Record Homicide Rates Are Here And Blacks Suffer

Heather Mac Donald reports that homicides rose nearly 12 percent nationwide last year, according to newly released FBI data, close to the largest percentage increase in half a century. In cities with a population above a quarter million, homicides rose 14.5 percent; cities with a population between half a million and a million saw a 20 percent increase in homicides.

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The Ferguson Effect — officers backing off of proactive policing under the false charge that they are racist and the resulting increase in violent crime — is real and dangerous.

The loser in all of this, African American Males.

6% of the population is committing over half of all homicides and the victims are almost always black.

In 2015, 6000 blacks were killed by other blacks and black males are committing homicides at a rate 7-10 times higher than white males.  In contrast, 258 blacks were killed by the police in 2015 compared to 494 whites.

That is hardly the racist epidemic the media has been covering and all of the while, the true problem lies in black crime rates and homicide victims.   A rate that was much lower in the 1940’s and 1950’s when blacks were subject to extreme poverty and racism.

What is the difference today?  It’s the family structure and if Black America does not overcome this terrible epidemic (73% of black children are born without a father in the home), the plight of Black America will only get worse as law enforcement continues to take the blame.


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