

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            They always smear their victims… I don’t necessarily believe that BS. Whenever the State fucks up, they go looking through people’s histories, as though their history might justify the wrongs they did. To them, the Truth doesn’t matter. As long as they come out looking good? That’s why the State lets cops get away with Murder – They can;t prosecute too many cops, or people will lose faith in the System. also, if there WERE Actual Accountability, the Sate could be held Liable in Far more Instances. They guard their Taxpayer-funded piggybank Very jealously.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            That’s funny… he was labeled a hero. No making it into rangers doesn’t mean he was weak. Lots of soldiers don’t make it into the rangers. Big Deal. Who wants to be a Paid assassin for our Corrupt Government? McVaigh woke up and realized who the “Enemy” really is.

          • USMC Force Recon

            Who labeled him a hero? Himself? McVeigh was a pussy! A total chicken shit that didn’t have the balls to face off with anyone! Obviously just like you. Why don’t you do something about it if everything is so bad. All you do is run your mouth. Better yet why don’t you leave. Move to the Middle East or Mexico.

          • Mr.Gee Marino

            Cops are nothing more than Bullies and Extortionist for the State. I have friends and family in the NYPD, and I know it from both sides. the job is a Magnet for Bullies, Psychos, Perverts and Thieves of All kinds. Wasn’t Daniel Holtzclaw an Oklahoma State Trooper? There are Good people on the job, but for the most part, they suck. If cops were so Honest or Decent, there would be no “Blue Wall of Silence”. They’re nothing more than a State-sponsored GANG. They are trained to Lie on the witness stand. Nothing run by the State is Honest. Many laws are passed for the sole purpose of picking our pockets. But, you are an Order-Follower; so, as is to be expected, you are going to protect your fellow Order-followers. Any Idiot can follow commands – It takes a man to stand up fpr what is Right and Question those orders. Yah. I hate the Military, too. If they defended our Freedom, or the Constitution, Washington D.C. would be in Ruins.

          • USMC Force Recon

            Order taker? I received my DD-214, 35 years ago. There are corrupt individuals in all professions. I don’t protect anyone that doesn’t have integrity or honor. The individuals I know in law enforcement are all honorable!

  4. Mr.Gee Marino

    While there are Some good people on the job, Police Officers are No better than anybody else. The job is a Magnet for Bullies, Psychos, Perverts and thieves, of all kinds. There are plenty of cops dealing drugs, on the side.

  5. Tom Marino

    This piece is no less hyperbolic than those it criticizes. Of course this is a tragedy. Yes, some people who are outright pissed off at every officer are stupid. There are stupid people on every side of every argument.

    This is very simple. When Patrick Lynch stood in front of several NYPD officers and demanded that I don’t have eyes, or I’m too stupid too see, and that the medical examiner produced a politicized report, it was something out of a gangster movie. Sorry, I have eyes. My lack of experience in police work does not prohibit my seeing the forearm of that man under the other man’s chin as he was pleading that he couldn’t breath. The implication that because he resisted he deserved to die is only something a piece of human garbage would say.

    As far as what happened in St Louis, you know just as little as the rest of us. The grand jury found what it found. The only person allowed to speak about it is the prosecutor who failed to get the indictment. Where it starts to get scary for anyone not in your “brotherhood” is that in a case with similar evidence where the person who did the shooting wasn’t wearing a badge, there would have been a trial. None of us peasants would have avoided trial. And the prosecutor has gone on to promote a narrative. A member of that grand jury wants to speak about his experience, in fact, and sued for the right to do so. That was denied. So there is a singular narrative that came from that grand jury. I don’t know what happened. Neither do you. What I do know is that if a prosecutor wants an indictment out of a grand jury, they get one 99.99% of the time. The fact that there wasn’t an indictment proves nothing.

    The issues are systemic. Prosecutors need police officers. Officers stick together. If officers turn against a prosecutor, they are done. Finished. Game over. They don’t get help on cases they don’t make cases. Their very existence in their profession depends on not having the police departments that support them turn against them. That leads to a very different set of rules for folks in uniform than for the rest of us.

