Disbarment Charges are Filed Against Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby

A George Washington University law professor has filed disbarment charges against Marilyn Mosby for her corrupt prosecution of six Baltimore cops in the death of career criminal, Freddie Gray.  There have now been 3 trials and Mosby hasn’t come close to winning one yet and has even been excoriated for withholding exculpatory evidence.  The list of charges against Mosby are as follows:

  • that she did not have probable cause to believe that there was sufficient admissible evidence to support a conviction of the officers;
  • that she made public statements regarding the case which were false;
  • that she improperly withheld evidence from the defense that was exculpatory;
  • that she continued to prosecute cases after the judge assigned to hear the cases found insufficient evidence to support a conviction;
  • that she engaged in conduct that was dishonest, fraudulent, deceitful and which misrepresented the facts in the case.

The complaint filed with the Maryland Bar Counsel calls Mosby “a runaway prosecutor” and alleges she violated ethics rules, claiming she never had probable cause to charge six officers in the death of Freddie Gray.

“I think Marilyn Mosby has harmed the city of Baltimore. And if she continues, that harm will get worse,” said law professor John Banzhaf, George Washington University.

Banzhaf, who filed the complaint, accuses Mosby of only filing charges to stop the unrest in Baltimore.

“I heard your call for ‘No justice, no peace.’ Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man,” Mosby said in May of 2015.

Banzhaf’s complaint calls Mosby’s words a “misuse of her role” and a “perversion of her office.”

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  1. Mark

    It did not matter to her what the facts were she was intent on trying the case in the “court of politically correct public opinion.”

  2. theoriginalDominick

    Activists shouldn’t be prosecutors. I’m just say’n.

  3. Ron Breaux

    They can take that “racism” shit and stuff it up their collective asses.
    Until they get it right and go after “anyone” who goes after any race without cause, it’s wrong, no matter how you serve it.
    That woman knows it’s wrong, but her “hate” for herself and the white people makes her dangerous to everyone.

  4. Lydia D York

    I’ll stand behind Mrs. Mosby 150% any day; She did what she thought was right, at that time. She had no ulterior motives, nor did she allow emotion to cloud her judgment. I won’t bother to debate whether this is a racially motivated complaint, or request for disbarment – because ‘awake’ people see it for exactly what it is. #IGotYour6

  5. Inigo Montoya

    More than enough evidence was available for anyone with common sense to pursue legal action against these officers. He is q

  6. robert owen

    Whatever. Freddie Gray should not have died due to negligence, or intent, on the part of these cops. This could happen to YOU.

  7. Hugh Shakeshaft

    I was waiting for this. It’s been obvious for quite some time that she is not worthy of remaining a lawyer. How she ever landed the position shows the cluelessness of Baltimore voters and the joke that law schools have become.

  8. GeorgeChipLeveto

    Has anyone calculated the time and costs to the tax payers??? You know some ass wipes need to wake up unless your in the same class as Donald Trump, every move these idiots make either in our state government or our federal government, has taken our TAX DOLLARS to make, America’s sick and tired of the BS from the likes of the Woopie Goldbergs and her cohorts and the George Stephanopoulos bias journalists pushing for the corrupt Clinton’s. We are totally sick of how these supposed to be celebrities try to influence the American tax payers to knowingly support the corrupt activities of their chosen candidates . Someone just try to explain how Hillary Clinton, can stand before the American public and profess to be for their well being, while again knowingly accepting funding from the very same countries that’s Muslim citizens came to America and cold bloody murdered over 3000 innocent people and destroyed billions of dollars in assets. Can anyone show the Clinton Foundation’s net results in addressing the issues of poverty, or anything like Haiti where billions of aid dollars disappeared and Hillary petitioned our government to replace it? How stupid are you people(?) our government wants to spy on we the taxpayers, and yet they say Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and phone calls are destroyed ! What (?) the problem here is we the taxpayers have paid billions of dollars for a super googlized computer system that was designed to capture all in and out calls, e-mails , texts and we sit here while they feed us the same crap they do mushrooms . Whats it take to wake America up? They’ve used all the funds from our forced TAX payments into Social Security up, that’s right America, an IOU is the order of the month each and every month they pay out on the worthless paper money that they have printed every day (ACTUALLY WORTHLESS).iS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE THAT REALIZES THAT EVEN IF THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION DENIES THE TRUTH HILLARY’S RECORDS STILL EXIST every one has an activity list of phone calls on the phone bills , and e-mails result in a list also after all we have some evidence from a multi billion dollar super computer to rely on. WE still have brainless individuals among us that like WOOOPIE ,have made millions from their sworn enemies the white man, ever notice how well they live, with their stashed millions. They feel so bad , why not give the majority back, just how many millions is required to enjoy life? let’s face it they couldn’t claim we owed them the type of life they now have. I’m afraid I couldn’t open my mouth were I to have so much and see my brother man of any color begging in the gutter , but that,s my ethics not Bill Smith’s , Opera’s who started a school for girls in Africa, but not here; and Opera has well over 400 million, how much do you suppose is necessary to live a wild and crazy life? I find it utterly amazing that the Black community is so gullible that the millionaire blacks can protest and influence the poor and homeless into believing the white man has done them an injustice when they have accepted their fortunes entertaining the same white man.Just like always the poor and homeless will go on the same route laid out before them, Obama did nothing for them and you can be absolutely sure the Clinton’s will do the same, they have a chance to change all that but follow the leadership of those who want to either protect their status quo or to double their fortunes. If you can’t see the fforest for the trees try seeing this IF our Black president actually cared for the downtrodden black-man, would he immigrate thousands of Muslims into our country? when you see the total costs for their coming here your going to flip try billions of dollars; money that could well be spent on what the tax payers want , for our country’s benefit , our roads our waterways our airports our neighborhoods , and yet the black-comunities follow the same path that they’re locked into, the new version of slavery.

  9. Spook

    I’ve noticed that over the years State Attorneys are using their office for political prosecutions. First George Zimmerman Fl, charges against politicians in Texas, subpoenas to Exxon in various states and now police officers. So far they a seem to be Democrat.

  10. regmgr

    May the scale of Justice fall on Mosby’S Head!

  11. coldything

    Because she is black, she thinks if she is bold she will be considered intelligent. She has already demonstrated that she is actually below average intelligence! Boldness does not disguise intellectual inferiority !!



  13. jerryhulick

    Now their talking. The bitch’s black racist ego driven ass is going to get shoved down its throat.

  14. Al Espinosa

    Get rid of that piece of shit! She is traitor to her own city and everything good and wholesome left in this filthy world.

  15. larry hazard

    If she gets fired she can always get a show on CNBC.

  16. tintruder

    Just one look at her and it’s obvious she is suffering from “Angry Pavement Ape Syndrome”.

  17. Stu Miller

    They can disbar her, and those idiots in Baltimore will reward her by electing her mayor…Another failed city…

  18. les eckert


  19. Kevin Sheets

    She deserves it. Their allegations are true and provable. That office should never be used as a hammer to deliver social justice. A total lack of objectivety lead her down the wrong path and I believe she did it for political reasons and as a stepping stone to higher office.

  20. Linda Jenkins

    Leave race out of the equation. What she did was wrong. The officers have suffered for more than a year all due to her mistakes. Let a jury of her peers lawyers and law professors decide her case.

    • Kevin Sheets

      It will be handled by the American Bar Association. They will impanel a board of inquiry.

  21. Roger Long

    She let hate cause her a good job. She was so sure that the police were guilty, even though half of the officers were black. She was trying to boost her career to go to higher places, now she may wind up washing dishes at McDonald’s.

  22. kingtiger

    She deserves everything she has brought down on herself. I hope she does get disbarred.

  23. fishydude

    She is not white. So she will not be held accountable the way Nifong was for his gross misconduct for political gain.
    Mosby will run for higher office, keep selling the lies and she will get elected.
    Even in her statement after dropping the last cases she could not admit that she was wrong and that there was no evidence. She continues to blame the police.

  24. Praetorian

    When are they going to disbar prosecutors and fire detectives, who knowingly put innocent persons in prison? Is there someone else to blame for that!? Go to chron.com, use the search engine and search Charlie Clark (murdered officer), a civilian worker was also murdered, check out that story.

  25. Dogchat58

    Of course the race card will be pulled by this incompetent racist. This is a perfect example of affirmative action gone wrong.

  26. Irene Elizondo

    Democrats have re enslaved blacks and now Latinos. But not all Latinos and blacks are fooled

    • Kevin Sheets

      Rules for Radicals. Make them poor and thus dependent on the government.

  27. ridewithstyle

    She belongs in a mental institution for life.

  28. robdesign

    Why is a professor from GW getting involved in Baltimore’s business? Who put him up to this? Did he forget that these cases went in front of a grand jury and the grand jury moved it forward? There are politics in everything but this is hardly a case a runaway prosecution.

    • Kevin Sheets

      You can indict a ham sandwich. Grand juries know nothing of the law and there is no presentation of the defense. This professor has been involved for quite some time. Someone has to correct it when the prosecutors office is corrupt.

  29. Matt Vanscoy

    Same facial expressions when Judge Judy got done with her several years ago on “Judge Judy”

  30. Dennis

    Until the blacks finally realize that the democrats have always hated the black race until they learned how to keep them subserviant and in “their” place by more and more freebies and entitlements, nothing will ever change. Anyone reading the history of the democratic party towards blacks would see this instantly. And only true idiots believe the dixiecrat stupidity the liberals put out there. When Hillary Clinton’s two self proclaimed mentors, Robert Byrd and Marget Sanger, major haters of blacks and yet blacks flock to Hillary is insane. Byrd, a high officer in the K#K#K and Margret Sanger, who started planned parent hood, and you can see her speeches easily onn youtube, whose whole intention of Planned Parent was to kill as many young black babies as possible to keep their population down. Those are Sanger’s words, not mine. A fast search on youtube and you will here the PP founder for yourself.

    • Kevin Sheets

      Been saying that for many years. They won’t look it up.

  31. Dennis

    Finally, one of the liberal idiots might be held accountable for her entirely racist actions.

  32. newmalthus

    The question now is whether the Maryland Bar is capable of policing itself or rather is just another corrupt tool of what is for all intents and purposes is a corrupt one-party liberal State.

    • Kevin Sheets

      There will be plenty of witnesses at all hearings.

  33. Chris DjSlimmaybe Bernard

    Good…get her grandstanding a** tf out. And when she and her minions cry racism and sexism….turn a deaf ear, because that story line is tired and played out.

  34. jayfordtheman

    she is a clown, so over her head only the fools of Baltimore dont see it, what a classless idiot, I cant believe she passed Boston College law school

    • Kevin Sheets

      Grade inflation. Hillary Clinton went to Arkansas because she failed the D C bat exams right out of law school. She passed the Arkansas exam.

  35. Rev. Pat Greene

    After reading the article then the responses to this article I honestly don’t see why 99% of responded, you went right into a 3yr conversation about racism. This article was about discarding a States Atty.!!! ….she appears to Not to have played the good Ole boy part and pursued wrongful death conviction of a young black man who died while in police custody under very suspicious circumstances. In light of the very negative social profile law enforcement has created towards African Americans I feel anyone should have pursued for the most minute violation of the law in this particular case.The case created international attention because the families and people affected by this senseless crime pushed back and cried ENOUGH!!! Here’s a question you can debate” who is most likely to be murdered by a law enforcement officer?”

    • Kevin Sheets

      Anytime you prefer charges you first have to have a strong case with a high likelyhood of conviction. That was absent in these cases and she knew it. After a hungry jury and a case thrown out she should have stopped. She didn’t. A judge told her she had no case but she continued with more prosecutions with the SAME RESULT.

  36. Bro Steve Winter DD


  37. BillKilpatrick

    Anybody can file disbarment charges. Considering that these cops are now suing – on every conceivable basis they can claim – it’s not proof of anything except the determination of these cops to get their pound of flesh for being prosecuted after a suspect in their care wound up with a broken back and subsequently died.

    • Kevin Sheets

      Since their working careers were ruined you would do the same, wouldn’t you???

  38. debra waters

    HOMOCIDE. The Medical Examiner should be fired too, I suppose?

  39. Jillyin James

    The thing is that while so many people insist on denying racism yall fail to realize this country was founded on slavery, specifically of the black man. Now the thirteenth amendment allegedly ended slavery but it didnt, you see. Theres an exception. It specifically states that slavery is abolished except for punishment of a crime.

    Crime in the days even of the civil war were relegated to violations of our rights ie pursuit of happines, property and our homes and bodies. Now however we have rhe war on drugs. A war where the military shipped drugs into poor neighborhoods to fund black programs in the intelligence community while at the same time targeting black men with mandatory minimum sentencing.

    Anyone who thinks our justice system is anything other than white supremacy is a lethargic devil. The term white when utilized to describe race originates from racial prosecution.

    So why do so many have to chime in regarding a persons race to then deny racism.

    All you are the enemies of free people and we remember everything on the internet. Lay down and yu may be spared, but always know we are watchung and we are coming.
    We will open all prisons and bulldoze them to the ground.. Time is the most precipus commodity and no more will we be told what our lives are worth

    We are the resistance
    May anarchy reign

    • Kevin Sheets

      What is this “our”? There is 151 years between slavery and you.

      • Jillyin James

        read the thirteenth amendment and tell me if it says slavery is abolished or if there is an exception. Then try and come at me like you actually understand the world around you

      • Jillyin James

        I would suggest reading the thirteenth amendment again as it does not constitute an outright ban and infact makes exceptions where slavery is allowed. Get back to me on that bud

  40. David

    That list is true of most prosecutors but unfortunately it’;s only applied to prosecutors that go after cops. When all that is true and it’s used against a member of the lowly public, the prosecutor is promoted

  41. Bill Strang

    Well, she’ll soon be qualified for President. After all, Hilary lost her law license too.

    • Kevin Sheets

      She didn’t LOSE her license. She allowed it to lapse in 2002 while Secretary of State. Bill Clinton was disbarred for 5 years but never applied for reinstatement.

  42. Viktor Zsigrai

    we need a system where no one can get over on law..
    no matter who is that..

  43. Tracy

    This article is full of shit for many reasons.

    • Bill R

      Please, enlighten us………..

  44. Vaurn James

    Did this prof file disbarment papers for all those freed via the Innocent Project and Prosecutors who supress evidence….Right….Not…..speaks volumes about the system and the people who function in it.

    • Bill R

      Why should he? Do you believe that he is incorrect in his accusations? Do you believe she should be disbarred?

  45. Darius

    Bullet points are pointless considering it was a grand jury that thought there was enough evidence to proceed is a trial and not her.

    • Bill R

      There was no grand jury.

  46. Percy Penn

    So you want to say that this is not an act of racism and that for anyone to do so is just another attempt to pull the “race card” …
    and for you who say “I’m black”, like that’s supposed to mean anything … don’t for one second think that because your appearance is
    of one who may or may not have descended from ancestors originating from Sub Saran Africa, being black is more than the color of your skin you’re in …
    I digress, let’s take a look at why this certainly a case for racism …
    She had plenty of obstacles facing her and her team. To do what no one else was willing to do, to go against the establishment … this beautiful black
    woman was not going to have any help bringing these six individuals who wore the uniform of Baltimore Law Enforcement officers. But NOW, john banzhaf
    wants to have her disbarred, now, NOW that all six have been aquitted or charges have been dropped or “mistrial” has been claimed … it most certainly is
    a case of racism, because this black womam, this black chief prosecutor over stepped her allowed boundaries and those (the likes of banhaf) want to now, NOW,
    put her in her place. She realized that her position as chief prosecutor was not powerful enough to actually gain full convictions on these unworthy six individuals.
    People believe when you say “Black lives matter” they lable you as anti-police, however, that is not the case.
    I will leave a couple of videos for you to gain a little better understanding for the truth of the matter



    • Bill R

      She is an idiot and incompetent, Enough said.

      • Percy Penn

        Only one that is an idiot and incompetent would say that, enough said, I agree 😉

        • Bill R

          Clever response. You must be a racist.

          • Percy Penn

            Bill, I won’t entertain you on this. I apologize for even responding to your response to what I wrote, however, if she is “an idiot and incompetent” as you say, that must make the ones that hired her even more so … it always goes like that until the “pet” bites the hand that feeds them … I’ll say this, what was initiated by Marilyn Mosby, was the right thing to do, but the right thing to do doesn’t always mean that everyone else is going to support or even encourage you to actually do what is right. Freddy Gray was for all intents and purposes murdered at the hands of the faux law enforcement officers that apprehended him and those involved while being transported in the police van ignoring his injuries and his pleas for help. They should have been convicted of violating their oath, at the very least.
            As far as me being a racist …
            racism is a problem of institutionalization, where one group has the power to take its prejudices and exercise them with impunity under de facto color of law (regardless what the laws on the books actually are). Just about everyone has preferences and prejudices. some are based on actual experience, others based on fear, misinformation and disinformation. According to this definition, it is not possible, in this country for black people to be “racist”. Sp no, I’m not a “racist.

          • Bill R

            You are a racist. So filing false charges is the right thing to do? You and I simply do not know what happened to Freddie Gray, but you proclaim , without any evidence, that he was murdered by the police. No convictions cased dropped, but you some how know different. That is racism. You are black….aren’t you?

          • Percy Penn

            Actually Bill, i’m not a racist, but if that’s what you’d like to think, then so be it.

          • Bill R

            You are black, aren’t you?

          • Kevin Sheets

            Are you actually seriously??? It is every bit as possible for any race to have rascist beliefs about any other race. Your statement was ridiculous.

    • Kevin Sheets

      Malicious prosecution is only pursued when there is evidence that insufficient evidence to gain a conviction is shown. She overstepped her responsibility when she publicly stated that she was prosecuting “to get justice” for the people of Baltimore. Her statement of ” no justice, no PEACE” went too far and could be interpreted as inciting a riot. Not at all professional. She went too far and made it too public. If she really thought that convictions were likely she should have simply preferred the charges without political statements.

  47. windmere

    I think when it becomes Harder and Harder for Democratically Run cities to find Officers, and thereby have everyone’s safety placed at risk, maybe these Morons will reflect about what their rampant racism, lawlessness, bigotry, truly costs those they ‘serve.’ I also hope that the Union Leaders who so blindly keep giving Union Cash to Democrats who are ANTIPOLICE, will STOP IMMEDIATELY. You’re funding the instrument of your own destruction….

  48. Mic

    That’s a good start, let the frivolous prosecution lawsuits begin !

  49. Robert Travis

    I thnik it would be more like “intellectualism” because she is stupid. Or at least she acted stupidly……..

  50. Clarence Mize

    Mosby does not perform her job very well and has demonstrated total incompetence.

  51. Leonard_Wood

    GOOD!! I hope it is successful!

  52. Dan

    Sounds like a good choice for Hillary’s new Chief Justice nominee, or maybe Supreme Court. She is just what the Democrats like in a lawyer.

  53. deputydog70

    A call for disbarment of a black prosecutor in Maryland isn’t going to result in Mosby being disbarred. If anything at all she will get a public censure and a recommendation that she take refresher courses.

  54. Wayne "Grandpaw" Watrous

    Wow. I am amazed at all of the name calling coming from obviously otherwise intelligent people. Why do we feel the need to call people names? We all really want the same things. I do not care what color your skin is and my achievements or lack thereof has absolutely nothing to with my skin color. My politics are conservative but not limited to being called a Republican. Also will Not ever be a Demoncrat. The Demoncratic party started out as a bad idea and has gone downhill from there. I am an Independent and proud of the fact that I make up my mind not a political party for me. In the current election cycle I am voting for Trump. I think we stand the best chance with him because the alternative is Hillary, one of the most crooked politicians I have seen in my 62 years on the planet. What has she given us, or her husband for that matter? Division, deceit, lies, racism, sexism. I remember being called a racist for not voting for Obama, both times, being told that my reason for not voting for him was because he’s black. First off, don’t tell me why I voted for or against anything, I’ll tell you. Second, he’s not black, he’s a mutt, like the rest of us half and half. Third, I was told by the people calling m,e racist that they voted for him because he is black. Isn’t that racist? Not the PC, “Reverse racism”, just plain old racism, it is the same. So why yell at each other? I wish the best for everyone that works hard for what they earn, good job! I don’t want tons of money, if you do , great! Hope you get it. What I want is my home, my wife, and my family. I am a mostly happy man. Isn’t that what we all want? I do not want to be somehow, in charge of people. Every time I tried, it turned out badly. So, I wish everybody a happy life, a good income, and a safe journey through this life. Peace to you all!

