ICE Agents Arresting Father At Daughter’s School Sparks Controversy

A video captured 13-year-old Fatima Avelica’s wailing, as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents took away her dad on Tuesday in Los Angeles. They had just dropped off her sister to school, when the encounter occurred.

The 48-year-old Mexican, who is a father of four U.S.-born daughters, was on his way to take Fatima to school when the agents arrested him. He was arrested on a 2014 outstanding order of removal prompted by a 2009 driving under the influence conviction.

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  1. Jeffrey P. Rush

    Have to agree with Med1. Illegal is criminal, it’s a controversy only because for the first time in eight years, the law’s being enforced.

    Don’t want to go to jail (or be deported), don’t be a criminal.

  2. Katrina

    Controversy because he is illegal to begin with, broke the law again driving while drunk? How many honest Americans does he have to kill before it is OK to deport him? He made the choice to come here illegally and father those kids. He is responsible if they are upset.

  3. Med1

    Where’s the controversy? Illegal is still Illegal!

  4. richard scalzo

    So he is here illegally? then what’s his gripe? Canada refuses entry if you have a DWI. Does he get a pass.

    But why , after the conviction, was he not slated to go back? Wait, in 2009 the President didn’t care about it.

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