    Not one person that I have seen that wears a badge for a living will say “yes, it was a chokehold.” Not even about this scum bag in South Carolina who shot a man multiple times in the back and then planted a weapon on him have I seen a negative word about. If your professional associations reacted as strongly to that as this piece does to the scum bag you are writing about, at least then murder is murder. But as we see in the comments that’s not the case. Some openly advocate for separate standards of justice, constitution be damned.

    For the normal person who isn’t in the brotherhood, it sure seems like the your own doesn’t include us. And your own come far before the rest of us. It’s the cult of silence that is scary and feels a bit like Omerta, including those that do turn against those within your ranks that are undeserving of that badge being deemed rats.

    I’m sure I’ll be roundly ridiculed, insulted and denigrated, but I’ll leave with a question. When is it within the rights of a citizen to resist an order? Never?

    • P. Douglas

      You won’t be denigrated by me; those are all excellent points. The problem is in fact systemic and will not change as long as local governments, prosecutors, and the police themselves do the math and decide that a few dead officers is worth the millions of dollars in asset seizures that physical traffic stops yield.

  6. dina

    I can’t watch the video I have a son his age thats a policeman it would be way to sad, pray for this young mans family,he is now an angel in heaven and the killer can burn in hell.

  7. CanYouHearUsNow?

    Very sad. May God bless and comfort his family.

  8. Just(R)ight.

    God Bless You Justin. RIP

  9. P. Douglas

    Nobody thinks it’s stupid for police or anyone else to die over broken taillights? Take the plate number and issue a citation by mail. Traffic code enforcement should be an administrative matter the same as building codes or fire codes, not a law enforcement and court matter. If there’s no victim there’s no crime, and except for accidents and drunk/reckless driving there’s no imminent danger to anyone–certainly not from a broken taillight. But police departments and local governments benefit from the revenue collection, asset seizures, and Fourth Amendment violations traffic stops yield to pad their bottom lines–so they must figure a cop’s life here and there is worth it, because that’s where the power to change the status quo lies: with local politicians, cops, police unions, and municipalities. Tired of seeing cops killed over turn signals? Make traffic enforcement part of the administrative, not criminal, system.

    • LittleRoot_48

      How many unpaid traffic violations are enough to DO something about it? 3? 5? 10? What’s the penalty for it if they don’t come in and pay them? What is STUPID is continuing to ignore the violations when you receive them. You receive a driving violation…..you pay the fine or you lose your license to drive.

      • P. Douglas

        I don’t know. What’s the penalty if you violate a building code and don’t pay the fine? Why would traffic code violations be any different? We don’t send the cops after people who don’t put their electrical outlets the right distance from the floor. There’s nothing special about turn signals that requires a government stop–unless the real reason for making such stops isn’t anyone’s ‘safety’ but maximizing revenue collection and asset forfeiture opportunities for the government. In that case the government has clearly made its own internal calculation that the lives of a few cops is worth the extra millions of dollars, because a lot of that loss of life could easily be avoided by making traffic laws administrative rather than criminal.

        • Jenn Erich

          Building codes and automobile codes are not comparable. You’re advocating the honor system be used on the road. If all people had honor maybe it could work. But they do not. The reason traffic stops are dangerous for police is because often, as in the case in this article and video, criminals are in the cars and they have no intention of getting caught and mistakenly think their lies will be believed. All kinds of criminals are behind the wheel, not just mom and dad driving junior to soccer. Police can’t know if the person just left a crime scene, is drunk, has a warrant, etc. Police are trying to make the world safe for YOU! Automobiles are weapons in the hands of certain people in certain circumstances. Buildings are not. Your posts seem to exactly make the point the author addressed in his article when he described impotent “keyboard warriors.” I pray for Officer Justin Terney and his family. What a loss! God bless all our police officers and law enforcement.

          • P. Douglas

            It doesn’t require an honor code any more than building codes do. A cop sees failure to signal and instead of pulling the possible drunk or violent felon over for a potentially fatal encounter he reports the plate and the citation is mailed to the car’s owner. It’s either that or continue to insist on cops risking their lives over stupid, victimless crap like turn signal use. Seems to me that if you valued police lives as much as you’re virtue-signalling that you do, you wouldn’t want them dying over brake light enforcement. The police themselves should be all over such a system. I’m not talking about actual risky driving behavior but the kinds of victimless ‘crimes’ that lead to pointless deaths of police and drivers alike. Insisting on classifying turn signals and brake lights (et al) under the criminal code isn’t about my safety or cops’ safety but revenue. Building codes are intended to ensure safety, too–the safety of occupants–yet cops don’t patrol hallways or construction sites because violations are administrative issues, not criminal ones–and the fines still get paid somehow. But TPTB, including the police, have apparently done the math and decided that the status quo is worth occasional deaths of police officers. If they felt otherwise they’d make the change.