  55. aznative

    Mosby and the mayor both broke the law.

    The mayor must be charged for inciting criminal behavior. The police dept and Baltimore businesses need to sue her personally for her order to space to destroy. And yes she did say it. She is liable for the arson, looting, theft and injuries to the cops.

    She is not above the law. She incited danger to this city and the police officers. A city burned because this lady was trying to make a name for herself.

    She not only incited a crime she was a co-conspirators in the acts by telling cops to stand down risking their lives but also not putting a curfew into effect immediately.

    She basically lit the candle that burned the town down. The price tag will be huge and she should foot the entire bill not the American taxpayer ever again.


    Under federal law, 18 USC 242, it is illegal for anyone under the color of law to deprive any person of the rights, privileges or immunities secured by the U.S. Constitution, and under 18 USC 241 it is illegal to conspire to violate such rights. It is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. This could be applied to local, state, or federal law enforcement or military personnel who abuse the rights of citizens. Every state has a similar law.

    The key point is this: You not only have the right to disobey an illegal order, but you may also have the duty to apprehend the parties issuing such an order if such issuance is part of the commission of a crime.


  56. BobM001

    That a$$ better be REAL GOOD if she plans to make it as a “hooker”. She sure as hell is NO “LAWYER”. Once the defamation lawsuits hit her old man will HAVE TO “pimp her out”!

  57. Kenneth Masters

    I can think of no one who deserves it more. Can the officers sue her? The legacy of B.O. I can hardly believe how far down this road we have come in the last almost 8 years. It’s going to take a ton of work to get back on track and, of course, it won’t happen with the Hilldabeast. KDM

  58. Bruce

    Nyuk nyuk nyuk . . . wooo hooo!

  59. ConradDobler

    Yawn- more grandstanding…if a white prosecutor who handed a clean towel to a kkk member to wipe the blood off his hands after another lynching or severe whipping of black man who didn’t get off the sidewalk when a white woman passed him then Mosby is more than assured to keep her position…

  60. badboyrico21

    why didnt they charge her with discriminating against police officers, she seems like a hateful bitch..

  61. Jim Stone

    unreal this lady is gonna cost Baltimore a ton of money in lawsuits

  62. Khaba Sahu-Re

    freddie gray is a “career criminal” hmmm according to your law that still doesnt mean cops abuse you and cause you to die but the meta message is in them using that pharase is a trigger for other whites to say its olk for him to get killed which is why they are not so hard up on cops who break the rules constantly but they are a stickler for the law when it comes to every body else. especially if they are black. you will never see the phrase “career abuser of civlians” with cops who we find out only when there is a incident or a intrepid reporter goes digging that there was several incidents on some of these officers. its so bad white cops shoot black undercover cops (its never the other way around and there is a reason this is so) cops kill people with a knife and mentally handicapped people and why!? because of their arrogant mindset thats supported by their system. i notice british cops can disarm a guy with a knife in no problem working together. now thats training !! arrest him and have him be process by the law of the land not the “law” of opportunity to shoot you at the slightest opportunity available. some smart ass below said oh we going to claim raism unfairly because the woman is being called out on her wrongs. funny whites sent people to jail for years then they found out 10,20,30 yrs later they were railroaded into jail. lives destroyed, evidence lost, or ignored and NOTHINGS HAPPENS TO THOSE WHITE LAW AGENTS who were responsible for a “CAREER” OF SENDING BLACK MEN TO JAIL AND IGORNING EVIDENCE OF THEIR INNOCENCE WHEN IT EXISTS. This is the racist trend we talk about. whites in general have a history they make a “career” out of ignoring all these things. finding fault with anything everything Black folks criticize about the state of things. we are wrong from the begining. remember trayvon was killed and they sent money to zimmerman anonymously automatically as if they were there and saw trayvon commit some crime to warrant being shot down like a dog. (only they would not do that to dogs, dogs get more respect) deputy chief of police douglass ziegler was sitting in his car minding his business (department issued SUV) and was harrased by white cops who refused to listen and screamed gun gun when they saw his service revolver even though it was not in his hands.! four black police officers in new york were surrouding and treated with no listening or courtesy and their lives were put in danger. !! for which they are suing the dept. so even when something might not be racist per se there is so much of it out right or subliminal that any one of good will would actually understand if a black person mistakes one or two as racist motivations when it might not be.

    • Max Power

      Maybe you should try again?

      • Khaba Sahu-Re

        nope. condescent from types like you is all you got. i expect nothing else. this was not really written for just you. you dont want to understand its ok everyone else who is not pre conditioned to be contrary read it well enough and understands it perfectly. without out the need for it to be written perfect to your needs.

        • Max Power

          Well, if you want people to listen to you, try using complete sentences, punctuation, and structured thought.

          • Khaba Sahu-Re

            people my ass, the other folks got it its whites like you who are commited to talking condsending crap no matter what is said if it did not support your foolishness, was going to happened no matter what my structure. i did one finger type and move on . you dont like the structure to bad. people listen to me just fine, you dont have to that is your perogative. lol seems like people like you go to the same school room to learn all the same cheap invalidation techniques that dont actually work.

  63. Doreen Gaffney Barr

    It is amazing how power corrupts some people. Everyone and anyone who has fraudulentlyrics exploited any of these cases has to eat the fact that THEY bear responsibility for the Dallas officers, the Baton Rouge officers and any other people who have lost their lives as a result of fanning the flames of hatred with LIES. They have blood on their hands.

  64. MintJulep

    I don’t care what color she is. If she cannot do the job, she needs to go, ASAP

  65. Raquel Kirks

    Fuck this racist ass one sided piece of shit reporting!!! The first sentence is filled with inflammatory statements which tell you exactly whose side the writer is on! “Corrupt”, yet, has been proven guilty of corruption? “Career criminal”, victim blaming at its finest. The writer of this word vomit and the people who believe this filth also eat cat turds and think the national enquirer is a real news source. Idiots!!!

      • merkinfuzz

        benadryl for the agitated kirks

  66. john chiarizia

    What happened to the guy who was in the police van with him and said he was bagging himself around in the van and told him he was trying to hurt himself. He clamed up and I haven’t heard a thing about him. He knows what happened

  67. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    She belongs in jail for inciting violence. and should pay for the damage her hate caused.

  68. Nicholas cousins

    I don’t believe this idiot passed the bar in the first place.

    • merkinfuzz

      I’m sure she was measured with a different standard…..

  69. minute-man

    great !

    she can join Barac and Moochelle on the ‘distinguished’ list of other DISBARRED treasonous scumbags in American Poly-Tics*

    * Poly-Tics: noun; poly; meaning ‘many, Tics; meaning blood sucking parasites

  70. Chris Meyerson

    God I hope she’s the one wearing a number not just disbarred because that’s not just as she needs to be sat down in prison for a period of time

  71. Glen Goodrum

    She brought it on herself . Wasted time , money , education on liberal idealism .

  72. VAJake321

    I hope they lock this racist up. She threw in her 20 cents worth and made it a personal issue to prosecute these Officers.

  73. Malik Wilson

    For all of you people who claim to support justice yet ignore that every single prosecutor in America does some of the things she is accused of weekly, you don’t want justice, your hatred and vile, evil ways control your senses. It’s one thing to stand for right and not apply it equally, that would just make your stance plain vengeance and retribution.

  74. 2crows

    The high price you pay for trying to hold bad cops accountable…she has more balls than any of her whiney voiced detractors here.

    • Amal Schookup

      Hey Dopey, she lost every case she brought. She’s a racist kahunt.

      • 2crows

        Dopey kahunt? Is this where your mother has to write to you to get any attention? No, this is NOT Dopey Kahunt, your family member or girlfriend (if you even LIKE girls)…
        This is Ron Hamilton (no AKA)kick your ass if you call me a name to my face…Now my reply..I’m sure she loses cases in a system stacked against her since she seems to be surrounded by a bunch of white faggot police officers and a similar system… My point is she has more balls than all of those people and I’m sure more balls than you hiding behind an anonymous name..ESAD

      • 2crows

        Amal No-Balls squeaking his mousey little opinion

  75. Frank L. Hayes

    What a bunch of racist a-holes on this thread. Even the “black” ones are spouting off this racist crap. BLACK LIVES MATTER will go away when blacks are treated equally to whites. Until then learn to live with it.

    • Amal Schookup

      awww… need a tissue?

      • Frank L. Hayes

        What kind of name is Amal Shookup? You probably have to keep tissue on hand with that name. But its probably not your real name cause you are too much of a coward to use your real one. I am not crying. You will be crying when you have to do something on your own without the help of your sheltered, privileged life. Wake up. Donald Trump is going to make you wish you never heard of him.

  76. Quek Cumberbatch

    This kind of “news piece” really, really hoses me off! There are, and for a law enforcement publication at that where processs and “steps of action” are critical to legitimate handling and gtreatment, offices and individuals with titles where such a complaint must be filed. Does professional gadfly Banzaff have standing in Maryland to make such a filing and have it accepted and officially addressed? Whats the process involved from the point of his filing forward? How public/transparent is it? Does his complaint need additional complaintants, and if so of what kind/nature/standing with the Maryland bar association? For that matter, is this a matter to be handled within that buddy system called the bar association or is this a court proceeding?
    Come on folks, get serious, get substantive, or else get off it!

  77. Bob@Bob.com

    Ho, hum…Just another fool looking for attention. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  78. ole

    Dig farther into Freddie Grey’s past… He recieved $600,000 in a Class Action Lawsuit. 10 years ago. to be paid out at $1,200 a Month for the rest of his life, PLUS he was eligible for Full Welfare Benefits the rest of his life. Although he still was eligible for Welfare, he chose to take a Lump Sum payout instead of the monthly payout. He settled for $60.000 Cash! A mere 10% of his Settlement! He was Broke in less than One Year!

  79. Terrance Harrell

    And 4ur information Count lblis it didn’t take as long as u thought, screw u

  80. Terrance Harrell

    And 4ur information u jerk, count whoever its hasn’t been that long. Screw u

  81. Terrance Harrell

    Wow! Did i just read someones ignorant fuckin post about BLM and relating it to the kkk or someone else saying that they’re upset that they can’t call black people out even if they’re breaking the law because they’re afraid of being called a racist and a black dude commenting below that in total agreement with that idiotic assumption. U mutha fuckas are whats wrong with America. Ignorant bastards…

  82. rob bennett

    Love it. Should have been done a year ago.

  83. Joseph L. Light

    Obama and Clinton are the cause of this BS, and the (2) two biggest racists in America today.

  84. Born Free

    “that she improperly withheld evidence from the defense that was exculpatory” DA’s are supposed to be in a pursuit of truth…..to me, this is the worst charge that can be brought against her…it contains all the other charges…

  85. Concerned

    Them being brought to trial was the mayors idea because of all the rioting and people saying they got away with murder. So the DA was doing what she was told. None have been found guilty so far. So do the people agree with the verdict? The rioting, stealing and burning the city has already happened.

  86. Pig Farmer Bill

    Good, I saw what she did. I heard her statements, she deserves to lose her law Lic, She can work at BK from now on. She is supposed to lead, not lead biased witch hunts.

  87. TheLight

    She’s done as a prosecutor. She can’t even try to make a plea deal with the remaining officers because after having seen now 4 of their fellow officers get off, the last two would be more willing to take their chances in court than to accept a deal with jail time and job loss. Murder 2 was never the charge she should have filed if she wanted to win. Criminally negligent homicide would have stood a better chance of getting convictions and would have been more appropriate to the circumstances. Now all 6 are going to get off and can never be charged again under double jeopardy rules and of course the black community will go out of their minds and claim the system is rigged against them when it isn’t prejudice that is getting these officers off, but an overzealous prosecution and that lies solely at the feet of Marilyn Mosby, not the criminal justice system.

  88. Liberals-are-asshoIes

    Don’t worry Marilyn, They know you didn’t intend to do anything wrong! They won’t convict you of anything because your intentions were good! Democrat Law Rules!

  89. Liberals-are-asshoIes

    Now That’s some Social Justice for this asshoIe!

  90. jtomanelli

    will she also be held responsible for the looting and riots she caused?

  91. Sams_1

    I want that premature monetary award back too

  92. Timothy Foster

    She is definitely incompetent.

  93. DriverDale

    She is a poster child for the Democratic party. They embrace this type of behavior with open arms. Before some of you start screaming that I am being racist, remember this. I don’t give two shits what your skin color is. You riot, destroy
    private business, loot, shut down interstates in the name of protest
    hurting other people’s livelihood, you are nothing more than a punk ass
    thug. Get a job and contribute to society and progress. Teach your kids
    how not to hate based on skin color. Talk about a childish playground
    mentality. Grow the hell up and provide for your family. Teach them how
    to live an honest life. I don’t give a damn if your on food
    stamps and welfare. You can still work at some capacity. Very few are
    so disabled they cannot hold a job. I am so sick of media glorifying the
    riots, glorifying and fueling the race battles. I feel for all those who get jammed in traffic because fools
    want to stand on the interstate. I feel for all the small business
    owners whose livelihoods have been destroyed. Wake up you idiots. Your
    crappy lives are 99% your own damn fault. You are the ones holding
    yourselves back. You’re the ones who can’t work because it would cut into
    your welfare and food stamps as well as free housing. Heaven forbid you
    actually provide for yourselves instead of living off our hard earned

  94. Scott Wittelsberger

    She gave a howling mob what they wanted. That requires no courage at all.

  95. Peter

    Don’t forget Malicious Prosecution.

  96. Mickey Mouse

    Time to pay those men Baltimore. They were wrongly accused by a prosecuter that didn’t have the evidence but did it to appease her own race of rioters.

  97. Mike Wilson

    She’ll be arrested for shoplifting Afro-Sheen from Walmart in the near future.

  98. Richard Davis

    Does anyone think that any of the officers are guilty here? Did Mosby blow any chance of getting convictions by indicting everyone?

  99. TeaPartyPatriotTD

    Mosby will hooefully be sued into bankruptcy and lose everything. She certainly deserves nothing less.

  100. QuietDanTN

    Go for it! Best wishes for the disbarment case and personnel.

  101. dante regnetta

    Hahahahahahah good you fucking dirty cunt thats what you but wow huh imagine another blackb person working for the gov and get charges for fraud no way i just dont believe black people would do that . lmfao hahahahahaha you fucking people will never learn huh …. Yous know that this country is made of of only 13 Percent of the USA is black thats all 13 percent .. Nothing right so please tell me why if theres so little of yall whys it that 53 percent of people dead id in the USA were killed by blacks … Why is that more then half the people killed in this fucking country is killed by yall blacks but uous have black lives matter pff come on man like a speach i heard today a black man said blacks will accuse whites all the time no matter what about being racist they dont like something you said to them they xall whites RACIST if we dont hand them what they want we RACIST is we dont do what they want we RACIST fuck yall all yall go and fuck ya selves

  102. Grumpyweaselteets

    Maybe she’ll re-think her race baiting motives while flipping burgers for peanuts…

  103. Darrell Kissick

    Do you think maybe she ditched all her ethics classes in law school?

  104. Resist_Tyranny

    We need a LOT more of this… like Lynch and Holder for starters.

  105. Jim Wainwright

    She should be charged with malfeasance in office and put into jail.

  106. Jim Wainwright

    She should be charged with malfeasance in officer and put into jail.

  107. Betty Echols

    A black judge has heard and found nor guilty at least the first 2, if not more of the officers….thanks for being impartial and doing your job Judge.

  108. mark davis

    This bitch needs a serious ass kicking and to spend some time in jail. Might make her wake up from her rage against the very police that she tried to F*ck!

  109. ❤️??❤️

    Positive step that someone had the integrity to file these charges against her and not cower or back down!

  110. Michael Linn

    What comes around goes around Mosby! Time to get a dose of your own Medicine.

  111. ricks2524

    Why are so many Blacks criminals, especially the one in the public eyes. Politicians, Police Officers, firefighters and Lawyers . Affirmative Action got them jobs they don’t deserve.

  112. tesmith47

    you white guys qand your Black boot lickers are racist and everyone knows it, but america is racist too so you all fit in very nicely

  113. REALConservative

    This is the same lawyer who filed a lawsuit with the DC Office of Human Rights claiming muslims students weren’t getting enough space to pray, soooo, look who you are aligning yourself with. It turns out that no one complained about a lack of prayer space, so by his own logic, he should be disbarred.

    Only in america would a third paralyzed citizen coming out of the back of a police van be considered “insufficient evidence.”

  114. CHL21Texas

    BHO will intervene and make sure there’s not even a hearing. DOJ will file civil rights case against GW professor to intimidate him into dropping charges.

  115. pen44

    It’s about time……I strongly hope that this disbarment suit wins against her!

  116. Mike7781

    WOW, LOTS of KOOL-AID DRINKING DEM. on this post.

  117. Mike Jay

    Marilyn Mosley is a product of Affirmative action…

  118. Cambridge_Butch

    This might be the worst thing ever for the next 3 falsely accused officers because in today’s political climate, where it is an “our team against theirs” mentality, I would not be surprised to see some judge give more credibility to the case, just to justify this horrible DA and her misguided decisions.

  119. billybobz

    BoweLMovements don’t matter to humans.

  120. William

    There are bad,sorry, etc. people in every race. A person’s race doesn’t make them what they are. It’s their actions and behavior that puts them in the group they are labeled as. White trash, redneck, n word, etc. They are all the same. Race is unimportant. It’s the individuals behavior that defines them.

  121. Thomas Headen

    “I fear for our country if God is just”

    Thomas Jefferson.

  122. Richard Campbell

    Obama will swoop in and save the day

  123. Bruce Fischer

    The State’s Attorney’s office mishandled this case. But that does not take away the fact that a man died unnecessary while being transported in a police vehicle. Rough rides are not okay, and they need to stop. This case will hopefully serve as a lesson learned that rough rides can cause more than scrapes and bruises.

    We need to work to bring an end to the anti-law enforcement sentiments we are seeing in America. The culture in the law enforcement community needs to change for that to happen. The 99% of officers who are good, need to weed out the few who are bad. The current culture will not allow that. A Chicago cop will be vilified if he reports on a bad officer. That’s wrong. When a rogue officer shoots a guy 16 times in the street while the other officers look on in shock, those officers should be able to tell their story about the incident. They shouldn’t be pressured into covering it up. Yes, the officer who fired off 16 shots has now been charged, but only after video was released showing the shooting. The culture needs to change. We have outstanding police officers working every day to protect us. Every profession has bad seeds. Weed them out.

    • archon41

      Freddie played the fool, and payed the price.

      Defy repeated demands to drop a dangerous weapon, and I will not lament your departure from the mortal coil.

  124. spinmas

    well let me help you in record time… less than a week, racism, that’s all America knows, it is in a box in Africa and is putting itself in a box with black and brown people in this country. Trump is right..race and skin color defines.. Muslim Judge Hispanic Judge white judge all condition by a system founded and built on genocide and race, but don’t worry the planet is going to shake you, cough you up and burn you up…. the sad part is exploited people have to suffer with your asses… police killing and getting away with it, whites getting affluenza sentences and blacks getting life sentences for minor crimes, if there is hell…it’s reserved for racist whites!! period.

  125. og gold

    United states inc.. It all business they really dont care about blacks and poor white people its all about the money

  126. jtmeier23

    RIP FREDDIE. That poor soul.

