6 Days…9 Heroes…Where Do We Go From Here?

It started with the ambush killing of Fairbanks (AK) Sergeant Allen Brandt on October 28th and ended today with the ambush killings of Urbandale (IA) Officer Justin Martin and Des Moines (IA) Sergeant Anthony Beminio.

There have been 6 heroes killed in between.  Six days, 9 heroes and where does that leave us?

I can’t speak for you but for me, it leaves me with a resolve to double down on many things that I believe strongly in.

There is a War Against the Police.  People get mad and bothered by that but the fact is, there have been more American Police Officers killed on American Soil than American Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11.  No one would dare say that our military hasn’t been at war but when it’s discussed for our law enforcement, the uneducated and keyboard warriors go crazy.

I say get over yourself.

Acknowledging this war doesn’t mean we are going to act like soldiers on the battlefield but it does mean that we have to protect ourselves against the evil element that wishes to do us harm.  The evil that we saw just this morning is just one example.  Then you have Dallas and Baton Rouge and Lakewood and if we aren’t vigilant there will be more cities and quite possibly even if we are vigilant there will be more cities.

Training our police is vital.  That training should not only include de-escalation training but training that focuses on good, sound tactics while incorporating realistic based training.  We have to stop tap dancing on this issue.  We need guardians to protect and care for our citizens and we need warriors when evil comes to hunt us.  You don’t have to train in one and ignore the other.  We need to see people as people and not objects. We need to treat people with respect and if someone tries to kill us, we need to hurt them first.

We will go home every night!

Our leaders need to stop letting the media tell the public lies about their officers.  Stand up and defend those that deserve defending.  Discipline others that give every good cop a bad name and lead with courage.  Stop leading scared and letting those that know nothing about our profession dictate tactics and training that can save the lives of our police officers.

The time is now for the good in our profession to stand up.  May we do it to honor each good soul that we have tragically lost for the simple reason that they wore a uniform.


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