          • Jenn Erich

            Your idea is laughable. The percentage of people pulled over in traffic stops that end up shooting police is not worth the trade-off. Why you are hung up on comparing building codes to two-ton plus automobiles that are not fixed to a certain location is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read. But if you believe in it so much, run for office and implement it. Btw, cops are NOT afraid or they wouldn’t be cops. They are brave and courageous men and women. Should they stop going on domestic calls too? More cops get hurt on domestic calls than traffic stops. Maybe we can just let the neighbors report it and mail a ticket to the address. Laugh. Out. Loud.

          • P. Douglas

            Well, that was pathetic and juvenile and concrete-bound. Why even go to the trouble of typing it up if you’re just going to prove my point, which was: The powers that be, including the police, have made the calculation: Too few cops die over traffic stops to make it worthwhile to change the law, because police agencies and municipalities rake in millions from asset forfeiture during traffic stops. Then *you* said, “The percentage of people pulled over in traffic stops that end up shooting police is not worth trade-off.” My point exactly. Someone did the math and decided a few cops’ lives are worth the money.

            Domestic calls, it shouldn’t be necessary to explain, very often involve an imminent threat to someone’s safety and life and/or violence that has already taken place, neither of which is true about failure to signal a turn, and both of which make domestic violence the proper purview of the police, whose job is to exert proportional retaliatory force in a legally defined context. The key words are ‘imminent’ and ‘retaliatory’ and ‘proportional.’

            In none of my posts did I raise the issue of what cops do or do not fear, but you’re right: Every single cop is a brave hero and none of them are ever, ever afraid, ever ever ever. Take the blinders off and stop worshiping at the blue altar. Two posts ago you said that all people don’t have honor, and yet you’re perfectly willing to unquestioningly elevate a random cross-section of those imperfect people to the status of unerring angels. Un. American.

    • USMC Force Recon

      Traffic stops have resulted in many drug traffickers and other criminals being arrested!

  10. john barleycorn


    • John Galt

      That’s a slippery slope. What about if a person is mentally handicapped and runs because they panic or are afraid? Just shoot the poor bastard??? 90% people running from the police are criminals but if the police had blanket permission to shoot anyone who runs from them then you’ll have full scale riots.

      • Art Chance

        My state paid out Helluva lot of money to a family a few years ago over just that scenario. Worse than the running scenario this was a non-compliance case. The handicapped person did not comply with the officer’s order to stop and the officer shot him. It didn’t make criminal charges but it made a powerful civil case.

    • USMC Force Recon

      I agree! There should not have to be a foot race between the officer and the suspect. Evading a police officer is a felony and they should be shot! If your a law abiding citizen you have no need to run!!!

      • Mr.Gee Marino

        Fuck that. if they can’t handle the chase, they should get a job driving a goddamned bus. A Uniform doesn’t make anybody a Hero. Daniel Holtzclaw wore that uniform, too. The job is a Magnet for Bullies, Psychos, Perverts and Thieves of all kinds. and they cover for each other, too. If 90% of cops will lie, or stay silent, to protect a bad cop; that makes 90% of them bad cops. How many cops lie, steal, rape and murder? We’ll never know, because there is a “Blue Wall of Silence”. Cops are Pigs.

  11. Tricky Dick

    This is why we need to have a mandatory death penalty for anyone who murders a police officer and no appeals when there’s evidence this absolute. This person should be dead within 30 days of conviction.

    • John Galt

      How about mandatory death penalty for murder regardless of the victim as we’re all supposed to be treated equally under the law? I don’t think it would be constitutional to say the punishment for perpetrators of a crime against a certain victim is X but against another victim is Y.

      • Bryan

        Take it up a notch: Bring back public execution.

  12. Julia Tyler

    A moving critique of the ignorance in those who often grab the headlines. Politicians who pander to anti police crowdard are despicable.

    • Just(R)ight.

      You just described the Democrat Party

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