  127. oodles

    This is just retaliation for bringing those unfit officers to justice. Hold cops accountable. They shouldn’t be above the law they vowed to protect. Now they’re just retaliating against her. The ppl that say she broke a law conviently forget that the grand jury had to approve and indict those officers to begin with. There was sufficient evidence, they just Dont want to break their “brotherhood oath” and put those cops in jail. Smh the world we love in, where you get punished for doing the right thing.

  128. oodles

    …..All because she held cops accountable….

    • ForTheLulz

      You mean “all because she lied, withheld evidence, and did things that are disgraceful to her profession…” Standard black person, right?

      • oodles

        Standard black person? What’s a standard black person? A person with good morals and punishes someone who breaks the law? Sure. She didnt lie about anything. The grand jury indicted those officers, not her! Go read a book and learn how court works ignoramus. Standard bigot!

        • ForTheLulz

          She didn’t lie? lmfao Withholding exculpatory evidence is lying. Maybe it’s you who should be going to school, bigot? Lying in order to punish men who were innocent and she knew it. Lying to push her racist black agenda just like BLM.

  129. Marvin

    If she deserves to be disbarred then Bob McCulloch does too for that sham of a grand jury proceeding he orchestrated.

  130. pstroh

    just so everyone knows. it’s always about race in America. …always been and always will be period

  131. randybuist

    John Banzhaf – the law professor who filed the suit… he lives to make headlines… this is what he does… now back to your more important matters in life…

  132. PrettyFootWoman

    The charges are because the she had the courage to do the right thing and file charges against the police…in the case of Freddie Gray….it is a travesty that the officers who killed him are not being held accountable for his death….

    this is a definite retaliation

    • Doreen Gaffney Barr

      The definate retaliation came from Mosby. Without one iota of evidence.

      • PrettyFootWoman

        Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.——– Original message ——–From: Disqus Date: 07/04/2016 11:08 PM (GMT-05:00) To: sheba4567@aol.com Subject: Re: Comment on Disbarment Charges are Filed Against Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby
        “The definate retaliation came from Mosby. Without one iota of evidence. ”


        A new comment was posted on Law Officer

        Doreen Gaffney Barr

        The definate retaliation came from Mosby. Without one iota of evidence.

        11:08 p.m., Monday July 4


        Other comments by Doreen Gaffney Barr


        to Doreeney Barr

        The officers were responsible for the death of Freddie Gray. Where is the accountabilty? There seems to be none.

        Doreen Gaffney Barr’s comment is in reply to


        The charges are because the she had the courage to do the right thing and file charges against the police…in the case of Freddie … Read more

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  133. Slicer

    Here’s a better question.

    Who *hasn’t* she been prosecuting?

  134. tax man

    She needs to be removed from office, disbarred, charged with violating the police officers civil rights, indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced to a few years in prison, disbarred and permanently disgraced. All of these officers should have personal lawsuits against her and split whatever assets she has including any pensions. All of the officers should be fully reinstated with honors and full back pay as well as substantial bonuses for the wonderful work they have accomplished on the part of the City. A public apology by the Prosecutor’s office should be made on CNN and made a permanent part of the City’s website. All of the rioters/looters should be rounded up and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, as well as anyone who encouraged them. This woman ruined Baltimore! She needs to pay dearly! Understand violent crime is way up in Baltimore since Mosby started her crap and basically told the police not to bother arresting any more black folks or Islamic terrorists! I would stay out of Baltimore for your own safety.

  135. Jac300

    She deserves this as MORE then the prosecutor Mike Nifong, got it for the Duke Lacrosse lie. This was her Lie.


    Members of a specialized narcotics team operating in Alabama have been accused of planting drugs and weapons on innocent young black men in a series of wide-ranging abuses spanning nearly two decades, an article in the Henry County Report has revealed.

    According to documents obtained by the Alabama Justice Project, up to 12 officers working in the Dothan Police Department’s narcotics squad reportedly participated in the scheme—which began in 1996—and specifically targeted young black men. Most of the young men were subsequently prosecuted and imprisoned, with some still incarcerated.

    Moreover, the findings indicate that the initial results of an internal investigation into the abuses were suppressed by ranking officers among the police department’s leadership, including former Police Chief John White, current Police Chief Steve Parrish, then-Sgt. Andy Hughes, who is now the assistant director of Homeland Security for the State of Alabama, as well as (White District Attorney Doug Valeska)

    For his part, Valeska appears to have been unperturbed by written statements from police officers attesting that evidence against the defendants had been planted. He nevertheless plowed forward with his wrongful prosecutions and failed to share any such information with defense attorneys.

    • archon41

      The Alabama NAACP now disavows any association with these slanders.

    • Doreen Gaffney Barr

      So the proper recourse is to slam murder charges on innocent policemen? You’re as bad as they are.

      • oodles

        Innocent policeman??!!!!! Someone is dead at the hands of these so called “innocent” policeman…oh puhleese

  137. MaMcGriz

    A standing ovation for Professor Banzhaf, please!

  138. Steve Sparks

    Too bad she cant go for a ride in a police van

  139. rbd171

    Banzhaf’s complaint calls Mosby’s words a “misuse of her role” and a “perversion of her office.”

    Wow. Talk about projection. BPD is fast and loose with words and action. Someone died while in the custody of the police as a result of police action or inaction and there has been no accountability.

    Spin it however you see fit but BPD is an embarrassment to the profession.

    • sara56

      There is just that pesky problem that there is no evidence the police did anything wrong. There is evidence Mosby abused her office for personal gain.

      • CarolinaCries

        Don’t forget the others in the van testified that it wasn’t a rough ride and he was slamming his head against the sides TRYING to hurt himself. I’m sure he was hoping for the Ghetto Lottery and not to kill himself. At least his parents won the lottery.

    • Doreen Gaffney Barr

      There was zero evidence to support that accusation. And I’m glad the judge was black otherwise people would be whining about that too.

    • rbd171

      It stands to reason that you all don’t consider a dead black man in police custody as evidence.

      The bias is so obvious, they can’t even find them guilty of negligence, or reckless endangerment.

      When three fifths of a man dies… is it even considered a crime or does it become a waste disposal issue?

  140. billybobz

    BoweLMovements don’t matter to thinking people.

  141. cudapup

    Her “Black Privilege” will protect her and will keep her job, just as it got her into college, boosted her scores to pass, gave her her degree and gave her the job the begin with. Its how Black Privilege was designed to work by so called “anti-racists” (anti-whites).

    • billybobz

      We have to dumb it down or these retarded apes can’t compete.

  142. deadhead

    She should have to pay the $5.6 million dollar judgement paid to the Gray family when they won the ghetto lottery.

  143. Bethany

    good shall prevail and god knows the evil she is against but i know god has her back its hard to be an angel when your surrounded by devils but i pray for this sistah daily as she fights against the big beast a injust system that does nothing but protect its thugs in blue its terrorist in blue may she stand in the armor and protection of god this is an uphill battle for her but god has her back push forward my sistah be strong and brave this corrupt system is just that a corrupt system we have to be the change we want

    • billybobz

      It takes a retarded loser to support a retarded loser and this pig is 0 for 3 so far with more losses to come.

      You BoweLMovements don’t matter to thinking people.

    • Doreen Gaffney Barr

      What will you do when you have no more police protection? You think Mosby will care? You better hope the police still care enough to do their jobs. Otherwise you will be all alone with the brothers and sisters.

  144. larry

    I allege that racism is present within Ms. Mosby and that she is biased.
    While Freddie Gray was a career criminal – her actions treated him as if he were a ‘babe in arms.’
    Yes, Mr. Gray was entitled to an investigation.
    But, the black community does not have to try to excuse any black person who commits a crime as if it is OK for him to do so because he is black.
    The riots and civil unrest, amounting to almost total anarchy could have been presented if the elected leaders of the community, such as Ms. Mosby and the Mayor of Baltimore, were to reassure the community that an investigation would be forth coming.
    Criminals, whether they be black or some other color, run the risk of prosecution and sometimes, they might get killed during the commission of their crimes.
    Criminals who are black are a disgrace to the black community; and, the community needs to stop protecting them as if they were ‘honor students.’

    • The Martin System

      the black community, in general, would support a murderer who they know did it if he has black skin. even if he killed another black. It’s insane.

  145. sara56

    Thank you! Mosby also initially arrested the wrong people.

  146. Joe. Smoo

    I take it most of this is from law enforcement, please explain how one is alive one moment then after being taken into custody IS dead?? The prosecutor did exactly the right thing, don’t mistake the blue wall of silence for no culpability in this mans death…

    • sara56

      I am not in law enforcement. I have worked in a mental institution and can tell you Gray did this to himself. You do know he ate lead paint chips when he was a child? I have seen many injuries inflicted by mentally ill people on themselves and others. So what proof do you have the officers did anything wrong? The judge sure did not see any evidence. Did you even read his statement?

    • billybobz

      Your white democRAT masters count on you blind, stupid slaves who infest the democRAT plantation to be and remain stupid.

      • Doreen Gaffney Barr

        You’re making yourself sound like an idiot. You don’t need one shred of help.

    • Doreen Gaffney Barr

      He could have been walking around with a cervical injury for days and then a slight head injury cause the total break. That’s why EMS always put car accident victims in a cervical collar on a long board even if they are up and walking at the scene.

      • BGills

        A much larger percentage of those being arrested tend to claim injury then most would care to admit. Some inspired by dreams of a lucrative lawsuit, others just to delay booking, and incarceration.

    • CarolinaCries

      Didn’t another prisoner in the van testify that he was ramming his head into the sides of the van and tossing himself around in an attempt to hurt himself? Apparently the “black judge” believed the testimony from the other prisoners in the van that said the ride wasn’t rough. But of course that doesn’t fit the “police only kill blacks” agenda so no one in the streets want to believe the facts.

  147. Wakita Sioux

    She too can boil in hot oil.

  148. Swen Larsen

    Mosby and Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore, threw a highly intelligent, educated and experienced police commissioner, Anthony Batts, under the bus and used him as the scapegoat for their own failures. Tony Batts was turning the department around to combat the corruption and low standards that were endemic to the Baltimore police force. The seat buckle rule that was issued to prevent just that kind of problem was one of his new rules and yet he gets blamed. Making it all the more disgusting was Batts is a black man with a Ph.D. and a career in police work going back to the 1980’s capped by serving as chief of police in two major cities in California. Well maybe Tony got police work out of his system and will move onto something new. Maybe he could be the next Mayor of Baltimore? Now wouldn’t that be ironic.

  149. Dena Reid-Esquire

    I’m laughing at how stupid and gullible everyone who commented is. Lmao

    • Colonel Angus

      Enjoy your laugh, Dena Reid-Esquire. I never saw “Esquire” spelled out and separated from the name by a hyphen before. Moron.

      • billybobz

        You know how it is when dealing with low class, low intelligence apes like that. I seen her sister in the grocery store yesterday and when it was time to pay her bill, she said, “I’ll pay with my credit card,” and it was a food stamp card. Everybody in line had to turn away so the pig couldn’t see us trying to hide our laughter.

    • billybobz

      All those police officers who have killed black criminals all over America are all going free proving that BoweLMovements don’t matter.

      • Dawn Parker Green

        We get it and it’s not funny. No need to keep reposting.

  150. R. Lee Baker

    Guys get Prime and watch BOSCH enough said.

  151. monkeymanrises

    I knew from the beginning that making Little Richard a DA was a bad decision.

  152. monkeymanrises

    The Kenyan and his Lynch Mob will offer her a Cabinet Appointment for race relations.

  153. ArmyAviator

    That broad will never be disbarred. She is after all, BLACK. Blacks get all the slack cut for them possible. The rarely, if ever are forced to face the reality of THEIR racism or stupidity! Look at “The Rearend” Al $harpton as an example: He owes MILLIONS in back taxes and should be in the slammer. But, no, he’s an “advisor” to President 0bama!

    • Louis Brown

      Your white veiled dunce cap must be on a little too tight.

      • ArmyAviator

        When you are dead, you don’t know you are dead. This is a sorrow felt by others. It’s the same thing when you are stupid, and you sadly are.

        • DOUBLE BARREL .45

          When you are keyboard tuff….ect ect..

      • billybobz

        You wish you were white you pathetic POS. We don’t expect intelligence for blivets like you and you don’t disappoint us.

    • Doreen Gaffney Barr

      Another reason I disagree with Obama. If he cant see what Sharpton is, that’s very telling about his judgment.

  154. BGills

    If cries of racism are unsuccessful at saving her from the Justice she clearly deserves, her default position might likely be that she was unqualified to hold the position of prosecutor to begin with, and was recklessly vaulted to the position via affirmative action. Either way she will undoubtedly claim victimization for herself…


      All of you guys are fuck faces!

      • Katrina

        Have you ever thought of what kind of representative you are for your race?

        • Doreen Gaffney Barr

          That is never given any thought because they apparently don’t care. About anything

        • ArmyAviator

          You sure are showing what not to represent for YOUR race! What a dweeb comment, “representative of your race.” Were you born ignorant, or is it an acquired trait?

      • Solution1776

        Violence, violence, violence. That’s the only response you have to anything you don’t agree with. You aren’t a defender of the black race, you are an oppressor.

        • Bob McHugh

          Why are you giving this person a response? you know by reading previous posts he has nothing to say other than being ignorant, his come backs aren’t even worth the time to read.

          • Katrina

            I hadn’t read his previous posts, but good point. I think it is a small minority of both races that are that ignorant and hateful. I’ve found myself answering some such nonsense and painting with a broad brush before thinking through the way I truly feel and who/what I respond to. It is character and actions that define a person, not color. It is the hate and ignorance from a few on both sides that keeps the divide. I think the majority of all people can get along so long as we don’t get baited into reacting with too much emotion to the few who are ignorant or trying to widen that divide.

          • ForTheLulz

            Then why are you defining these people by their color by calling them representatives of their race? I think you need to double check your logic and stop sliding racist undertones into your commentary.

          • Bob McHugh

            I suppose it comes with the territory, there is nothing to see other than ignorance – he has nothing to contribute other than hate. So, I don’t let his ignorance bother me, but can you imagine being around someone like that more than 2 minutes in a day? Life is too short for his type of nonsense.

    • Doreen Gaffney Barr

      Absolutely. It’s never accept responsibility. It’s always cry racism and lie.

  155. princess luna

    I’d also be willing to bet her law school records wont reflect, shall we say, getting a lot of help to get through!

  156. princess luna

    This woman has done a terribly unprofessional job as prosecutor – making preliminary, unsupported and even false statements in the press while as case is on going, filing charges with very little probable cause and failing to win serious, high profile cases – she needs to be removed from office!

  157. Fultzy

    what of the damage done to law enforcement in an already toxic environment in Baltimore? What of the damaged relationship between police & prosecutors necessary to do justice effectively? No need for disbarment to see this ethical disaster because it has already occurred. Shameful, selfish woman who chose personal ambition and abandoned her duty and oath as a public servant.

  158. Katrina

    Mosby took the lead but wasn’t alone in this debacle. Mayor SRB got the ball rolling with “giving them room to destroy”. She is probably happy as a clam to get the eyes off herself. The entire leadership of Baltimore seems corrupt and ignorant, and they were all in it together. That entire city needs a good housecleaning. How many rioters were charged for the destruction they caused other than the one arsonist? It is almost as if the rioters were working For the city leadership. It all began with orders from Mosby and SRB to clean up the very area where Fred was arrested.

    • archon41

      Let’s study on the timing here. Gray expired on 4-19, and the autopsy was performed. The CVS wasn’t torched until 4-27. The medical examiner concluded, on the basis of both the medical evidence and the now notorious video, that Gray was uninjured when placed in the van. The riots were incited by lurid rumors that Gray was “folded” and beaten by the arresting officers, then subjected to a “rough ride.” It couldn’t have taken Mosby long to become aware of the findings of the medical examiner, and she knew from the outset that there was not a grain of credible evidence to support the “rough ride” claim. So here’s the question: Would the riots have occurred, had the relevant facts not been suppressed?

      • Marty Smith

        Now you can add criminal negligence to her list of charges.

    • billybobz

      This is what you get when you put apes in charge of the zoo!

      • Katrina

        You have nothing to say in regard to the topic, only your ad hominem attacks. Have you ever thought of what kind of representative you are for your race?

        • ForTheLulz

          No one person represents any race, stop with your race baiting logical fallacy, dumbass.

        • billybobz

          I stand for my race, rather than bowing down to a bunch of cowardly, low class, low intelligent black blivets.

          BoweLMovements don’t matter to me!

      • Dale Alexander

        Your momma puss looks like an app’s and you smell like one.

        • Doreen Gaffney Barr

          How mature and intelligent? Are you a family member perhaps?

          • billybobz

            just a pet of some white family.

        • billybobz

          I don’t blame you apes for dreaming of white women when you’re stuck with the apes who pass for women in the black sewers of America.

          I loved it when that officer in Allen body slammed that howling ape on tv. You did know that he as not indicted. It’s so hysterical watching you cock roaches squeal as cop after cop kills black criminals and are freed by the law. Because BoweLMovements don’t matter.

  159. thebeeishorrid

    “Probably Cause”? Are you freaking kidding me?

    • Debbie

      I think that’s called typo. We all make them now and then.

  160. Bobby

    It was pretty obvious from the start that what she did would have to come back around and bite her in the ass. I was looking forward to it, actually. She threw the whole police department under the bus, caused crime to multiply, all in a pathetic attempt to get some fame. Then again, it’s Baltimore, so…

  161. archon41

    “Don’t rock the van” is the moral of this tale, particularly if shackled, because standing, in such a confined area, can put you at risk for an unsupported fall, as noted in Gray’s autopsy report. It is particularly unwise to attempt this maneuver if, like Gray, you are jacked up on black tar heroin or some other “opioid” (From the autopsy report: ‘Admission toxicological testing was positive for the presence of opiates and cannabinoid.’) And it is probably the wiser course to refrain feigning serious injury, crying out emotively, if you want peace officers to be able to tell if you have sustained a legitimate injury.

  162. Floyd Hatcher

    Future food stamp recipient.


      Keyboard tuff hahaha fuckin loser

      • Doreen Gaffney Barr

        You need one, right between the eyes. Certainly won’t impair your intelligence.

        • DOUBLE BARREL .45

          You need one, right between the legs. Get your mind out of my business

  163. Count_Iblis

    I give it less than a week before someone claims racism because Mosby is black.

    • CarolinaCries

      Oh I’m sure it’s already being screamed! Doesn’t matter if the law is broken, if you are black it’s racism to be called out on anything.

      • DOUBLE BARREL .45

        …..and you!

      • Gerald Banks

        I’m Black and I agree with you. Racism has become the “go to” word that used way too much, so much that it’s losing it’s currency with many people, even Blacks. People can’t even do their jobs for bear of being called racist or self-hating. (Just had the same conversation with a group of Black men yesterday and we all agreed, when it’s time to call out someone for racism no one is going to listen.)

        • Katrina

          Thank you for making the most sense on the topic I’ve seen on here. If you do something wrong, you should be called on it no matter your color; and also, no one should be given a pass due to color. If we could get rid of that word and the feelings it brings up, the world would be a better place. What I find deeply disturbing is the President and First Lady seem to be the first to imply it even after attaining their positions. I see them hindering race relations more than helping.

          • Candice White

            Your comment proves your stupidity racism is alive and well in this country an only an idiot would think other wise.

        • TopTC

          I agree, but “it” has never been about race or gender or religion or the environment or climate or anything else that “it” is always purported to be. “It” has been and is complete infiltration of America and all of our institutions from the inside by cultural Marxism and communism. Blacks are only but one of the “tools” used to accomplish this. IMO, it’s time for black leaders to step up and start leading the charge to fight the ideology that caused this (namely, the Democrat party) & stop focusing on “whitey.” I know that’s simplifying things, but the bottom line is that there’s always a “bottom line,” and this one is communism. Just my observation …

          • Devil Dawg 223

            Now your think it’s time? Let’s start with finding a black leader. The leadership does not exist. Race hustlers have never had it Better. The majority of blacks can’t even see they have been plaid by the dem party for 30 years..

