New Illinois law to teach drivers what to do if stopped by police

A new Illinois law aims to help drivers answer the timely question of what to do if stopped by police.

The measure comes amid heightened tension in Chicago and across the nation over how traffic stops can go terribly wrong — and in the worst cases turn deadly.

Targeting the newest and youngest drivers, the law mandates that all driver’s education classes include a section on what to do during a traffic stop.

State Sen. Julie Morrison, D-Deerfield, was a co-sponsor of the bill that sailed through the Illinois legislature and was signed into law last month by Gov. Bruce Rauner. She said it is more about common sense than innovation.

“Being pulled over by an officer is really stressful,” she said. “I think it’s really important, especially in this time that we’re in, that kids and new drivers learn what is expected when they are stopped by an officer, how to respond correctly, to be respectful, and hopefully that will make the encounter as least problematic as possible. I’m hoping it protects both the officer and the driver from things escalating.”

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