Tulsa Police: PCP Located At Scene Of OIS

A day after the release of the video and dispatch audio from an officer involved shooting in Tulsa (OK) has brought more questions than answers.
Overall there has been social media outrage over Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby shooting an ‘unarmed’  black man after finding his car running in the middle of the roadway but today’s announcement by the Tulsa Police Department is a start to filling in the missing information and gaps in what is needed to properly assess the police shooting.

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The Tulsa World reported that a Tulsa Police official confirmed that officers found PCP in the vehicle used by Terence Crutcher the night he was fatally shot by police.  One 911 caller claimed that she encountered Crutcher running from his car.

There was a guy running from it. He, like ‘somebody was going to blow up.’ I think he’s smoking something.

Shelby’s attorney, Scott Wood, claims she fired because Crutcher reached into the vehicle. Wood also stated that Shelby is a drug recognition expert and believed that Crutcher was under the influence of PCP.

According to Drugs.com, “PCP may cause acute anxiety and a feeling of impending doom; in others, paranoia and violent hostility, and in some, it may produce a psychoses indistinguishable from schizophrenia. Many believe PCP to be one of the most dangerous drugs of abuse.”

One thing is certain, the minutes leading up to Officer Shelby pointing her gun at Crutcher and ultimately shooting him are missing.  Officers are seen in dashcam video responding ‘lights and siren’ to get to her location and a police helicopter also responds.  There is not any video from the initial encounter with the officer and Crutcher and we can only assume that encounter was of the emergency type considering the rapid response by other officers.

We now know that PCP was found in the car.  Crutcher told a bystander the car was going to blow up and Officer Shelby is a Drug Recognition Expert that understands the dangers of PCP.

The “hands up” narrative is also under scrutiny after the blog, Bearing Arms, did an analysis on the video.

The only thing we seem to know for certain, a day after the release of this video, is that there are more questions left to be answered.

Sadly, for many, minds are made up without all of the facts and information to make a sane decision on such a critical issue.

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  1. Robert V. Criss

    Just gotta love the police experts on here. All those that want Police Officers to be un-armed. Be my guest. They’ll be plenty of openings when you get that pasted so you can take their places.
    I just reserve now, but when I was full-time, I take ride-a-longs anytime someone wanted to go.
    Until you walk in our shoes, don’t judge us. When a cop is shot by a suspect, there’s little media coverage about it. In most of the videos, they point out the officer hesitated, or the assailant came from behind.
    Any of you experts ever experienced tunnel vision? Do you even know what that is?
    I think they should invite people to academy’s to see how they do when an assailant reacts different I each scenarios just to see how many innocent people you kill or.how long you last before being killed.
    I’m not here to say this officer was justified or not. I didn’t see the evidence and it wouldn’t matter if I did. It’s up to her peers , judge, prosecutor, and the jury.
    Also you cannot compare out police force writh other countries. They are Not based on a constitution like wet are.

  2. Xaria

    I am not going to arm chair quarter back this, because I was not there, I believe that the case is still under investigation and that they have in fact indited the officer, so this dicussion is really moot. But the idea that unarming cops while the criminals possess weapons is asnine and moronic. Shall we just do away with the Constitution at this point and live under a dictator because as certain as I am that I am not about to give up my gun I am just as certain that the bad guys are not gonna give up theirs. We have a responsiblity to each ither as human beings and Americans to solve the problems we face in an effective and reasonable manner and what I am seeing is nit reason it is judgemental idiocy.

  3. Sumi Allen

    So a man with a vial of PCP in his car was running away from his car saying “it’s going to blow!”
    I’m scared too. I don’t know about shooting him, but I’m scared. I hate drugs.

  4. Peter Five-Oh

    From the description of the symptoms of PCP use, I’d ask, “was the cop tested for the drug?” It’s predictable that right after the shooting of an unarmed Black man, the police immediately begin praising the officer doing the shooting and smearing the victim. Drugs were found in the car? They could have easily been planted. Why is there a missing segment of the videos? I guess many questions would be answered if they tested the blood of the victim, but somehow, I believe there will be no drugs found in his blood.

  5. Cheryl Veal-Ladson

    this is bull crap. I’m a mother of a police officer and this is crap. to slander this man’s name. How many stories(lies) are going to tell.

  6. Rob Nemere

    More people in jail in the US and more people shot and killed by cops it’s a war zone really , why should anyone take anything the US has to say about freedom, justice ect seriously, it’s a joke!!

  7. Rob Nemere

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they planted that drug after they rolled his windows down , thin blue line……

  8. Deplorable Rusty J

    Dis-Arm Police On Patrol??? might as well disband Police dept’s Nationwide. Who is Gonna patrol the animals unarmed, You Clueless???? Over 300,000,000 people and How many “disputed shootings” each yr, A Dozen?