          • ArmyAviator

            Blacks have been “played” by Democrats (who hate them) for much longer than 30 years! It’s more like 50 years, since LBJ cornered their votes. Every Democrat since, has played the “race card” and what’s it gotten black folks…NUTHIN’ but poverty, race war and hatred.

          • djtorchMusic

            As bad as Democrats are the GOP is twice as bad on a good day.

          • billybobz

            Your democRAT masters count on you ‘useful idiots’ who infest the democRAT plantation to be and remain stupid.

          • samf1953

            Can I have an example or two?

          • wwj745

            They have convinced you only repubs say bigoted things. They tell you how transparent they will be then when a really important bill comes up they say “you have to pass it to see whats in it”. Why? Because they are above everyone and knew they lied to get it passed because the American were to stupid to pass it {that includes dems}.If you need more examples let me know. BTW I am not a repub


            Then Josh Ernest says “how transparent” they were about the healthcare bill. Even though we were not allowed to see it until it passed. Are the dems stupid? Absolutely. Look at Clinton and her history of lies and unethical behavior. Yet she is your candidate? Here is how the dems view your votes. They will erase what you wrote on paper to get the results the crooked electronic machines spit out.


            And speaking of bigots. Senator Joe Biden fills us in on who works at convenience stores: “You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent … I’m not joking.”

            Howard Dean reaches out: “I still want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks.”

            Bil Clinton about Obama, “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee,”

          • Greg Cobb

            Detroit and Chicago

          • Marci Dulier

            How about Detroit & Chicago

          • Travis Saunders

            HORSE SHIT!!! Show me a freakin city in bankruptcy and a shit hole thats been under republican control… I can show you 20 shitholes run by DEMORATS.

          • Ray Beane

            How about 2 states Louisiana and Kansas!

          • rhh33672

            Sad. That’s all you can bring up?

          • Frank L. Hayes

            How about the federal government under Bush.

          • ILMFUN

            Obama has added more debt than all previous presidents combined. You think that creating the largest stock market bubble in the history of the world is proof of Obama’s success then you are as dumb as your initial statement alludes to.

          • Malik Wilson

            Show proof of this statement.

          • PawneeBill47

            Look it up yourself stupid, it’s out there…………lazy ass.

          • Frank L. Hayes

            Malik, all they can do is quote BS. They have noting to support, just a bunch of crap they heard from their saviors over at FAUX news where they do nothing but hire women and then force them to have sex or they lose their jobs.

          • Todd Duffey

            Google Bush vs Obama deficit.
            Or http://www.itdoesnotaddup.com
            I researched it.
            You can choose to believe whatever you choose.
            I have some oceanfront property in Arizona for sale!!

          • June Fletcher Reynolds

            There is supporting evidence.

          • ryan mcguinness

            Frank doesn’t want to admit he’s living on the Democratic Plantation. Fox news at least has Democrats on the show.Look at any black ran Democratic city? You keep voting the same thing and getting the same result. Obama is half white. His father left, shocking. I want blacks to do well but they have to help themselves first.. By the way, my wife is black and is Republican. She owes her own business and has come from nothing. I bet you think she’s an uncle Tom?

          • Hotty13

            Before Obama was President there was Bush did you forget that? I do believe that Bush was Republican and did nothing but lose everything Clinton worked so hard for. So again, you tell me a Republican that did something different?

          • ryan mcguinness

            I hate Bush. What did Clinton really do besides raping women? He didn’t start the dot.com boom. I voted for Clinton. In the 90’s the Democratic Party cared about the middle class. I’m an independent. What I got from the DNC. White Middle Class don’t live in America. I’ll wait be waiting for the typical Liberal comment of “You’re a Racist”?

          • Pat Demasco

            Clinton had a chance to kill Bin Laden and blew it. Bush initiated the mission to get Bin Laden. And Obama and Hillary took the credit for a mission started before he got into office. I never hear them mention the brave navy seals that risked their lives anymore. It’s always I got Bin Laden. What a disgrace and total slap in the face of the brave men that accomplished it. If Obama had designed the mission the navy seals would have been armed with chocolate, flowers, and love beads.

          • Joey Tranchina

            That is another lie. And, anyone who knows how the orders for the mission to kill Usama went down knows that Barack Obama — and only President Obama — made the decision and gave the order to go. He only accepted credit after he was prepared to take the blame if the mission had failed for any reason.

            To tell that lie not only insults our president it disgraces each of the brave men and women who accomplished that mission.

            Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
            No one is entitled to their own facts.

            If you have facts that contradict the testimony of every witness in that room, put them on the table.

          • Dennis

            Frank you utter moron. Fox has been the number One news channel 15 years and have both parties in almost every segment. They have also been ranked the number one FACTUAL news station in America. Try not to be an idiot al your life

          • Joey Tranchina

            That’s flat not true.— except the part about Fox News ratings — I’m not the fact police here… If you have any integrity you’ll look that up and find out that Fox is the least accurate news network and Fox viewers the most misinformed. Look it up. There are several very good studies that show that.

          • Dennis

            Your so full of it it’s not even funny. Google 15% fact 85% opinion and see your news station. The worst in America

          • TopTC

            Dennis, while that may have been true up till now, it is true no longer. All we can claim is that a handful of FOX journalists are still interested in reporting factual info. Aside from that, FOX isn’t much more credible than CNN. I fully expect those journalists to shortly exit from FOX.

          • Pat Demasco

            That’s not fair Frank. Condemning an entire network because of one man’s mistake. It’s like condemning all blacks because of the crimes committed by other blacks.

          • Frank L. Hayes

            Malik, see my response to PawneeBill47 below.

          • ryan mcguinness

            it’s all over the internet…

          • Frank L. Hayes

            Regardless, i think a good many people have made a lot of money in that stock market bubble you refer to. And I will send you the same response i sent to PawneeBill since you are obviously from the same ilk.

            i have more intelligence in my little finger that you have in your small neanderthal brain. Conservatives (i.e., you) are the most ignorant, uninformed, lacking in common sense people in this country. All you know how to do is protect your guns and listen to your lame-brain heroes like Trump and Palin. You have no original thoughts, just resort to name calling because that is all you have the capacity for. You are all a bunch of sheep being led to slaughter. And contrary to you, I don’t worship money like your ignorant ass do. But at the same time, I have more money in ONE of my accounts than you have in your whole damn family. And yes, I am liberal and very proud of it. Why, because we use our brains, something you obviously don’t do. Hell, you probably haven’t read anything since high or maybe not even during high school. So please do not bother with all of the garbage spewing from that dirty mouth of your, just STFU.

          • Keebler

            You claim you are intelligent. Maybe this is true. However, you make a statement, then proceed to typical, not even original, liberal ‘logic’ and pseudo-moral superior claims with name calling thrown in for good measure. I am glad for you that you are wealthy, yet it surprises me that you are not distressed by the tax bracket you obviously are in. An intelligent man does not need to claim his intelligence, and a wealthy man will not tell anyone how wealthy he is, lest the IRS get wind of it.

          • Ronald W. Mann

            Most lieberals like you keebler with subzero iqs have only one defining characteristics major talented at insults taken from the DNC playbook

          • PawneeBill47

            I know all about you Frankie, former IRS agent, works at an accounting firm in Omaha, you be bad ass………….in your own mind. Nice dog on the porch picture. At least you have some class. Dog owners are generally good people…………..with some exceptions.

          • Frank L. Hayes

            Dude, I was away from the computer and just checked in and saw your response. I am glad you did some research on me. We got off on the wrong track for sure, but I bet you and I aren’t that different on some some level. Since you know so much about me, how about about you? Tell me more.

          • PawneeBill47

            If I did I would have to kill you.

          • June Fletcher Reynolds

            You are a nasty little name-calling man! Wants to brag about money (people who really have it don’t talk about it). Go back to kissing Hillary’s ass and see what it gets you.

          • Phil Modelle

            Trump must be broke then as he constantly reminds everyone how rich he supposedly is (while not releasing his tax returns)

          • Curtis A Baker

            You are a butthead because there is little reason to attack others for being ignorant. In fact you are a hypocrite because both parties are so corrupt that anyone that buys into either of them are deluded and brainwashed. Ignorance does not know any party affiliation, because both sides are equally insane.

          • Hotty13

            The best comment I have read all day!! Most people are sheep and don’t get that no matter who the president is nothing will change. They have accomplished what they wanted….divide and conquer!

          • ryan mcguinness

            Look at this liberal pushing his fascism. Telling people how smart he is. You sound like a racist baiter. Most blacks are were they are because of being fu**ck ups. Blame whitey for things that happened 160 years ago. You sound like the neighborhood idiot? I’m an independent and this country is sick of the liberal garage. You’re about as sharp as a bowling ball. I thought the Republicans were bad. After this Wiki leaks dump it just proves how fu*cked up liberals really are. The illegal immigration is really going to help black people. You’re not the brightest guy? I find you to be out of touch with reality. I’ll tell you one thing. Killary Clinton will not be getting the INDY vote. Hopefully voter fraud is in your favor!!!!!!!

          • ILMFUN

            Fuck you and your ilk. I have been self employed for 15 years and have done VERY well. My 56 acre waterfront estate on the chesapeake is likely worth more than your entire portfolio. I don’t live there year round because I have several properties up and down the coast. Maybe I would take you sailing on my new Tartan 4700, the carbon fibre mast probably cost more than you made in the last 20 years.

            You must not be aware that 49 percent of americans have zero stock market investments. You can believe that Barry spending a few tril to create the largest stock market bubbble is an indication of economic success. What it proves is your ignorance.

          • ILMFUN

            Oh, i almost forgot about our 700 acre family farm dating back to the 1830’s that my sisters and I own. The last appraisal put the value at 27,600 per acre. Go fuck yourself

          • ILMFUN

            My accountants would disagree with your assessment of my portfolio. Luckily I don’t use some podunk firm from Omaha Nebraska like the one you have.

          • PawneeBill47

            Stupid is as stupid does.

          • DrMorq

            When Obama came into office, your party had taken a surplus and turned it into a 12 trillion dollar debt. The annual rate has GONE DOWN with every year under Obama…. And you bush clowns didnt even have the 2 wars he started on the books to make that 12 trillion dollar debt…
            So you losers kept the tax cuts for billionaires and Obama without any help from you traitors, turned the country around. You want to pretend that Obama caused the recession but the facts are that it started under Bush in 2007. And it was caused because of over 20 years of tax cuts for millionaires and increases on workers. It happened because you clowns gave away the surplus of the country so you could start wars.
            We are now at 4.9% unemployment. You couldnt even do that with 2 wars going on. In fact you clowns have NEVER had a unemployment number that low.,.. The DOW is hitting record highs every day
            And the debt is just over 16 trillion now… that means that Obama while fixing what you guys screwed up, and did it increasing the debt of just over 1/2 of what you clowns did.

            So yeah… I am calling you out and I am calling you a nasty racist liar!! Get it?


          • June Fletcher Reynolds


          • PawneeBill47

            You are a dumb ass. WHERE did the “surplus” come from dreamer? Check to see where the highway fund money went (gas taxes) and Social Security they ripped me off for. Now look up Dodd-Frank bill. When your LOSER Clinton raided OUR money to buy homes for people who could not afford the mortgages YOU thought it was an incredible deal. This is because you are stupid and lack knowledge or character.

          • PawneeBill47

            $20 trillion now you racist, ignorant liberal piece of shit. I HATE liars

          • ThrillKill

            Why are you so jealous of me.

          • Hotty13


          • Hotty13

            FOH the debt has been around for many years and it is going to rise no matter who is president. Are you saying if Trump wins you really believe that debt will disappear? People are sheep!

          • Joey Tranchina

            What situation was the economy in on day one of the Obama presidency? Was he responsible for that disaster?

            Has he patched things up? Are there still vulnerabilities, you bet you’re butt there are, but you show disrespect for the job PBO has done guiding the country out of the worst recession since the great depression. Things could have gone much worse.

            PS. I’m someone who thinks we are not out of the woods yet, but that your comment is unjust.

          • Joey Tranchina

            Are you all too stupid to analyze the talk radio lies that you repeat.

            What was the economic condition of this country when Obama became president?
            Who was responsible for that disaster? Who has intelligently guided us out of that swamp?
            Stabilized the economy, from a nosedive; kept the auto industry afloat. to recover?

            Why do you hate America and love this bunch of lies?

          • PawneeBill47

            Yeah, what about it stupid? Read the labor stats dumb ass. THIS asshole has done nothing for you, when will you get it in your head YOU have to do for YOURSELVES not buy into the LIE liberals are going to make you rich. Dumb ass!

          • Frank L. Hayes

            You know what PawneeBill47, i have more intelligence in my little finger that you have in your small neanderthal brain. Conservatives (i.e., you) are the most ignorant, uninformed, lacking in common sense people in this country. All you know how to do is protect your guns and listen to your lame-brain heroes like Trump and Palin. You have no original thoughts, just resort to name calling because that is all you have the capacity for. You are all a bunch of sheep being led to slaughter. And contrary to you, I don’t worship money like your ignorant ass do. But at the same time, I have more money in ONE of my accounts than you have in your whole damn family. And yes, I am liberal and very proud of it. Why, because we use our brains, something you obviously don’t do. Hell, you probably haven’t read anything since high or maybe not even during high school. So please do not bother with all of the garbage spewing from that dirty mouth of yours, just STFU.

          • PawneeBill47

            You fit the stereotypical plantation knee grow image, dumb, while saying others are uninformed, racist because you are too stupid and lazy to see your own “communities” are on fire from your own “community” and raging on FOX News because you hear “da Truff” from Don Lemons. Your type will never go anywhere, never amount to shit because you like 0bama will always blame others. Now shine my shoes bitch.

          • Frank L. Hayes

            HAHAHAHAHAHA………. I intimated before (that means “suggested” cause you probably don’t know what that word means) that I’ve accomplished 10 times more than your sorry racist ass has even thought about doing. You prove my point. Probably one of those people who woke up in November 2008 and realized that a black man was in charge and went crazy and then in 2012, when you almost had your sanity back, you thought about hanging yourself cause you couldn’t stand the idea that a black man AND his black family would be living in the white house for another 4 years. Well GET USED TO IT. You are not in control anymore and wont ever be again. Lastly, you would not be able to afford for me to shine your shoes cause you don’t make enough money on your garbage job to afford any shoes, not to mention getting them shined. You’re not on my level Mr. PawneeBill47 so do like an ostrich and stick your head back in the sand and leave those of us who have some knowledge alone so we can take care of the morons like you since you cant take care of yourself.

          • PawneeBill47

            Nah, I thought about hanging YOU. America cannot help the stupid, line forms to the right. All this bullshit about how “smart” you are and all you have “accomplished”, I’d put my career against yours any day, any month, any year. In trying to build up your self confidence you come across looking stupid. Who raised you? Grandma? Sems to be a thing in the hood, mom is a fuck up, doesn’t take care of her kids, grandma does out of a sense of duty because she didn’t take care of hers. You are pathetic if you think the Kenyan asshole is a good man or even a good human being, he’s a racist asshole like you who has done nothing more than to give pricks like you a dose of bad ass.

            Come and burn MY shit next time you are frustrated, come and try to kill ME. Many whites are afraid of blacks, I walk across the street to walk facing you. Fear you? No, Respect YOU? Even less. You are a nothing, a legend in your own mind but please, come on out, I will introduce you to Satan.

          • Frank L. Hayes

            I am not frustrated. Me thinks that’s you, Mr. PawneeBill47. It’s easy to hide behind a pseudonym. Confidence: Got that already, no need to build it. Career: Been there,done that more than once, all successful. I was not “raised” by anyone, I was reared by my mother and father and my grandmother and my grandfather, see i am from a nuclear family, how about you? Intelligence: Member of Mensa, look it up. And you finally say it, President Obama (the President of the United States) is a Kenyan, huh. Why don’t you just admit it, you hate the man because he is Black. Be honest, this Kenyan or the Muslim thing people like you like to use is just a way for you to hide what you really think. It’s okay to admit you are a racist. You’re not alone. There are a good many of you guys out there. No one is going to come take you away if you admit it. And on that word you used: FEAR. As FDR said (another President you probably despise), “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” So I am happy that you are not afraid. I am not afraid either. No one should be afraid, it causes unnecessary stress and makes you grow older earlier than you otherwise would. If you don’t believe me, ask your doctor. So I will close this by saying it has been stimulating chatting with you. So as you attend church tomorrow, please remember that GOD is love. Have a blessed Sunday.

          • June Fletcher Reynolds

            Lots of black racists out there too.

          • chickief

            You kids want to get in a pissing contest take it outside! You have both gone beyond the ridiculous with the name calling.

          • Hotty13

            F*ck that loser you shouldn’t even waste your breath on him. He knows you are right that is why all he can do is resort to name calling…..If he really believes that Trump or any Republican gives a crap about this country and everything is going to change he is a sheep and lacks knowledge.

          • Loren Jones

            And all this race-tinged vitriol comes from people who swear they aren’t racist. lol

            You can’t help but reveal your true selves.

          • PawneeBill47

            Yeah, we ALL KNOW blacks are not racist, YOUR folks never burn businesses, rape and kill white women, ambush white people, even victimize your OWN people. You’re class act, all of it third class. I admit, I hate black dope pedalers, rapists, murderers but I also hate WHITE ones, problem is YOUR folks demand shit for free and whine about something that occurred 150 years ago. Piss off.

          • Kyoshu Jordan

            You do know there are more Whites on welfare than blacks… So who is asking for free shit??? (YOU CAN ACTUALLY LOOK THAT UP… ITS IN BLACK AND WHITE) FYI.

          • PawneeBill47

            You DO know you are a dub ass right? Do the math idiot. 80% of the nation are WHITE. PER CAPITA, you are the3 Babe Ruth of leeches. But I duely note you did find a white woman to humiliate and wait on you! HAHAHAHA!

          • Kyoshu Jordan

            Even with that ratio it is disproportionate in favor of caucasians. I don’t humiliate my wife, my parents raised me right. LEARN HOW TO SPELL. YOU ARE SHOWING HOW UNEDUCATED YOU ARE… (dumb not dub) FUCKING RETARD.

          • PawneeBill47

            Look at the typical 90% representation of black asshole. You hit the 3 key on a worn out keyboard and all the sudden you lack intelligence. Look, moron. The FBI stats are THERE, your refusal to believe 70% of your 90% are feral slugs who get violent in an instant makes YOU the asshole. One thing is certain, now and then a white will fall in love with a black and a black fall in love with w white but by and large we do not like or trust each other. I grew up in a poor rural town with no stop lights, I had 4 close black friends from age 4 until about 6 years ago. When 0bamacare began to have a horrible affect on my wife’s treatment and I complained about it they called me racist. Lifelong friends who would rather defend a communist bent on destroying us than acknowledge facts to a lifelong friend. Yep, I figure YOU PEOPLE are pretty much all alike. Ignorant, in denial and crooked as a crocs tail.

          • Aaron Rhee

            Pawnee your mom is looking for the receipt…she wants to return your dumb-ass back to where you came from.

          • Vee

            go F yourself

          • PawneeBill47

            Your mother should have aborted you. Save the world another jack off.

          • Vee

            Your mother failed at swallowing, but obviously slurped down your brains.

          • Hotty13

            hahaha and Trump will?! When will people stop thinking any republican or democrat gives a crap about any of us.

          • PawneeBill47

            We really do not KNOW what he will do, we have had only lawyers and disbarred lawyers for 30 years!!

          • Todd Duffey

            Bush deficit was much less than it currently is
            Obama deficit is 3 times worse. Research it.
            Not defending Bush at all. Bill Clinton was a lot better with money.

          • ryan mcguinness

            Bush was horrible. I can admit that. Can you admit anything sir? Obama is a race baiting community organizer.

          • DrMorq


            the whole damned state. And the tax payers of this country will be forced to bail them out. Not the koch brothers who got the tax breaks, but the workers and the poor of this country will be forced to bail out the state, because they gave the revenue away to the koch brothers and their friends.
            Wisconsin is also on the edge. Because of scotty and his ties with the kochs…
            But thats okay… as long as the liars and cheats are cons, we dont have to change your name.


