The Death Penalty And Cop Killers

Photo: Osceola State Attorney Aramis Ayala

The decision made today by newly elected Orange-Osceola State Attorney Aramis Ayala that she will not seek the death penalty in any case under her administration — including the case against accused cop killer Markeith Loyd is the exact reason that the United States Congress and President Trump need to pass a “Blue Lives” Bill that places the murder of police officers under Federal Hate Crime statutes and punishable by death.

When then Candidate Trump floated the idea of mandating the death penalty for cop killers, he caught a lot of flak.  “That’s the job of the States” some said and “We already use the death penalty for cop killers” others said and then you have what happened today.

Admittedly, I didn’t see a need for the Federal Government to step in and prosecute law enforcement murders.  That is until today.

In a news conference, Ayala said that seeking the death penalty anytime “….is not in the best interest of the community or the best interest of justice.”

Well thank you prosecutor for making that decision for all of the victims and your community.

She also cited that it is cheaper to send someone to prison for the rest of their life then to seek the death penalty.  Wow, thank you for being so budget conscious!

What Ayala did today was outrageous.

Lt. Debra Clayton was murdered on January 9, 2017.

Lt. Debra Clayton was murdered on January 9, 2017.

Markeith Loyd killed his pregnant girlfriend before killing Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton.  He shot her walking out of a Wal-Mart store wearing a security guard jacket and while she laid on the ground severely injured, he stood over her and executed her.

Loyd is who and what the death penalty is for but the decision by Ayala did not happen in a vacuum.  She was elected in a surprise victory with the help of hundreds of thousands of dollars from a George Soros Political Action Committee.  The same Soros that has given millions to ultra-liberal candidates and organizations that don’t just dislike law enforcement, they hate law enforcement.

In a speech last month, Ayala commented on the donations from Soros saying “I’m not a puppet for anyone.”

Well today the strings were moving and it was payback for Aramis Ayala.

Soros must be smiling.

That is until this afternoon, when Governor Rick Scott removed her from the case.

Unfortunately, Ayala is not alone in her beliefs and it is for that reason, that the Federal Government needs to ensure that in similar cases, they can ensure that justice is done.

Murdering a police officer is a terrorist act.

By killing the very ones that are in our communities to protect others, the very core of our safety is at risk.

While I would always prefer that local police matters be handled at the local level, our society cannot let a rogue prosecutor or judge make decisions that are morally and ethically wrong.

Whether Markeith Loyd gets the needle is not up to you, me or Aramis Ayala.  It is up to a jury of his peers to decide and that decision should be on the table.


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  1. Russ

    a conviction is registered when an individual is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. if the evidence is so obvious that no other explanation is possible, where there is no ambiguity about the offenders guilt, then yes, the death penalty and a speedy (not 20 years) execution should take place. the notoriety – almost celebrity – that cop-killers enjoy in today’s society should end, quickly and without fanfare…and the people who should be demanding this sentence the loudest should be, one might think, those who are being protected

  2. Katrina

    Thank you Rick Scott for a voice of reason.

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