    • argyle46

      My late cousin was a Bobby in London for years and never wore a gun and made many arrests.

  9. ahaz

    Incidents like Tamir Rice, John Boyd and countless others are a clear indication that police officers are not trained well enough to discern a perceived threat from a real one. It’s time to pull a page out of Brits playbook and take away deadly weapons from the regular patrol officer. They expose the public to too much risk and as a result, unarmed people are dying. It’s got to stop.

    • gbp91

      Clueless, you were not there.

      • Unity Nowe

        The video is more than clear. At least for anyone other than a cop or a blind person.

        • gbp91

          yes the video is clear, and officers who fear for their lives can legally use deadly force. what is more clear is that this guy exhibited behavior indicating that he was on some type of mind altering drug. most likely PCP which makes a person violent and unpredictable. dont follow commands and reach into your car you will be shot. officers do not have to wait to see a weapon first…..

          • declyn15

            The video does not show in any way that the police had cause to fear for their lives. Not being too cynical, did the police have a “throwaway” bag of PCP in their pocket to toss in the guy’s car. For heavens sakes, they all had tazers. He could have been subdued, but because you had a scared or arrogant and ill trained police officer, an innocent man is dead and another cop will be involved with a “justifiable shoot.” Makes me sick.

          • gbp91

            the guy was clearly acting like he was on PCP or another mind altering drug. those drugs make the user violent and unpredictable. that raises fear and suspicion that the person is most likely going to turn violent. officers do not have to wait to use deadly force if they can reasonably articulate facts and circumstances that indicate the person is or will cause serious harms to others or the officer…….training 101

          • declyn15

            gbp91….you are so wrong. I have been an ER nurse for 30 years and have dealt with many patients on PCP. This man did not have any indication of being on PCP. If he had been, he would have been aggressive and attacking the police. He was walking slowly with purpose towards his car. Come up with another justification for “scared cop syndrome” in this police officer.

          • gbp91

            what hospital did you work so i can confirm…..people on PCP LSD off their psych meds act awkward like this guy and can change instantly without notice…..you should know that….every person level of fear is different. read graham v. conner regarding the courts decision on the use of deadly force.

          • ahaz

            You are incorrect…fear is not the legal requirement. The fear has to be reasonable based upon the conditions and level of threat. In this case, her fear of bodily injury to her or her fellow officers was unfounded and her discharging of the weapon clearly unjustified.

          • gbp91

            going through life clueless is not a wise choice

    • Xaria

      So we by your reasoning take away weapons from regular patrol persons and allow the average American Citizen yo retain their weapons, including any gang members, KKK members, cartel members and of course your average american citizen and said officer gies in patrol completely out gunned and unable to effectivly do his job and allows the violent criminals to walk the streets that makes sense to you? Or do you thunk they should just do away completely with all fure arms and the 2nd Amendment? Im curious how when law enforcement by its very nature would call for the disarming of all officers and leaving the citizens armed. This is a serious question I am not trying to be facious

  10. ahaz

    Typical COP attempt to disparage their victims. Frankly even if what the Tulsa police is saying is true, it did not justify the shooting period. That female cop, guilty of scared cop syndrome, deserves to be fire and prosecuted for her malfeasance. COPS must be taught that fear IS NOT a reason to exercise deadly force.

    • TC in Texas

      That’s just totally wrong. To be in fear of death or bodily injury is the ONLY justifiable reason to use deadly force.

      • declyn15

        Maybe police need to be taught what is justifiable fear and what is “you are not suited for the job.’

    • gbp91

      Courts have ruled that fear is a reason and that is what is taught

      • Unity Nowe

        Really? So if someone is in fear of a police officer and shoots one because of their fear, the courts will stand behind that reason?

        • gbp91

          your so confused and your logic is embarrassing

    • gbp91

      scared is good, and shows human feelings in a situation that this guy caused. again if you dont follow commands and give indication that you are on mind altering drugs you will be shot. officers do not have to see a weapon first. if they feel that they are in immanent danger of death or serious harm they can use deadly force……

      • declyn15

        what imminent danger were they in? The word of a helicopter pilot based on his observation from 200 feet up that “he is a bad dude, looks like he is on something.”

        • ahaz

          You’re exactly right. We cant have ill trained scared cops on our streets. We need to take the firearms out of the hands of the regular patrol officer. The danger to the public is too great.