          • Kathy Hayes

            That’s because more Dems live and vote in cities, so of course that’s where you’ll find Democratic trouble. I can show you hundreds of shithole counties run by Republicans.

          • Joey Tranchina

            If politics is responsible for the economic woes of Detroit it is not local politics..

            What you wrote is meaningless.

          • Betty Echols

            Democrats have become a hate group.

          • cuchieddie

            BLM the new KKK with a an.

          • Ruth Banks


          • Ruth Banks

            Really…time for old thinkers to be gone..hopefully your children can think for themselves…do you even have a black friend to find out he bleed same as you? Smh..prayers to you

          • MSHolloway

            Wow that’s an odd comparison. KKK were cowards that hid behind white sheets at night. During the day they worked as judges, lawyers, law makers and the local police etc. BLM aren’t oppressing any group of people (including white). BLM has people of all races actively involved and they most certainly ARE NOT hiding.

          • June Fletcher Reynolds

            How can you lie like that? BML isn’t hiding and one reason why is that they don’t have jobs. They are always calling for White People to be killed. May God forgive you.

          • Phil Modelle

            Funny, I’m white and have marched with BLM and rather than call for me to be killed my black brother and sisters respected me and valued my involvement. Sad for you that you can’t see that it’s about focus, not exclusion. BLM doesn’t state that black lives matter more than yours, just that they matter as well.

          • Stacy Deitz

            Well that explains why yours lying a$$hole. Your racists just like your “friends” in the BLM are. You must hate the honkies and your one yourself. Okay okay. Sorry, correction your white trash while the rest of us white people are honkies.

            Yeah that fits you.

          • Phil Modelle

            Gotta love when white people say that supporting marginalized people against oppression makes me racist. Seem to be projecting a bit. I own a business and make great money. I’d be willing to bet that I pay more in taxes than you even make. If standing up to oppression makes me white trash then throw me away. I want nothing to do with your definition of whiteness.

          • Stacy Deitz

            No they ain’t marginalized. Well they could be but they did it to themselves. Not to mention that your president helped in it. He’s not my president! Why? Simple! I didn’t vote for him.

            P.S. I’m no trump fan. In fact I hate him. And I plan on writing a Cuban American in. But if this all keeps up I plan on voting for trump to stop the insanity of this fake race war you all created.

          • Phil Modelle

            What race war? You people are insane. You equate being against police brutality to being against the police and the acknowledgment of racial disparity in the criminal justice system to a race war. OK, great. Let’s apply that same logic everywhere. If you’re against child abuse then you must be against parents. If you’re against DUI then you hate driving. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? You listen to a sound bites of a few fringe people saying something screwed up like, “Death to cops!” and then judge an entire movement while simultaneously asking America not to judge the police based on the bad apples. You say you would vote for Trump, a buffoon who wishes to target entire ethnicities and further marginalize them, as a way to PREVENT some imagined race war. Cognitive dissonance is the only explanation. That, or deliberate and overt racism. Which is it?

          • MSHolloway

            I’m not sure what group BML is never heard of them. If they’re calling for white people to be murdered I’m against them too.

          • Stacy Deitz

            Actually I seen plenty of BLM MEMBERS having a gangster rag covering their faces and hoodies over their heads. Try again moron!

          • MSHolloway

            Hoodies are not limited to people of color most Americans own at least one. “Gangster rag”? Not sure what that is exactly, but if it covered their face maybe they were cold, MORON!

          • Robert Rachet Green

            find me a tree with a white man in it ? so new kkk is a bit much but i do think they radicals

          • June Fletcher Reynolds

            Find me one with a black in it.

          • blaze3016

            They have always been the hate group…

          • Malik Wilson

            How can something that was always a hate group “become” one? All that happened was the south started voting the other way against what blacks chose to vote for, America has a long history of hate, voting parties never stopped it.

          • Ergo

            The democrats have run every major metropolitan area for 50 years. They appoint the prosecutors, the judges and hire the cops. And you have the gall to blame the GOP. Maybe you should take your head out of your butt and hold democrats responsible for the horrors they have inflicted.

          • Hotty13

            50 years huh? 8 years ago a Republican ran this world and destroyed it oh yeah and till this day it is a Republican led House. In lamest terms since I guess you don’t get it….the Republicans have been making the decisions and screwed up and still are. The President can’t just pass laws so you can’t just point the finger at once person. SHEEP!!

          • ryan mcguinness

            Ronald Reagan. I can admit Bush was horrible but you can’t admit Obama is brutal. I thought he was going to help his people? I mean he’s half white but always forgets that. Hasn’t Black unemployment doubled under him? Hillary is for the women as long as it’s not Bill’s rape victims…

          • cuchieddie

            Is that what your momma’s been whispering in your ear since birth torch?

          • TheLight

            Sorry, but if this was Family Feud you’d get a big red X for that answer.

          • blaze3016

            Drinking the kool-aid has gotten to your brain…

          • PawneeBill47

            Yeah well keep lying to yourself, it’s worked to keep the Democrats in office for years and truthfully if you buy into their bullshit you’re a dumb ass anyway. Or……….maybe you just hate America and want her to die!!

          • Jim Stone

            How can you tell,,most all major American city’s are run by democratic leaders

          • Ronald W. Mann

            Who told you that, Killary? I dropped out of the pub party three years ago, consider myself an independent conservative. Problem there is there are no longer any conservative democrats, the party has veered so far left it just dropped off the face of the earth

          • djtorchMusic

            I believe it’s all perspective because Hillary is about as “conservative” for a Democrat, you can get. I’ve heard MANY Democrats describe her as “Republican Light” and that’s why the GOP actually prefers Clinton over Trump. They can control her Trump is so crazy and destructive who knows what he’ll do? I’m not sure what it is about the Liberal agenda you don’t like but I’d like to hear.

          • Malik Wilson

            Poor whites have been played by Republicans for the same period and what has it gotten them? Nothing but false pride and the same bills and conditions they had before they pledged their life to them, many things can be compared for the record.

          • Joellen Wortham

            I own my home paid in full so has my kids working on gkids they are ahead of most cars pay cash each time kids too we cover and work to take care of business still about family in all generation play time to make sure bond stays just like all generation since great great grandparents all republicans

          • Malik Wilson

            I own three homes and five lots and much more, I don’t vote for anyone nor do I support politics. Blacks have voted for many years now and nothing has changed at all. I also don’t join groups that pit me against other people who are doing as bad or worse than I am. I happen to be able t think for myself quit well without someone telling me what I should see or shouldn’t.

          • Joellen Wortham

            Then why answer any of this why not return to your perfect world this us about making a statement or questions about the world events what you type is a boost nothing to do with anything else.I was stating it cause if it comes down to Fema camps they will put the poor in one location to be able to take care of them.i put up and paid for all my bills so if it came to that we can take care of ourselves here .ughhhhh you can’t fix stupid

          • Russell Dyess

            Ma’am If anyone finds themselves in a FEMA camp, it wont be for their protection. More like an American Auschwitz

          • Joey Tranchina

            ” FEMA camp” This is paranoid crazy talk.
            Just thought I’d mention it.

          • Robert Small

            You don’t vote? Then your opinion, at this point, doesn’t matter.

          • ryan mcguinness

            Nice try. Keep living on the Democratic Plantation. like President Johnson said who was a Democrat: Will have those ni**ers voting Democrat for 200 years. My wife is Black and owns her own business. She votes Republican. I’m sure you think she’s an uncle Tom? She claims the only time Democrats care about blacks is election time. Sorry but I don’t want to pay anymore taxes. Democrats want mass immigration which kills the middle class white man and black man. Maybe if you ever own your own business you’ll see how fast you’ll run away from Democrats. I hope one day you do own a business and see…

          • Malik Wilson

            Try not to assume, it makes you look white, I wouldn’t vote for Hillary either, I wouldn’t vote for a republican outside of Trump though, because they are the old Democratic party, which is the old slave party..

          • ryan mcguinness

            I’m white and proud. In America everybody can have Pride but White People. By the way my wife is black.

          • x38_Specia1x

            You said that already, and he wasn’t arguing your point. What’s your problem, other than your lack of comprehension? I mean…damn lol

          • Elizabeth Matthews

            I am a Human and proud.

          • John Hancock

            You’re still a fat pig.

          • Elizabeth Matthews

            I’m sure you ugly as hell,and your mother’s a whore that birth a fag.Lol

          • John Hancock

            Ironic comment is ironic. You couldn’t get laid if you walked naked into a men’s (or women’s) prison with an 8ball of coke and a fistful of pardons.

          • Elizabeth Matthews

            Show your pic punk,I bet your ugly bald and fat fuck.Plus you stink I’m sure.lol

          • John Hancock

            Confirmed. You’re a fat beast.

          • Elizabeth Matthews

            Confirm you are ugly WoodPecker.Ha Ha

          • John Hancock

            That’s debatable. The human part, that is.

          • Elizabeth Matthews

            What’s debatable is that you have a penis punk.lol

          • John Hancock

            You’re still fat.

          • Elizabeth Matthews

            Deplorable punk.

          • John Hancock

            You can’t even see your own disgusting cunt, fatso.

          • Elizabeth Matthews

            Again show your face ugly punk lo. You freakin coward.

          • John Hancock

            What’s it like to weigh 2 bills, you pig.

          • John Hancock

            You have a face a mother wouldn’t love. You’re legendarily ugly.

          • Dennis

            There you have it wrong. The liberals promoted the lies of dixiecrat where somehow magically the Republicans and democrats swapped their entire platform about blacks. What a crock of horseshit that’s been proven a lie over and over. Democrats starting with LBJ simply learned how to keep blacks in their place and subserviant with more and more handouts. Again, Margrat Sanger, Hillary’s hero, started of Planned Parenthood, started PP to kill as many black babies as possible to keep black population down. A fast seach on youtube of Margaret Sanger and you will hear her speak those very words.

          • Wayne "Grandpaw" Watrous

            Okay gang, the Demoncrats were the ones that started the KKK. General Nathan Bedford Forrest of the Confederate Army of America was the first Grand Dragon of the KKK. Guess what party he belonged to? Later in life he seemed to have repented of his ways and distanced himself from the KKK so that explains why the Demoncrats want to forget him and take down his statue. However, good or bad, he is a part of our history. One of my “black” friends told me, “Have you ever noticed that every major ghetto has a railroad running through it? That’s so it is easier to load you on a train.” Never thought of it that way, but he may be right. Demoncrats have been the racists from day one. Check out the vote when blacks got the right to vote. Republicans voted for it Demoncrats 100% against. So if they are using the race card, don’t fall into that trap. We are much greater than the color of our skin. We are Americans and we can overcome any dumb-ass that thinks we are different because of the color of our skin. Well, we are different colors, but that just makes us all more interesting!

          • Malik Wilson

            If you think people don’t know that or maybe it makes you feel good to tell them, in either case, you would also have to show proof that Republicans are not the hard core bible thumping racist that they are.

          • Wayne "Grandpaw" Watrous

            Why? What ever happened to Innocent until proven guilty? I worry more about the racist Democrats that hide their racism. Check the emails that got leaked and tell me the DNC is not racist. And what is bad about being a Bible thumper? I believe that God created all mankind to be equal. Color of skin is just a cosmetic difference to me. It makes us all that much more interesting. There are words on paper that proves the DNC is racist.

          • Dennis

            Try not to beloieve the morons of liberal media and read actual history of which party has actually fought for equality for erticularly for blacks. Otherwise you live in a complete world of ignorance, brainwashed by the fools of TV.

          • Joey Tranchina

            What you wrote is a lie form beginning to end unless you are that ignorant.

          • diverdown68

            There are plenty of Republicans that don’t thump the bible and the far majority are absolutely not racist, that’s a bs line that keeps getting trumpeted. I have middle of the line political views but would vote Conservative because I like smaller government and less taxes. Big government is never a good thing and that’s what I see the Democratic party pushing. We’re all smart enough to make our way in life, and yes some of us do need a helping hand, but it shouldn’t be at expense of others. Honestly, I would love the Libertarian party to be a truly viable option so should vote for them. This years Presidential candidates make me sigh.

          • Viktor Zsigrai

            history always repeating itself

          • robdesign

            Today’s Democratic party is more like the Republican party of which you speak and Republicans more like the Democrats of old (NC anyone?). Particularly starting with Goldwater’s opposition to Civil Rights saw a large shift from the Democratic party, particularly in the South, to the Republicans. History has valuable lessons but one must tell the entire story rather than paint a broad brush that sends false implications.

          • IdahoFrank

            Bullbutter! This is false…

          • Kelvin Hoffman

            both sides are corrupt criminals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Joey Tranchina

            Actually that is cynical and ignorant bar-room BS. Both sides have decent & dedicated public servants mixed in with many self-serving corrupt lying creeps. But that lose talk does a disservice to the many elected public officials who do a decent job.

          • Bruce Chowning

            Pure hogwash. Today’s democrats only want the black folks for their votes. They keep them in poverty. The Republicans never did that and never will. We’ve always taught that people need a hand up not a hand out. Civil Rights laws were ALWAYS begun by Republicans. Yes, the Democrats got to sign the Civil Rights act of 1964 but not all the Democrats even voted for it. The Republican response? 100%. The Civil Rights Act of 1957? Republicans 100% the Democrats? Not even JFK or LBJ voted for it.

            Please take your nonsense elsewhere

          • Joey Tranchina

            Don’ even talk like you care about Black people.. There is no division anyone who works for a living is being screwed by the elitists of both parties but there is a core of the Democratic party that is much more progressive and positive for labor. the GOp has never been for the working person… ever.

          • Bruce Chowning

            If I didn’t care for Black people, I’d be a Democrat. I notice that you didn’t even try to answer my points.

          • melmc13

            Actually, I’ve checked the numbers. The Republicans did not vote 100% for the 1964 Civil Rights Act, though the % of Republicans (136-35 on the Senate version or 79.53216% for) was far above the total average, of course making the % among Democrats (153-91 on the Senate version or 62.70491%) a good bit below the average of all Congressmen voting for the act (289-126 on the Senate version or 69.6638554%). In looking at the 1957 Civil Rights act (Republicans 167-19 for [89.7848% for], Democrats 118-107 for [52.44444444% for], with a total vote of 285-126 for [69.343% for overall]) I just wanted to have that more accurately presented. In any case, robdesign is merely expressing his wishful thinking on the matter. You’re right that what he said was pure hogwash.

          • Joey Tranchina

            I’ve read all of these comments without saying anything, but for the sake of historical accuracy, when LBJ signed the Civil Rights laws Southern racists switched parties, and everybody know it. To Blame the KKK on the contemporary Democratic Party when the KKK is currently and vocally aligned with the contemporary Republican Party is nothing but a goddamned lie.

            You can repeat that lie, but only to folks who want to be lied to. Yes, it is both beautiful and true to say: “We are Americans and we can overcome any dumb-ass that thinks we are different because of the color of our skin. Well, we are different colors, but that just makes us all more interesting!” but that does not change the fact that there are many racists in a American society, or that some of them wear blue. Nor does it change the fact that any cop who tolerates racist behavior endangers his own life and that of every other good cop on the street. Those are facts too.

          • Bruce Chowning

            To blame the KKK on the Democrats of today is both true historically and for today. Today’s democratic elites don’t give a damn about helping Black folk. They only want the vote. The Democratic party has thrown money at the poor blacks for 60 years and today….they are still poor. Just look at Detroit, Chicago, Flint, etc today. Which cities in America have the most problems? Those run by Democrats. Do you think I’m wrong? Look it up for yourselves. But don’t lay this wishful thinking on real true American Republicans.

            Yes LBJ signed the Civil Rights act of 64….but did he vote for the Civil Rights Act of 57? No….nor did JFK. Civil rights was FORCED on them because of a REPUBLICAN….Martin Luther King Jr. and his non violent forces

          • Joey Tranchina

            You start with history, then you refuse to admit that facts of when the parties flipped, Everything after that is a lie. The racist Dixiecrats abandoned the Democratic party and the racist state-rights loving’ South became solidly Republican. Do you imagine those racists changed & joined the party of Lincoln, who they dishonestly blame for starting the Civil War? Give me a break. You are making stuff up that would not pas a high school US History test.

          • Dennis

            There was never a flip. Only idiots still try that truly stupid “dixiecrat” horseshit lie that’s been disproven 1000 times. Try not to live your life in ignorance.

          • Joey Tranchina

            You are entitled to you own opinion.
            You are nit entitled to your own facts.

            You need a new source of information
            one where they don’t feed BS to morons..

            Get a Blue & Red US State map over the last 60 years.
            Your answer would earn an F in any high school or university US history class
            where facts still matter, maybe you’d get a pass at Liberty University
            but then they teach that there’s no constitutional separation of church & state
            and every word of the Bible is literally true, to those who build their lives on lies.

            Maybe you want to spread lies
            maybe you’re too stupid to know the difference.
            I no longer care. Bye.

          • Lewis Loflin

            I don’t know if poor whites were played by Republicans who in fact are hostile to them or they are forced to go there from all the anti-white racism from the Democrats.

          • Dennis

            Republicans have NEVER been hostile to blacks as all major legislation EVER passed for their benefit has initaited and been pushed by the republican party. What they absoluetly hate is the subserviant world the democrats created for blacks keeping them downtrodden and buying their votes with handouts. That’s what we hate. And please do not try the very tired lie liberals promote of the dixiecrat switch which somehow MAGICALLY the parties switched entire platforms. LBJ figured out how to keep “blacks in thier place”. PERIOD.

          • robdesign

            Lies. North Carolina voter law is a perfect example of Republican hostility toward blacks.

          • Dennis

            Your a complete idiot. Requiring voter ID so you can’t run from one polling place to the next and vote as many times as you like is common sense, dimwit

          • Joey Tranchina

            “Dimwit? ”

            If there was any evident of significant voter fraud that would be reasonable. Do your have any? No of course you don’t.

            The fact is there is evidence that the ID laws keep poor people from voting while there is ZERO evidence of significant voter fraud — in fact near absolute zero cases of voter fraud. Therefore there is no justification for the restriction. That’s why they are being overturned by the courts, because they were fraudulent in intent.

          • Bruce Chowning

            Zero evidence huh? You are not aware of 12 boxes of ballots found in Ohio this week all pre marked with Hillary and the other Dems ready to be turned in on election day? If there were 12 in one town……how many in the rest of the state?

            Did you not know that in Florida Obama got 141% of the vote in one county and that there were ZERO votes for Romney? This is a statistical impossibility. Did you also know that in every state that had this anomaly, Obama won the state? There were many.

            Were you also not aware that they caught Democrats this week registering DEAD people to vote in the election?

            THIS is what voter ID prevents

          • Bruce Chowning

            Preach it Brother!

          • Kelvin Hoffman

            everybody has been played by BOTH parties over the years……everyone just needs to OPEN their eyes and ears and listen closely to what both corrupt parties are telling people and make up your OWN MIND as to whether you want to continue to be lied to and played by either party………………………that’s why we need to stand TOGETHER and clean house…………………..

          • OBlamo Binlyen

            Poor whites are more likely to vote Democrat. Which is why they are poor. Below you say you “don’t vote for anyone” so by your own admission, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

          • signdoc


          • Kelvin Hoffman

            i’m a POOR WHITE but i sure as hell won’t vote for KILLARY or any demonrat………..

          • signdoc

            That’s why I am an Independent.

          • Irene Elizondo

            Are you not aware that whites voted in Obama.

          • Farantino Morgan

            i agree with malik BEST post and again i agree so true… land again here are republi-cons looking quite foolish thinking repub fake republicon TRUMP care for them smh

          • Christopher David Eaton

            Poor whites vote Democrat…you truly are ignorant.

          • Malik Wilson

            You haven’t been down south brilliant person.

          • Christopher David Eaton

            I live in the South, moron.

          • Malik Wilson

            Then you’re just a liar.

