Mayor Accuses Mosby Of Bowing To Political Pressure, Charging Baltimore Officers Too Soon

The Baltimore Sun reports that Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake accused State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby on Wednesday of rushing to charge the six police officers accused in the death of Freddie Gray before completing a thorough investigation in Baltimore.

Rawlings-Blake said Mosby could have told the public she needed more time in the spring of 2015 to conduct a careful and complete investigation, rather than immediately announcing charges that produced no convictions.

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The Mayor said that Mosby bowed to political pressure and rushed her judgment when she was not ready.

Mosby is  not seeking re-election and the officers that were charged await a department review in regards to the incident.


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  1. Katielee4211

    Mosby didn’t bowing to political pressure. She was doing what she was eager to do and thought with what was likely powerful backing, she had a sure thing.

  2. Michael Sullivan

    Well, nobody has every accused the PC liberals of loyalty towards one another. Now we see a shark feeding frenzy, where they mayor wants a scapegoat, and has found one in a person equally guilty of engagement in the crime. What a pack of anti-American Treasonous scum occupies American political offices, it is amazing. We have enough lampposts, and we have enough rope, but do we have enough courage to deal with this Treason?

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