          • Derrick Howard

            You must be out of your mind!.. We need to take people who are skitzed out of their minds on dope off the street and fix the real problem. Taking guns away from cops means taking guns from everyone, which is exactly what the media and the Liberal left Nazis have been trying to convince you to want. Dont be a fool. It couldn’t be more obvious this is all a PROPAGANDA SHAM! Taking the guns is a big step in the NWO agenda. Judging by your comment I would say the repercussions are to huge for you to begin to imagine or to understand. Have you seen whats been going on in Europe? and in England? The deceptive western media wont show you the truth. You gotta know someone, but if you look for it you will find whats really going on and believe me its not what they report on the news.

          • ahaz

            Do you know? If you look at the exercise of deadly force used in Scotland and UK, there is no comparison. In 2014 UK police killed only 2 citizens….ONLY 2! Their officers are unarmed and they regularly apprehend suspects armed with knives, sticks and rocks just fine. In the US, any one on the aforementioned items will get you killed. We give our officers too much discretion to decide when to use deadly force. In fact our officer have more discretion than our soldiers did in IRAQ. At every level, our police are more violent, more fearful and dehumanize our citizens to a level that’s near equivalent to any third world nation

          • declyn15

            No I do not agree with taking guns away from police officers. But I do believe that they need much more training in assessing behavior and how to deal with their own scared cop feeling. She shot that man at exactly the same moment as he was tazed. No communication between officers at the scene??

          • ahaz

            I would like to agree, but with SCOTUS ruling Gaham v Conner and Tenn v Gardner, we have created a situation where police exposed to any level of risk feel justified to exercise deadly force. Think specifically about Graham ruling. It create a standard called “objective reasonableness” where officers shouldn’t be judged in hindsight but rather would another officer feel that officer’s actions justified given the situation. We are essentially allowing those with the authority to exercise deadly force, to define the standards as to when deadly force is justified. Deadly force, once justified for actual and imminent threats, is now deemed appropriate for perceived threats no matter how slight. Additionally, these rulings have given the individual officer far too much discretion as to when deadly force is justified. The rules of engagement are not restrictive enough and officers are not held liable (civil or criminal) when those ROE are violated (if they exist). Take a look at the UK where the majority of officers are unarmed. They have armed units to deal with active shooter and other highly dangerous situations. In order to be part of this unit, you have to already have been an officer for 4 years, receive extensive psychological testing and situational training. Even then, officers are not permitted to shoot suspects with edged weapons, cars and must obtain permission to shoot. Compare that to the average US officer where we give them a firearm after an avg of 19 weeks of academy training. We send them out in our communities and expect them to have the necessary judgement to exercise when deadly force is appropriate. The more like scenario, which we have seen far too many times, is that we have a scared cop that unholsters his firearm when not needed, and fires upon someone when not needed and kills someone when not needed. Our police kill in excess of 1100 citizens yearly, a good number of them are unarmed or armed with less than lethal weapons. We should be disgusted with this fact and until we have better trained police and police that believe that everyone should be able to go home at night, then we should remove the firearm from the officer.

    • Michelle Crosby

      You weren’t there, and neither were I…as a mother of a police woman, i can assure you that she, and others don’t set out on any given day to shoot Black men. Until you, or anyone else is in a situation like these officers are, it would be in your own best interest to gather all the FACTS first before you make a judgement. Spend a few days doing a ride along, see what these men and women face on a daily basis.

  11. thecyberpresident

    I don’t believe this damn Tulsa PD lying corrupted bullshit anymore than I believe that bitch wasn’t scared for her life because the man was Black. Research Tulsa Police Department Corruption Cases. Tulsa Citizens get drugs planted on them all the time by crooked cops.

    • Law Officer

      If Tulsa is so crooked as you suggest, then why was a “unarmed” man shot? It’s a parable. You may need to sleep on it.

      • Unity Nowe

        If you believe that she shot him because he was reaching into his car, why was the window rolled up and his car door closed? You may need to sleep on it. In fact, please do, for the rest of your lives. The people of the United States will be much more safe while you sleep.

      • argyle46

        HE was shot because they can get away with it.

    • TC in Texas

      If as you say that you seem to believe that she was scared for her life (you say because the man was black) but if she was afraid for her life like you say, then she is justified in using deadly force.

      • Unity Nowe

        “Reasonable fear”. It’s all on video, for the world to see. There was no reason for her to be in fear for her life at all. That’s what they claim in every situation. Most of the time it works in their favor and they get away with their crime. This time, it’s not going to work. It doesn’t matter if he had a car full of PCP. He was not a threat and he was NOT reaching into to his car with the window rolled up and the car door shut. This one is going to get an indictment. They may have gotten away with it , without it being on video. And that is why they all hate cameras.

        • declyn15

          If she was”in fear for her life from a black man with his hands in the air, then she is not psychologically suited to be a police officer.

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