          • Ron Breaux

            They have played both blacks and whites and they will continue until they wake up and smell the coffee.

          • MsPeaceful

            Please tell me how the reps helped blacks

          • dilligaf

            The Republicans passed the Civil Rights Bill over Democratic objection. The Republicans passed the 15th Amendment over Democratic Objection (Prohibiting the restriction of the right to vote based on color) And they fought the Democratic organization (the KKK) on a number of fronts….. do your homework before you ask what the Republicans did to help Blacks. Martin Luther King was a Republican …. Maybe you should be asking what have the Democrats ever done for the Blacks, they want to lock them into being welfare slaves, Do what we say or we’ll stop giving you free stuff…… Only now the plantation owners are the Democratic Party Bosses.

          • MsPeaceful

            Really. Dontbtell. Mebwhsy I need to do last I checke,the reps arent the same reps as before. The damn racist tea party has joined the reps

          • dilligaf

            That is also a crock, started by the Democratic Party because they knew that they had done all those atrocities and tried yo get out of taking the responsibility. The Republicans are still the fiscally responsible party that fought for Civil Rights, Equal Rights and the Right for every citizen to vote. Unlike the Democrats who seem determined to make the USA a welfare state converting it back to the slavery (welfare slavery to the State) that they fought to maintain in the Civil War. And you, with your little mind are to blind-sighted because the Democratic Party told you something it MUST be true, well use that brain you have and do some research, they lied.

          • Dennis

            You really that ignorant in real life?

          • Mr Truth

            And the Republicans brought in those very Democrats in the South that opposed the Civil Rights Movement, because they couldn’t win the Presidency.

            Nixon: Southern Strategy.

            Look it up.

          • Dennis

            That very tired lie of the dixiecrat is a liberal pile of horseshit that has been proven such time and time again. What idiot would believe the two parties magically switched entire platforms? LBJ figured out how to buy the black vote and keep them subserviant with handouts. That’s real history.

          • Loren Jones

            You mean a Democratic POTUS passed the civil rights legislation, over the objections of conservatives and conservative Democrats, neé Dixicrats. Now the overwhelming number of conservatives infest the GOP.

            lol … The only useful idiots around here are you conservatives Republicans.

          • PawneeBill47

            You are so full of shit you could be a goose.

          • Dennis

            Don’t be an idiot. The Civil Rights movement was entirely Republican based and only a very small number of democrats even voted for it whan it passed. Try not to lie about easy history to check for anyone with a brain.

          • Loren Jones

            You’re a liar or a fool, pick one. lol The CIvil Rights movement was not born or influenced by a political party. It was people-powered and pushed forward by Democratic legislators, like LBJ.

            Oh’ and MLK was NOT a Republican. His father was, but he was not. OMG, do you people ever tire of lying? Have you no decency, or sense…at long last?!!

          • Dennis

            Try not to be a complete fool and read history, where I lived through it. LBJs ONLY intent was to enslave the black community with a welfare handout to keep you all subdued. He hated blacks as was made clear in may of his recorded discussions. There isn’t ONE democratic legislator you could name who brought up ANY truly helpful legislation for the black community. Read history. Don’t make up your own lies.

          • Dennis

            And I read several of your other posts. You qualify as a leading racist by anybodiees standard. No surprises. The ignorant truly are that way. Now come back with your gutter trash and make me your blatant racist. Just wait until any fool who bothers to click on your name sees quickly who the real racist is.

          • Gambler1745

            Martin Luther King Jr. was not a Republican. Or a Democrat.
            King was not a partisan and never endorsed any political candidate. In a 1958 interview, King said “I don’t think the Republican party is a party full of the almighty God nor is the Democratic party. They both have weaknesses … And I’m not inextricably bound to either party.”

          • Dennis

            Try ever major piece of legislation to make all races equal from abolishment of slavery , to given blacks to vote, to the civil rights movement and much more. All of these are Republican bills and legislation fought and only a small handful of libberals ever voted for.

          • MsPeaceful

            The reps andnthe dems.arw different now . the reps Like Donald Trump isnt worth it.i prefer Bernie sanders

          • Smee

            LBJ said he would have blacks voting democrat for the next 200 years, only he used the N word for black.

          • Teasip

            We, in Texas, are really proud of that old fool. He began the downfall of racial problems in the country. I had the misfortune of meeting Lyndon while I was in the Army. I was not impressed.

          • Ronald W. Mann

            LBJ actually made a statement that those n…..s would be voting for 20 years for his party after his own racist agenda was implemented

          • alanthegreat

            Actually it was 200 years.

          • Rahn Lawson

            this is true

          • djtorchMusic

            It’s “Played” and if you think the GOP is a better option then you must be “out of your mind”. The GOP might get a few more Black votes if they weren’t do busy saying bigoted shit. But, no they kept going and then Trump rain with it. In other words it’s better to be “Played” than “Enslaved”. Because that’s all the GOP has to offer.

          • Mike7781

            You got it all BACKWARDS, you need to research both PARTIES history if you want to know the TRUTH. DEM want a BIG GOVT to control everyone lives by making keeping them poor, fight against each other and telling you what you can do. While the RICH DEM don’t have to play there own rules. ITS the DEMs groups causing all the violence right now – you don’t see any REP groups causing violence.

          • d4j68

            They don’t want to research the history, because it’s an inconvenient truth to them. They keep wanting to throw the “Slavery” card, but the fact is, it was a Republican President that led the charge to abolish slavery, and more than 600,000 white men gave their lives toward that goal.

          • Loren Jones

            More than 600,000 white men, women, and children perpetuated and benefited from the institution of slavery.

          • PawneeBill47

            Had I known you would still be here whining about it I would have picked my own fuckin’ cotton. Have YOU ever known a slave owner? Ever been a slave? STFU then.

          • MSHolloway

            There was no cotton in Europe.

          • Mr Truth


          • Stacy Deitz

            Don’t break the law and true will be no police.

          • James Gordon

            It’s “so busy”.

          • NWI_Joe

            Maybe he meant “to busy,” in which case he REALLY meant “too busy.” 😀

          • James Gordon

            It’s “ran with it”.

          • Robert Davis

            Do you even think? You Dems pander and placate blacks and excuse their abhorrent behaviors. You expect them to act that way, and support their oppression, You are not a nice person.

          • Joellen Wortham

            Obama has Fema camps set up with everything he has given UN THE power to take over on American soil if these riots get to fever pitch they have brought in and reassigned enough UN and military to bring us all down they have everything ready and that’s why they set up each attack at the right time that it keeps everything off them British got smart and got out before totally flooding of immigrants once they flood us all hell will break lose and they call Marshall law and they are in office forever and we are run by the UN which is Obama’s main goal to be head of the world or NWO no borders all controlled by them

          • Loren Jones

            Lol … paranoid gobbledygook.

          • Joellen Wortham

            Type in NWO it’s all there type in Fema camps UN on America soil Why? Type in Obama NWO anyway you read it’s all out there it will be eye opening and dam scary

          • d4j68

            The Govt still has many “enslaved”. It’s called Welfare. The Dems are the ones who want to keep the free stuff flowing, so they can keep the votes.

          • MSHolloway

            You’re on the right page but your racial bigotry may not allow you to catch this point. Most of the distributed welfare money that Reps hate so much, go towards…..WHITE people. The rural south and midwest are loaded with poor REPUBLICAN white people that vote against their best interest. Aren’t you lucky. You’re 1 member of a group that isn’t intelligent enough to know THEY’re the problem. Tell “Buckey” I said Hello.

          • Greg Cavalcante

            Who ended slavery, made it illegal? Abraham Lincoln, the United States’ first republican president. Knowing the possible backlash, he did it anyway. He paid the ultimate price for his decision to abolish slavery. He was assassinated. Murdered. Killed. He made this sacrifice so that all black people could be given the liberty and freedom they had been denied.
            What party were the founders of the KKK affiliated with? Democrat.
            I thought these were now well known facts.
            It’s 2016, yet what has been said, sadly, is still true, those that wish to remain uneducated will do so.

          • Betty Stiletto

            I *think* and I’m saying think because I could be wrong) T he truth about Abe and slavery is more complicated than that. I’m still trying to suss out the information more likely to be based in fact and properly researched that shed doubt on his ‘altruistic’ motivation.

          • Greg Cavalcante

            You are correct Betty. I’m sure Lincoln may have had more in mind than just wanting to do what was right because it was right. But I wanted to keep my points simple.
            1) Lincoln, the nation’s first republican president ended slavery.
            2) KKK was given birth by southern democrats who could not accept the loss of the war or the slaves being freed.
            Another point I did not attempt to explain, I have never understood why someone who had been put in chains would continuously vote for those that put them in the chains as opposed to those that released them.

          • Betty Stiletto

            You keep your points simple, I envy that and your ability to be concise. I appreciate your voice of reason. Not just because you said I am correct, I appreciate being disagreed with too, if it’s fact and not prefaced by insults. If no one ever did that I’d still be saying things like “The Eskimo have 1000 words for snow” I’m glad I don’t.

          • Sage Moose

            Unlike most others Betty, I freely admit to being a simple man. There are a few things I know. Those that I do know, I will do my best to discuss them with some knowledge. That which I do not know, I only may comment on but try not to speak authoritatively on.
            Here’s a very short list of a few things I do know;
            1) Cats are Epic!
            2) Drums rule!
            3) People’s reading comprehension is painfully low.
            4) I don’t know why #3 is true, but sadly it is.
            I do have an idea though, it’s because too many people spend too much time on crap social media sites as opposed to using the net for its intended purpose. to freely exchange knowledge and information.
            If I knew everything that you know Ms. Stiletto, I would know that much more.

          • Paula Maricle

            That’s why the Democratic party was the founder of the KKK, that’s why Hillary admires Margaret Saner founder of planned parent hood who by the way wished nothing more than to have blacks exterminate themselves through abortion , you my friend need to do a little research.

          • Loren Jones

            A former confederate soldier founded the kkk. It had nothing to do with a political party. Funny thing though, the GOP now (in 2016) has the full support of white supremacy groups, including the kkk. David Duke proudly runs as a Republican. Stormfront regularly endorses Republican candidates.

            Oh’ but you don’t want to talk about that. Ha!

          • PawneeBill47

            DEMOCRATS founded it dumb ass, live your lie to the fullest.

          • dilligaf

            Bullcrap, it is the Democratic party that is rushing to enslave them, making them welfare slaves, unable to get out, unable to break the chains of the system. It was the Republicans, and Martin Luther King (a Republican) who got the Civil Rights act passed, It was the Republicans that passed the 15th Amendment, guaranteeing everyone a right to vote and prohibiting the restriction based on color. You have been fed a lie, it has been told to you over and over again until you believe it to be true, please do a little search, find out what political party started and supported the KKK (Democrats), then find out who got the Civil Right Act passed, find out who got EVERY man and woman over the legal age to vote, the right to vote, if you look into it you will find it was NOT the Democrats, it was the Republicans. The Democrats have been lying to you all along.

          • Warren Yarnall

            we already have a so-called ‘black leader…you see where that got us…

          • Betty Echols

            You haven’t been listening. YouTube these black men; Sheriff David Clarke of Wisconsin, Retired It Col. & retired congressman Allen West, ET Williams, and Rev David Manning….all are black and there’s more…just can’t think of the names..

          • Grumpyweaselteets

            yes sir…

          • Robert Rachet Green

            how did he hustler race sexual orientation yea

          • Sharon Burress

            Larry Elder, for one. Sowell and Carson for two more. There are magnificent Black leaders. We all need to get behind them.

          • cuchieddie

            They call those fools “suckers for life.”

          • Darrell

            Devil Dog we don’t need leadership that is defined by race, what we need are leaders that transcend race and gender or any other demographic out there. We have not had that in this country for a very long long time.

          • TopTC

            Apparently, you missed the entire premise of my post & chose to focus on one little phrase. Did you read the part about blacks being only one of the “tools” of the left to achieve their socialist/communist agenda?

            There ARE black leaders out there, not the least of them Dr. Ben Carson & Allen West, just to name two, & they’re doing very well speaking truth. But I’d also like to see pastors stop preaching “victimization” & start focusing more on things like black-on-black crime & how all of the major failing cities are run by Democrats & are keeping blacks oppressed, with little chance for upward mobility.

            Rather than post negativity & defeatism that doesn’t get us anywhere, I’m throwing ideas out there.

            More than anything right now, we MUST DEFEAT the Democrats!

          • Ruth Banks

            Obama after he leaves office to organize

          • Malik Wilson

            The majority of whites wont see how evil they are inside, they somehow find excuses for it in many way’s. It must be hard to find ways to hate things in life that have nothing to do with you or people you will never actually meet? Remember white people created the need for Al Sharpton and the like losers, had it not been so much hatred, there would have never been a MLK or anyone else, so try taking some responsibility for the inner hate you conceal as being justified while you prey to a god to forgive you.

          • John M. Zeigler

            The problem with finding strong black leaders who aren’t race baiters is that most of them are Republicans and would be labeled Uncle Toms or Aunt Jemimas or other racist names by Democratic Blacks.
            Today’s younger blacks never experienced the rampant racism and hate their grandparents, great grandparents, etc. suffered in the first part of the 20th century, up to the mid 60s primarily perpetrated by southern dixiecrats. They should do some research on the internet (blacks and the Republican party and blacks and the Democratic party to name a couple of topics to Google) instead of living on FB and Twitter and playing Pokiemon Go or other stupid fad games on their phones all the time. They might learn things: like most blacks were Republicans until 1965 or 66 when Johson (D) signed the Republican backed Civil Rights bill (after signing it he said “this will have every “N word” voting Democrat for the next hundred years.”); like the NAACP was started by Republicans to better black lives; like the NRA provided blacks weapons training in the 20s-30s to help them survive the holocaust perpetrated on them by racist bigoted Dixiecrats and their terrorist army the KKK; and much much more. Maybe black youths will learn that the Democrats aren’t their friends and buddies. Dems are keeping blacks in a place of dependency and subservience so blacks can be used for votes and to provide violence when Dems need it to help back up their lies. Obama has done virtually nothing for blacks other than give them “free phones” everyone else has to pay for. Black poverty and joblessness (especially for young black men) is at an all time high. Black on black crime and murders have gotten much worse .. see crime stats from all major cities, especially Chicago. Now the Dems want to bring in hordes of middle eastern “refugees,” most of whom are young men of fighting age (can we say ISIS plants to stir up more trouble). These people will be supplanting black folk by sucking up freebees and benefits so Dems can further their communist and socialist agendas (see Saul Alinski, see Cloward Piven, see the 10 pillars of Communism … Do your research … it’s all out there on the internet and accessible on smart phones). The middle easterners will try to impose Islam and Shariah law on all of us as they gain population (they are already trying in certain places where they are becoming the majority). How many ladies out there really want to live under Shariah law (look it up on the internet) and become second class citizens ehi are subservient to men?
            I could go on and on but I think you are smart enough to get the point. I’ve given you a few starting points to start doing research and become better informed. I truly hope I’ve provided a teaching moment that you yourself can expand upon if you would just get your face out of FB and Twitter and all the useless games and rumor mills and start thinking for yourselves. Have a fantastic day.

          • Loren Jones

            Black leaders? Who is your white leader? David Duke?

          • Stacy Deitz

            My leader is Jesus and God. Who’s yours?

          • disqus_aUWn8DRjvR

            Watch/listen to Joshua’s T
            rail; Follow Ben Carson, William Raspberry, the Sheriff from Wisconsin, etc…There are plenty of extremely smart black conservatives out there.

          • Praetorian

            Black people have just been played, and it is usually self-inflicted. Dems and Rep. do not give a damn about anyone who does not make a donation, which includes Whites and Hispanics also….We need a leader who represents America and it’s citizens-period!

          • Joey Tranchina

            Since you made a blanket statement, I don’t know who you were talking about but anyone who would call Congressman John Lewis a “race hustler” has no respect for humanity or for human courage and integrity.

          • Truthseeker 2000

            There are decent and responsible Blacks with the potential to lead, and who attempt to speak out but get shut down. Allen West, David Clark, many others.

          • Tom Oney

            I suggest that candidates for black leadership do exist. I would point to people like Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Condoleezza Rice and their peers in government, medicine, business and academia. These people are not the darlings of the media because the speak in measured tones, intelligently and without the bellicosity of the race hustlers. I would be nice to see the media seek out leaders of this nature that they could bring back into the public eye and celebrate. The problem is that does not fit the liberal agenda of victimhood that serves the party line.

          • mark davis

            In the end, you are so right. People like Al, Jesse, Lynch and Obama need to be chastised; not applauded. They are scum and are leading all black people down a road that has a big black hole at the end of it. They don’t care, because they get what they want out of it, but black america gets nothing!

          • Greg Cavalcante

            I was reading what you had written, got to the second sentence and thought they need more than just chastisement. Third and fourth sentence are spot on.
            And now that I think of it, I could simply have written, “spot on”.
            Spot On Mark!

          • Joellen Wortham

            You have George Soro’s handing out millions and you think their not gonna do what he wants you don’t know people very well then you have your first black president and they are in awww of him.We lost in the first hit to our country on top of that this president has spent more then the last 40 something has in his short time guess who we owe for that Saudi and that’s why the brotherhood is in our government calling shots it’s a war on us from outside and to the inside and GOD help us our own have no clue that the havoc they cause is for Marshall law,so they can control us forever

          • Greg Cavalcante

            Reading your comment I saw that awww was misspelled.
            I wasn’t gonna point it out. Got to thinking about it, I am the one who is mistaken.
            You’re use of awww is spot on. Awwwbama.
            Nice play on words Joellen. Well done!

          • Joellen Wortham

            Ty lol

          • TopTC

            Why are you attacking me for my opinion? I am wide awake & fully aware of what’s going on. I also believe that we, the people, can & are making a difference. Minority races are being seriously divided, with many who are waking up joining Trump’s camp IN RECORD NUMBERS. But their churches, like so many of ours, have been infiltrated by radical leftism which has been preached from the pulpit & needs to stop. Black preachers should take a different stance & stop preaching victimization. It is possible to do & could go far in helping race relations, no matter what that demon Soros tries to do. BLM & their minions are segregating themselves via their own behavior, & it’s time for somebody to start calling them on it & giving them the appropriate label of “domestic terrorists.”

            My sincere hope is that future POTUS Trump will be able to be the “great uniter” that Obama claimed to be and never was.

          • Bruce

            You’re still in the middle 20th Century. It’s called ISLAM.

          • TopTC

            Islam has been around for a very long time. But it took radical far-leftists, socialists, and communists to allow and encourage Islam to infiltrate the USA, with the hope that our country can be completely torn down from the inside and rebuilt as a totalitarian state and part of the one-world global government … “New World Order.” Our country was founded on the Judeo-Christian fundamental belief system, and our laws reflect that. The globalists are using Islam as a way to help purge Christianity and our very traditions and value system and even the idea of the “family” from this country so they can rebuild it with themselves at the helm as lead patriarch(s) and god(s). You might want to WAKE UP.

          • KAY ANDERSON

            Thank you for your comment Sir.

          • Marcus Garvey ll

            I agree that some accusations of racism are questionable, but White society bears partial responsibility for that. Centuries of White barbarism has cast a shadow of doubt in the minds of the children of the victims, similarly to that affecting women in search of justice for cruelties suffered at the hands of men.

          • Joey Tranchina

            Please define “cultural Marxism and communism.”

          • TopTC

            Seriously? That’s a disingenuous question and one that doesn’t need “defining” by me. The very fact that you ask that of me tells me that you know exactly what they are, and that you are one of them. Believe me, my copy of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” is dog-eared.

          • Bartis Hare

            Yes your right brother

          • Rahn Lawson

            it is so obvious to those of us who see it

        • Doreen Gaffney Barr

          That I agree with. When I was very young in the 60s during the Civil rights movement being called a racist was the lowest worse possible thing that someone could be called. It was reserved for the scum of the earth. It really meant something. Not today. If you disagree with President Obama ‘s handling of ISIS now you are a racist. That’s ridiculous.

          • Jenna Brew

            hes what us blacks like to call SELF HATING (Gerald)

          • leslie mclean

            You clearly made his point..

          • Gerald Banks

            Why do you call me self-hating? I LOVE being Black and I love my Black people but I am NOT prejudice against Whites or any others face nor am I racist. And correct Jenna because you don’t speak for ALL Blacks. Not all Blacks see everything that’s done as a race issue.

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            Your not even black, it’s the vernacular. You can steal pictures and say all that you want but the bottom is you’re not black. Nice try though.

          • Gerald Banks

            LOL LOL LOL I am about as Black at they come. How about a video of me saying words you have given me to say? LOL LOL LOL

            This is a perfect example of people believing what they want to believe even if you offer them empirical evidence.

            My guess is you don’t want me to be Black therefore in order for you to hold on to your biased belief you employ cognitive dissonance. SMH

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            Isn’t that the house ni&&er calling the field ni&&er a slave. LOL

          • OnCruzControl

            @Gerald Banks well, you are way on the other side so I think the label applies to you. Its one thing to see the point of some people and believe that yes some people use race card purely for wrong reasons.. That doesn’t mean they represent the majority who are claiming racism because they are indeed being prejudiced because of their race. I can’t wait to see how the cops in Louisiana explain shooting a black man even though they already have him pinned to the ground.

          • Gerald Banks

            So since I don’t agree with your views I am automatically labeled “self-hating”? (That’s just like some people do with the word “racism”, they use it automatically.)

            Racism exists and I don’t think anyone will argue about that. The problem is too many people JUMP to racism before even all the facts are in, If something is about race then yes, that’s what we should label it but we shouldn’t do it automatically. Get the FACTS FIRST then proceed from there is all I’m saying.

            And I agree with you about Alton Sterling, what need was there to shoot a man you have pinned down? And if you had to shoot him, why not just shoot him in the arm or leg, why kill him? My response to the video is: According to what I see in this video the police were WRONG!!!

            Now, was it racism? I DO NOT KNOW because I have no way of knowing what was going on in the mind of those officers. Do you? Maybe their history with the force will shed some light on that but one thing for sure, a man is dead and I see no reason for it. The only thing we can do is hope for a thorough and impartial investigation.

            My 61+ years of living on this earth and dealing with people on the job, family members, friends, church folks, etc. has taught me the importance of getting ALL THE FACTS FIRST before responding because people, even the ones you think have good sense and wouldn’t do certain things, will surprise you sometimes.

            I’m sure you can look back and remember times when people wrongly accused/judged you (and they really thought they were right) without having all the facts. It’s a bad feeling, isn’t it?

          • Drew

            What shooting was that? Never saw that one.

          • Greg Cobb

            Not everyone is this narrow, thank God.

          • Elle

            It’s amazing and ironic to me how many people who complain about racism actually perpetuate racism by erroneously thinking that there is more than one ‘race’ on this earth. Genomes and phenotypes do not equate to different races any more than melanin count does. I hope our species figures this out.

          • Greg Cavalcante

            As do I Elle. Realistically though we both know racism will never end.
            That’s not completely true. Racism will end when there is nought but one person left alive on Earth.
            Thinking further though, that may may not end it either.
            As long as that one person remembers what caused them to be the sole remaining survivor, they will more than likely remain bigoted.

          • TheLight

            Ummm…because he still had one arm free and was reaching for a gun which they DID find in his pocket.

          • Greg Cavalcante

            What you say is true. But he was down with two cops on top of him. IF they had to shoot him, I don’t think it had to be a fatal shot.

          • djtorchMusic

            ISIS is a BUSH/CHENEY thing. Let’s make that clear. People want ISIS gone even though the KKK still does shit. But, back to ISIS. Most people don’t think the President is doing enough some too much. This ISIS thing is a no win situation. I do find it really funny how people get amnesia about how much dirt BUSH actually did and then criticize the next guy who’s left to clean up this shit. Read up on Halliburton and I’m sure you’ll begin to “connect the dots”.

          • Doreen Gaffney Barr

            Thanks I will. I hated Bush. Never trusted a word he said. Dumb as a rock. But I’ll read it. Regardless of what Bush did, Obama has had 7 years to do something ÷

          • Drew

            Man, you truly have drank the dem kool-aid, and by the gallon. Unless you can provide facts, gtfo. Bush didn’t create ISIS and it want his thing. Anyone who is still having a problem with him is ignorant as the week is long. He was/is smarter than 90% of you commenting against him all the time, and 100% smarter than anyone on here coming against him. But please, continue on about how ISIS is all because of him and how dumb he is.

          • d4j68

            WOW! You really are THAT stupid!

        • pstroh

          I dislike blacks like you so much

          • Gerald Banks

            Please explain why?

          • charles

            Haha. Being black, informed and educated has never been popular

          • Gerald Banks

            Show me where it is written that “racism”, by definition, requires the power to influence? Who is the authority on that and where are they? Who decided this? All we have are academics, some who say yes and some who say no. So have you simply chosen the expanded definition that best suites your agenda and think that everyone show ride long with you?

          • Gerald Banks

            Have you seen the power Black Lives Matters have? Check out the Huntington Post and see the list of their awesome accomplishments. To do what BLM has done it takes POWER. Those young Black people came together and make things HAPPEN even though the way they went about some of it raises questions. To deny that Blacks have power denies the accomplishments of BLM which cannot be done.

          • charles

            Everything you just said is 100% correct but there is one characteristic that you are leaving out. Maybe the word I should have included was authority with power. Those young people are fighting against the system, not with it. As with many other movements like BAMN, the power is not something that comes with the authority to make change but the admission that a change has to be made, even if that means risking one’s life. The Haitian revolution, the French revolution are just examples in history where having the “power” to make change was at the expense of one’s freedom or life or both.

          • Gerald Banks

            “Authority with Power” does make more sense, at least to me.

            Simply defined, racism is: A
            belief in an innate inequality among races and conduct in accordance with that

            When “power” is added aren’t we talking about “institutional and/or systemic racism”? This is the area in which it impacts the entire race and can be oppressive not just an individual or small group.

            I’m really not sure if the word “racism” can really be clearly defined as it can get very complex when expanded because there is so much involved but as it’s very core as defined in the various dictionaries we can get the basic meaning that applies to everyone.

            Even if I thought that Blacks could not be racists because we lack the power I would not take solace in that because being prejudice and discriminating is horrible and only says that if I ever do get power I will be racist.

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            What power does Black Lives Matter have? Do they possess the ability to dictate where white people attend school? Live? How the police harass/brutalize them? You also know that BLM is not all black people right?

          • Gerald Banks

            I think it’s important to know the difference between racism and institutional racism. Many people don’t unfortunately. And guess what, I’m not even sure I understand it clearly either because so much is involved but one thing for sure, it’s very difficult to define because it’s one of those words that has so many different definitions that could be applied because it’s so complex.

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            I know the difference. Racism: White woman spits on and hits black man knocking his phone out his hand. White woman calls police and lies about being struck by black man, never mentioning she spit and hit him first and his reaction was self defense. Police believed white woman without a second thought. Video proves the white woman is lying, black man told the truth. Institutional Racism: Report comes out where a Nixon aide stated “We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities,””We could arrest their leaders. raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

          • Drew

            You have proven Geralds point with that definition. It is a BELIEF that one is superior, not that they are and can exert control. Please understand how those words fit together to make a definition.

          • NWI_Joe

            The definition in the link YOU posted doesn’t even use the word “power.” And it lists only the second (of three) definitions of “racism” as involving “a policy, system of government, etc.” that fosters racism. And “policy” can be set within a private group (like the KKK). So when you claim “Racism by definition does require the power to influence,” you are not only wrong, you are willfully wrong and trying to convince people that wrongness is truth. In short. and to be blunt, you’re lying. And since the proof is in the link YOU provided, you have been “hoist with your own petard.” Why don’t you look THAT up?

          • Scott Wittelsberger

            ‘Racism by definition does require the power to influence.’ No it doesn’t. What dictionary did that come from? That’s an invention by liberals in order to excuse their own racism.

          • Patrick

            It certainly is an invention by liberals… but, it’s about 46 years old now. I remember first hearing this definition in a college classroom, when the marxist regime first tried indoctrinating me.

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            Don’t dislike the photo, dislike the white person who stole the photo. Some how they think if they come from the place of a black person, people will take them serious.

          • Gerald Banks

            If you are really serious about thinking that I am not Black then please tell me what I can do to show you that I am Black. I have a webcam we can do Skype or Yahoo Messenger. Will that help? LOL LOL LOL

            It’s like you saying that I can’t have my views and still be a Black man. There has to be a word for that. LOL

            Anyway, with all the problems in the world the least of my problems is being called White because we have different views. SMH

            Being mistaken for White, Latino, Indian, Hawaiian, etc. is not at all an insult, it just reflect your thinking.

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            You can’t do anything to show me you’re black. When you realize no matter how much of their rhetoric you spew, they still view you as a ni&&er who is stupid enough to agree with them and spread the BS for them. NO BLACK I know save for coons and house negros say the isht you have said. In any case I have bigger fish to fry and arguing with a steppin fetching house ni&&er is not one of them. I wish you blessing and peace especially if you are stopped by a trigger happy LEO.

          • Gerald Banks

            Do you realize what you did? You stereotyped me and you felt you are justified. Now, if a White person would have done the same to you you would have cried “FOUL”.

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            Stop whining and get over it. Better I stereotype you than the police. At least I can’t shoot you in your head/chest/back then claim I feared for my life.

          • Gerald Banks

            I would lose horribly in a battle of insults with you as I have not had as much practice at it as you seem to have had.

            Thank you for sharing with me AreWeReallyIn2016?, you are a model of rationality and decency for us all.

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            And you’re a model for cooning and stepping and fetchin for house ni&&ers alike.

          • Gerald Banks

            You can’t claim to want equality yet you stereotype people because they don’t agree with everything you say. That’s hypocritical of you. You get upset when police and other stereotype.

            I am not upset with you because you do not agree with my views because I know I can’t expect others to. The nature of politics/beliefs will never allow us to all agree, that’s
            a reality and you need to accept that. I don’t claim to be right but I do claim to have views. You, on the other hand, seem to think your views are law and should be honored by everyone.

            Now it’s ad hominems because you lack a response for your stereotypical behavior. You are a bigot!!!!

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            Blah blah blah same old white washed rhetoric and bullisht. I learn from those who have a difference of opinion so I don’t mind someone disagreeing with me, what I do mind is you licking up and spewing back out the regurgitated blather and BS of white folks who would rather see you shot dead by the police than invite you to their house for a dinner party. You have a right to your opinion, but you don’t have a right to spew isht that isn’t fact. Yes I am a bigot, but part of becoming better is admitting it. You calling me a bigot doesn’t bother me, I’ve been called worse by better.

          • James Gordon

            I like the honesty! You’re 100% right on the dinner party thing too, you wouldn’t be invited.

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            Oh gosh what will I do not being invited to eat bland food and talk pretentious racist?

          • James Gordon

            Wow, agree and you’re still make angry comments. When do you think you’ll have that run in with the police? I’m giddy with anticipation!

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            Actually I feel more sorry for you people than anger. I have a “run” in with the police every day considering I work in a building that houses a bank. Anymore questions dumb a$$?

          • James Gordon

            I think I got the jist of what you’re saying. It’s tough because my primary language is English.

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            Typical inbred response. Maybe I should have crawled out of a cave on all fours stood up dragged my knuckles and grunted. That’s all you pale faced enemies of the sun know. Be gone inbred.

          • Drew

            It is pure ignorance like yours which keeps the racial divide. The world will be a better place when you and yours are wiped off it. And no, not blacks, or any other ethnic group, but the dumb ass ignorant tools.

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            No it’s dumb phucks like you who throw racist subliminol shots then pretend you’re the victim when someone responds in kind. The world will be a better place when you cave beast, knuckle dragging, inbred enemies of the sun finally die off. And I’m talking about you racist inbreds, not those that share you skin tone. It’s sad that white people are tired of white people’s isht.

          • James Gordon

            Wait, what? You have a cave? I get all the other stuff to ba accurate, but how did you get section 8 to pay for a cave?

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            Ahh typical response from a vapid racist. You say all white people aren’t racist and yet you assume because I am black I am on section 8. You do know more white people are on section 8 and welfare right?

          • James Gordon

            It’s not racist, it’s stereotyping. I don’t hate you for it, but still gotta play the odds. You know the country is 9% black and they commit half of the violent crime, right? One would assume when the white folk outnumber the backs 5 fold, there would probably a few more on welfare. Still can’t figure out the violent crime thing though.

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            AGAIN you assumed because I am black I am on section 8, however if I said you were a child molesting, mass shooter you wouldn’t take that too well (maybe you would) The black population is 13% and crime is intraracial therefore white people commit as many (if not more) crime than non whites. You continue to spew the same blather and BS and you are too stupid to put it in context.

          • James Gordon

            The odds are much higher that you, being black, would be on section 8 as opposed to me being a child molester. Ask Bill Cosby! 13%, there goes the neighborhood! 13% and commit half of the violent crime, how do you explain that? You wanna see something funny? With welfare you point out that more whites are on it than blacks. Population numbers very important. In crime, it’s all interracial and population numbers not important. Then you follow that by calling me stupid, hahaha!

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            Nah, the odds and facts prove that white people benefit more from both programs than black people even though black people are the poorest. You bring up Bill Cosby and turn a blind eye to MANY child rapist in your group as if that negates the fact that white men are more likely to commit mass murder AND rape children. In the coalition to make pedophilia legal, I have yet to see a black man fight for it. Surely you can’t be that obtuse, AGAIN white people commit as much crime as non whites. Get over yourselves you people aren’t superior at all, that’s why you fight so hard to keep the system of white supremacy intact so you really don’t have to do much. You poor white trash don’t get it. If black people disappeared one day you poor pieces of trash would be the underclass and everything you say about black people will be said about you.

          • James Gordon

            Well, thank goodness they’re still around to make us white folk look good. Your point is that whites, 83% of the population, use as many or more government resources than blacks, 13% of the population. That’s really your point? You are right about whites being more inclined to commit sexual assault. A touch over 50% of those crimes are committed by whites, about 45% by blacks. Do you want the population numbers again? If we go by percentages, crime rate in correlation with population numbers, you’d probably have to reverse your whole argument back onto your own people.

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            I don’t want or desire to make you white folks look good, I am not better than you and vice versa. My whole point is while your digging in my backyard, yours is being overgrown. Worry about white on white crime. I have a bigger fear of going to the movies than I do walking in my own neighborhood.

          • James Gordon

            “If black people disappeared one day you poor pieces of trash would be the underclass and everything you say about black people will be said about you”. You said that, not me. You’re, not your. White on white crime, hahahahahaha! Stop gong to see horror flicks.

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            Typical inbred response. You pasty devils are something else when all you can do is point out grammatical errors that are being typed on a phone. Don’t you have a mother to phuck and some meth to smoke trailer trash?

          • James Gordon

            Wow, you’re a violent one. That’s a shocker! Listen, I don’t want to have a war of words, you’re unarmed. How about I go buy some Popeye’s and you bring you’re tap shoes over to my place. You can do a song and dance and then we can eat some fried chicken, and if you dance real good, we can wash it down with some grape drank. Sound good, boy?

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            Ha ha ha poor privileged white cave beast. You spew the same racist blather and bullisht that your skinfolk on another thread is spewing. You are comical in the fact that I’m sure you’re great grand pappy spewed the same isht in the 60’s. How about I sell you some meth while you watch your son phuck his sister and your brother plan his next mass shooting. It must hurt your heart that I am a woman and not your boy inbread cave beast. I know why you’re mad. You can’t play in the sun without sunscreen, you envy my melanin. How does it feel to know the one thing that sustains life for all HUEmans, is your natural enemy? Now run along inbred, your pawpaw is calling you for you nightly ritual of incest love.

          • James Gordon

            My great grandpappy owned yours!

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            My point is if black people are such a bane to your existence and we are good for nothing but killing one another, why then are you so worried?

          • James Gordon

            Worried? Bane? Not at all. I don’t hate you people for being black. I’m not very fond of you because, like the stereotype, your first response to getting called out on being wrong is violent name calling. Hopefully one day you’ll explain to your 12 kids that as long as they are educated and respectful, the world can be theirs. Unfortunately there is no hope for you.

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            Never heard of that stereotype. I guess I’ll assume that based on your stereotype you’re a mother phucking, meth addict who resides in a trailer park a lure children in so you can rape and murder them right? One day you’ll explain to your daughter that your just a sick phuck and it’s not normal to have children with her dad.

          • James Gordon

            See what I mean, boy? You are the reason why most people hate you knuckle draggers.

          • NWI_Joe

            Oh, yeah, I forgot THAT word.

          • NWI_Joe

            Yes, Gerald, there is a word for thinking that a person of a certain race must hold certain ideas and viewpoints. Maybe there are several words, like “pigeon-holing,” or “prejudging.” But I’m thinking of a VERY specific word here. It’s probably the word that has appeared the most on this thread. I’m sure you can guess what it is. 😉

        • spinmas

          Blacks by definition cannot be racist, who do you have power over and what do you control, what does that mean for us as a group, we respond to racism we are not racist…

          • Gerald Banks

            Blacks, by definition, CAN be racist from the way the word is clearly defined. There’s not much difference between discrimination/prejudice and being racist, ALL ARE BAD. Saying you lack power only says that, by your definition, you would be racist if somehow you were to have power……..so the intent is the same, lacking power does not make you better.

          • wwj745

            They not only can. Some of them are. The definition of racism has nothing in it about anyone holding power of another.

            •the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.[more]synonyms: racial discrimination · racialism · racial prejudice · “a program to combat racism”1.prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior: NOUN[ˈrāˌsizəm]

          • Patrick

            You must have missed the new definition of racism… it was created in 1970, so that it tried to exclude all others except whitey.

          • wwj745

            I didn’t miss the swill they spew out their mouths. I am just to intelligent to believe it.

          • Ergo

            have you actually read the definition of racism? It isn’t about power it is about belief. Black people can have messed up beliefs based purely on race just the same as any other color of humans. That conflicts with your belief that blacks are always victims doesn’t it.

          • Patrick

            Try walking through the ghetto as a young white kid, and we’ll see whose wielding the power. Can’t be racist my fucking ass.

          • docstir

            what? why can’t blacks be racist? that is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard

        • charles

          When it was time to call out racism, they stopped listening decades ago. That’s why ghettos exist in the first place.

        • AreWeReallyIn2016?

          It’s kinda apparent based on your picture that you are black. In dealing with you internet people, I have learned when you lead a sentence off with “I am (insert supposed “am” you are) that you’re not really what you purport to be.

          • Gerald Banks

            Would you like me to take a picture holding a printed note saying: I am Gerald Banks and I have taken this picture for AreWeReallyIn2016?? (Big Smile)

            Not to worry, I’m really Black. I talk country among friends and play Bid Whist, not bluff whist, and I slam dem’ bones LOUD when I count my money. LOL

            No matter what, ya gotta love our people.

          • Texas Oiler

            You seem like a good dude, if you’re ever in Houston I’ll buy you a beer!

        • Betty Echols

          Thank you for sharing that….

        • Marilyn

          You have my respect, sir!

        • Charles Mitchell

          As I’ve said in other posts, people (both black and white) have pulled the race card so many times that they’ve nearly worn the ink off of it!
          Kind of a variation of the little boy who cried wolf.

        • Dan Kiewicz

          This is exactly what “they” (Dems, Republicans and any politician in office) are looking to cause. As long as “we” are arguing about “them” “they” get to do whatever “they” want which is to screw all of “us”! Someone mentioned communism, that’s funny. I heard that same argument made about Honduras and a few other countries that have imploded. I believe that to be the penultimate goal of all these politicians and our enemies. Wasn’t there a statement made by a famous statesman and politician many years ago? Abraham Lincoln said “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” and then Nikita Khrushchev said
          “We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.” I think this is the wake-up call “we” all need. We need to step up or step out. We need someone besides the good ole boys club in Washington. We need a leader. Will we all agree with them? No, not by any means, but we need the world to fear them and us. They have in the past, they do not any longer. They see us as weak and indecisive. Fractured and disheveled. I don’t believe that for a minute. We are myopic and we need to start getting over our petty differences and look at the big picture. The folks in Honduras finally got the message and when they set aside their differences and came together as one, all of the scumbag politicians ran for the hills. Come on folks, we’ve got this but we need to band together not drive our brothers and sisters further away.

          America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
          Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/a/abrahamlin143183.html
          America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves
          Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/a/abrahamlin143183.html
          America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves
          Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/a/abrahamlin143183.html

        • blaze3016

          Awesome reply sir…

        • Chaos

          Everyone on this thread is arguing and making claims that seem to be with the purpose of insulting each other over a political stance and/or skin color. Don’t you all understand that this is what the government is after? Dividing the people as government grasps more and more power over the people ever since the writing of the constitution when the constitution was written for the people? All people. Noted, it was written in a time when slavery was legal, but that is one of the reasons why there was and still is room for amendments.
          We don’t need to fight each other over ways we should be ruled by masters. We should be fighting the system that seems to think it is a master.
          We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence (sic), promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

          We, the People.

          Promote general welfare.

          We need to stop fighting and band together to take our government back from a corrupt system to a working system that seeks to benefit all.

        • ︻┳テ=一 Lying Left Useful Idiots

          It just another evil tactic that community organizers use to shut down conversation and valid criticism. The the community organizer it the white house all this sh it goes away once he is out and it will never return again and I mean never.

        • ryan mcguinness

          Very powerful. I’m sure some liberals and other groups will think your crazy, stupid, dumb and rawwwwwwwsssssiiiittttttt…

        • Wayne "Grandpaw" Watrous

          The way I see it you are an American, same as I. Our ancestors came from different countries, but we are Americans. And that’s a good thing.

        • KAY ANDERSON

          Thank you Gerald.

        • Tracy

          Nothing worse than a HOUSE COON!!!

          • Gerald Banks

            Coon = You don’t agree with my views. LOL

        • Derrick Highsmith

          You aren’t black your a coon! If the Baltimore police officers are not at fault why did the Gray family receive a 5.9 million dollar settlement from the city?! Dumbass

          • Gerald Banks

            This thread isn’t about the Gray family nor the guilt of the police officers involved, this thread is about the disbarment of Mosby. The 5 bullets after the first paragraph of this article will explain.

          • Gerald Banks

            You seemed to have missed the topic here. It’s not about the police officers nor the Gray family. This thread is about Disbarment Charges Filed Against Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby. No one said the police were not at fault in the Gray case, no one. LOL

      • Elise Monroe

        Shut up! Coon! Racisism is rampant since the election of our black president. There is an attack on blacks and I can’t wait to read about your coming ass! No one will speak for you!

        • CarolinaCries

          I won’t shut up you ignorant asshole. I voted for “our” black president. I’m sick and tired of everything being racist if you just have a different opinion with someone other than your own color. This president has been the biggest disappointment as POTUS than any I can remember other than Jimmy Carter <-white man by the way. The attack is on the police and blacks are the ones advocating it. Simple solution to not having any interaction with police, just obey the law. Simple, easy. You called me a coon…now that's HILARIOUS!!!! 😀

          • Elise Monroe

            Everything is racist you idiot! They hate your black ass! And will kill you where you stand. You are a fool!

          • CarolinaCries

            I’m not black you moron. Why do you think I laughed at you calling me a coon? I don’t hate anyone because of skin color. I hate people like you for your “victim mentality” and they are all out to get me. I’ve never heard a conspiracy to rid the country of all blacks like you imply. Paranoid much?

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            So let me get this right, if you kick a man in his balls with steel toed boots and he cries out, he’s a a whiney victim? I can’t with people like you.

          • Patrick

            Cool website in your profile page. Looking forward to reading through the whole thing.

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            Thank you. I try to educate and post facts. You missed the one titled “When Black Men Ruled The World”

          • Elise Monroe

            Because you stated that you were black it was the first thing out of your lying mouth . I see that you deleted that first statement . You were lying then or your lying now. Either way. Racism exists ! Fool!

          • billybobz

            You voted for a low intelligence, low class, *ssClown like oBozo and now you’re disappointed! You’re an idiot, like most of the retards who voted for him.

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            If you are sick and tired of racism you need to attack the system of white supremacy but I’m sure you’re too chicken shit to do that.

      • djtorchMusic

        I hate to tell you this but racism is what this country was built on. There’s data to prove it over and over again. It’s not about if someone is racist anymore it’s are the so racist they are a danger to society and if they are, so what. So, back to this situation. As corrupt as the prosecutor was in Ferguson, he was never disbarred. So, the bar (not pun intended) has been lowered quite a bit.

      • Katheryn Binns

        that’s right cause you white people are fuckin racist

        • CarolinaCries

          You are an idiot. There are more racist blacks than any other race. When someone other than your own color says something you don’t like, it’s automatically racism. This bitch is prosecuting cops to please people like you who demand she does because an idiot threw himself around trying to hurt himself to claim brutality and ended up killing himself. The other prisoner in the van who was black also, testified that Freddie did that. The damn race card is over used..it has no power anymore. Yours is officially revoked. Now go away.

    • kennyb the unassuming Blk/Male

      I am a Blk/Male and I agree with you

      • DOUBLE BARREL .45

        Fuck your uncle tom ass to

        • The Martin System

          you mean “too”. You seem like an educated guy. Thanks for sharing your voice.

          • Dee Hemphill

            When u cant scream our nigger u scream about. Education. The white way our of any situation lol

          • Doreen Gaffney Barr

            English please

          • DOUBLE BARREL .45

            He said it in English stupid bitch

          • DOUBLE BARREL .45

            Thank you sir, I have a degree in Fuck you!

          • Smurfet


        • Dale Alexander

          Sounds like a bunch of uncle toms and a bunch of KKK sympathizers! America runs on white privilege and white supremacy. This is why a devout racist like Donald Chump is so popular. We got another George. Wallace on our hands.

          • Colonel Angus

            Right, white privelage. We have a black prez, black atty gen, the judge tossing these charges is black and 3 of the 6 officers charged are black. “Racist” is used so much anymore that it has lost its shock value. Everyone who disagrees with a liberal is a racist. The word means nothing now and white privelage is basically the privelage of working hard to pay for the free gubment benefits for others.

          • Jenna Brew

            what does that mean? we have a black president who himself and his wife are constantly disrespected and called names… some of which would be illegal if there were a white president . Doesnt matter whethe theyre black or not the problem is COPS killing BLACK people not BLACK COPS or WHITE COPS .. COPS in general. some of you can be so ignorant

          • leslie mclean

            Funny, there were 60 people shot in Chicago over the weekend, see above..Guess how many were shot by cops? Zero..reality is a hard pill to swallow sometimes..

          • Thomas Headen

            What does that have to do with statistically proven institutional racism?


          • leslie mclean

            Did you read Jenna Brew’s comment?

          • AreWeReallyIn2016?

            What does intraracial crime have to do with those sworn to protect and serve us killing us? The two have no commonality what so ever. When a criminal commits a crime they are swiftly dealt with, when the police commit a crime they get a paid vacation.

          • CarolinaCries

            Please check the statistics. MORE whites are killed by police than blacks. You don’t hear about them as much because most whites don’t support resisting arrest or committing crimes. If you break the law white or black, you deserve to be arrested. Don’t resist and you get out alive. You talk as if police just go around saying “oooh there’s a black man, let’s shoot him”. How stupiid! Why do you not shout and demand blacks to stop killing blacks? When police are involved Black Lives Matter, when blacks shoot each other somehow they don’t matter.

          • Thomas Headen

            Black men are still 21 times more likely to be killed by an officer than a white man, yet there are millions more white men than black men.

          • Katrina

            Black men commit more violent crimes. They put themselves in that position. Police are 8X more likely to be killed by a black than a white. What does any of this prove? Regardless of color, it is criminals who get shot. It is character and behavior that count, not color.

          • Thomas Headen

            That’s incorrect, as the case of Tamir Rice and John Crawford demonstrate….

          • Just_me11

            When someone is attempting to take your life, it doesn’t matter what color they are.

          • billybobz

            Behave like criminals and you will be treated like criminals.

          • Thomas Headen

            Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you dress like Wayne Brady and and act like Bryant Gumble… sometimes one is a threat because one is percieved as a threat… because one is black.

          • billybobz

            Bryant Gumble is a racist blivet. It’s not the fault of white people that blacks are perceived as threats. black behavior causes that.

          • Thomas Headen

            Right… because dehumanizing blacks with the 3/5ths clause, Seperate but Equal, Jim Crow… 400 years of publishing ONLY negative stereotypes about black people in books, news, movies, and music…. because that had nothing to do with how blacks are viewed.

            Totally idiotic.

          • billybobz

            You and your fellow stool samples are the only race on Earth who are losers in the Land of Opportunity. Now the wetbacks/illegal aliens are running you out of your ghettos, taking your election districts and the few jobs you hold….the would take your women but they don’t f*** pigs, either.

          • Thomas Headen

            Man, have you read that he who says he loves God but hates his brother is a liar?

          • billybobz

            I agree that you’re a total idiot. You and your pathetic ilk are the only people on Earth who cannot thrive in the land of opportunity. That’s on you.

          • Thomas Headen

            I’m doing just fine personally, with my Law Degree and 2 companies…. Bit ee know you have accomplished little for your self based on your obvious lkw self esteemed attempt to elevate yourself based on race.

            Look, don’t keep riding the backs of white people who have accomplishments…. stop lumping yourself with successful people based on skin color because it is clear you have little personal accomplishments of your own.

          • billybobz

            A sub-human mongrel like you would have to stand on your boyfriend’s shoulders to kiss my *ss though from what I hear you prefer to suck a white boy’s ****.

            Don’t you pathetic losers ever get tired of begging? Even the illegal aliens are running you mutts out of their (previously yours) neighborhoods, taking what few jobs you lazy b*st*rds had and electing their reps to districts designed for you mongrels.

          • Thomas Headen

            But God bless ya… and good luck overcoming 1 John 3:15

          • Thomas Headen

            So how do you suggest black people behave, to make it so that white people are not afraid of the mere sight of them?

          • billybobz

            Actually, I solve the problem by going heavily armed.

          • Thomas Headen

            That doesn’t solve anything, now you are simply a coward with a gun…. in fact that only causes more problems. Perhaps you should arm yourself with a relationship with the Lord instead of hatred for your fellow man.

          • billybobz

            bryan is a classless, brainless, racist POS, like most of the black losers who infest America.

          • billybobz

            and a 100 time more likely to commit violent crimes.

          • Thomas Headen

            Did you see who was more likely to be guilty of child molestation?

          • billybobz

            You and your boyfriend.

          • billybobz

            actually, it’s “cops killing violent black criminals.” Good Riddance to garbage like michael brown.

          • Thomas Headen

            Every dominant culture in every society has advantages over Marginalized cultures of the society. America is no different

          • Colonel Angus

            Please explain to me what advantages I had because I must have missed them. I grew up in he 60s and 70s with both parents having to work to feed my sisters and me. My oldest sister practically raised me. I worked since I was 12, worked 3 jobs to put myself through a state university and worked my way to middle management while less qualified minorities were promoted ahead of me because of affirmative action programs (literally promoted ahead of me from an eligibility list based upon job performance and test scores). I’ve never been arrested or for that matter even given a traffic ticket. I’ve caused no one harm in my entire life yet I am made to feel responsible and pay for those who choose not to work. Where do I apply for this “White Privelage”? I could use a break.

          • Thomas Headen

            Would you prefer to receive the treatment that a White Man in the 60’s got… or the treatment that a black man in the 60’s got….

          • Thomas Headen

            And honestly… I’m not sure if you know this… but it has been demonstratively proven that white women benefit more from affirmative action than anyone. You don’t know how affirmative action works, it seems… so let me share that with you…

            If your population is 10% black, you have to have a 10% black workforce. You can hire all janitors to fill that quota…. so affirmative action never cost you anything. You were simply not skilled enough to compete, and the supremacy of your mind told you that you were better than people that you were not.

          • Colonel Angus

            Please, tell me more about how I grew up, what I know and don’t know and how being passed over for promotion so minorities ranked below me could be promoted is not affirmative action, Professor. Apparently I have repressed many memories and my life has been an illusion. I thought I was working since I was 13, but I was probably playing tennis at a country club and my white guilt is causing me to invent this alternate memory. And I probably went to an Ivy League school instead of the state university where I worked 3 part time jobs and still graduated on time and with a decent GPA. Enlighten me oh wise oppressed one.

          • Thomas Headen

            You never answered my question…

            Growing up in the 60s and 70s would you rather have been treated the way America treated a black man, or the way America treated a white man?

          • Thomas Headen

            You grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, when schools were first desegregated, but you missed your advantages? Then you weren’t paying attention. Let me ask you… Would you rather have been treated the way society treated a White man in the 70’s, or the way society treated a black man in the 60’s and 70’s?

            You also must not know how affirmative aciton works. It requires a company to hire the same percentage of employees as is present in its surrounding enviornment. So if the enviornment is 15% black, the company’s workforce has to be 15% black. However, a company can satisfy that by hiring for any position… it can hire all black janitors and still satisfy the requirements of Affirmative Action. And I posted this but I’m not sure if it’s still here…it has been demonstratively proven that white women are the biggest benefactors of affirmative action. So when you got skipped over, you simply perceived you were more qualified but in fact that was just your sense of superiority talking to you. The popular conception of affirmative action is mythic…

          • Doreen Gaffney Barr

            If you really believe that you are very sad. Just because you have zero self esteem don’t blame it on me. Wasn’t my job to give it to you. That would be your parents job

          • Smurfet

            Please provide a link showing he’s ever been a bigot or racist. Your comment is highly charged & does show racism. Did you know the KKK the klan was started & to this day is demopcrap? George Wallace was a democrap then became an independent never a republican. You do know Lincoln was a Republican as was King. White Privilege, you mean like BET? How about we have a Miss White America Pageant? There is a Miss Black America. Why is it okay for you & your pals to be bigots & racist?

          • Bruce Fischer

            Are you aware that the two political parties have basically flipped? Lincoln would be a Democrat today.

          • DOUBLE BARREL .45

            Because you and your pals enslaved us, hung us, beat us, didn’t let us vote, incarcerate us at a much higher rate than anyone else, but we’re racist right?

          • billybobz

            What kind of gutless cowardly Piece of Shit would allow itself to be enslaved, hung, beat, denied the right to vote and jailed by anybody? Right rastus, your kind of gutless, cowardly Piece of Shit.

          • Mike

            You sound so smart.

          • billybobz

            Go hump leg in the ghetto, mutt.

        • Colonel Angus

          Eat a Snickers Fred Sanford.

        • billybobz

          Now you’re dreaming about a brother butt fucking you. What a perverted POS you are.

      • Smurfet

        Looks like your opinion wasn’t submitted to DOUBLE BARREL .45 for approval first.

        • Jenna Brew

          yes because shooting and killing people based soley on them not agreeing with you is cool… you must be a cop you racist cunt

      • Thomas Headen

        Lol who refers to themselves as a “black male” ? I call fake account.

      • Bob McHugh

        NICE COME BACK!!! Seriously, do you have anything that amounts to something intelligent to say – or are you going to stay with the ignorance/victim position?

        • DOUBLE BARREL .45

          You have a tiny dick and there nothing you can do about it absolutely nothing hahaha

          • Smurfet


          • billybobz

            always thinking about a white man’s d***, huh rastus.

          • DOUBLE BARREL .45

            Naw all I think about is money, I don,t have the burden of a tiny dick

          • billybobz

            and I’ve heard you make your quarters by blowing gay white boys, right rastus.

          • Bob McHugh

            OHHH, what a burn!!!! You can do better than that, can’t you? It’s a shame that your comeback actually provides proof of your ignorance. Don’t worry – the world needs garbage men too (although I may have just insulted them by the comparison to you). I pity you, because you virtually don’t know how dumb you are, and most likely never will.

          • DOUBLE BARREL .45

            I own multiple businesses, I’m pretty sure I have a bigger piggy bank than you do. So you have less money than I do and a tiny pecker, How does it feel knowing you have to live the rest of your life like that? I guess that’s why you get your rocks off being tough on a keyboard hahaha good luck to you sir hahaha

          • Bob McHugh

            Interesting – I retired at 47. And you are still working? And you seem to have a fetish with d*ck, sounds a bit weird to me. And my bank account? I’m not going to need to work for the rest of my life, oh, sorry – you still work. Work harder, and get some more education.

          • DOUBLE BARREL .45

            I just said I own multiple businesses, you old deaf ass. I have employees, I fill my days with whatever activities I choose. But I will work harder because my race needs more people like me and less people like you, good thing your almost out of here

          • Bob McHugh

            Yeah, no such luck there, I’m in my mid 50’s and still in good shape. Your race? funny – I don’t recall anything about race in these posts, I just called you ignorant and a victim – never made mention of race, so your a racist too – great combination. Although, I’m sure your employee’s appreciate your work ethic.

          • DOUBLE BARREL .45

            Hahaha I’m NOT a racist, I do know that more black men in my position have to reach out help our boys and show them a better way. If you’re not racist you can agree with that also. I hope you enjoy your retirement no hard feelings. I hope to be in a position similar to your when I’m that age.

          • Bob McHugh

            I’m going to take a chance that you are sincere – Congratulations – you are getting it now. Insulting people may feel good, but it’s not conducive to communicating an idea, regardless of it that idea is the same or differs from others – you of course already know this. I applaud your working in the community in any capacity. Good luck with your endeavors.

      • billybobz

        Get your lazy *ss in there and clean that toilet before I replace you with one of oBozo’s illegal aliens.

        • DOUBLE BARREL .45

          Get off your sister like that, you guys are family!!


      A 1963 U.S. Supreme Court ruling designed to curb misconduct by prosecutors, at least 381 defendants nationally have had a homicide conviction thrown out because white prosecutors concealed evidence suggesting innocence or presented evidence they knew to be false. Of all the ways that prosecutors can cheat, those two are considered the worst by the courts. And that number represents only a fraction of how often such cheating occurs.

      – The U.S. Supreme Court has declared such misconduct by prosecutors to be so reprehensible that it warrants criminal charges and disbarment. But not one of those white prosecutors was convicted of a crime. Not one was barred from practicing law. Instead, many saw their careers advance, becoming judges or district attorneys. One even became a congressman.

      • rbd171

        You are obviously educated on the topic, can you suggest an author or book that i can read on this topic? Thanks

        • BLKPOWER

          Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83 (1963)

    • Adaj Parr

      Yes. Racism. It’s a creation of white supremacy. Indeed, Count_Iblis! Racism indeed.

    • Bob McHugh

      You can bet it will be the next day

    • Jenna Brew

      here you go prick… RACISM!!

    • Elise Monroe

      Well wait no further. It’s because this black woman’s had the courage to indict those murderes! She was doing her job. She will not be disbarred!

      • Count_Iblis

        The judge said otherwise.

      • wwj745

        It does not take “courage” to indict someone. It takes evidence. With no evidence it is an abuse of power, unethical behavior and grounds for disbarment as the charges specified call for.

    • djtorchMusic

      It’s not racism it’s stupidity and ignorance. 6 cops in a truck, guy ends up dead, fishy story from Cops. The only difference from her and other prosecutors is she exercised integrity while most others don’t. I’m sure if it was your son or daughter who ended up dead, you’d probably think she wasn’t doing enough.

    • AreWeReallyIn2016?

      Considring the DOJ found blatant misconduct on the behalf of it’s Attorney General Bob McColluch and no one dared bring a suit to disbar him, it does appear to be a racist move. She did her job, get over it.

    • IronmanDC

      By the end of 24 hrs.

    • Jason Fairchild

      You win, less that a minute,

    • Guy Post

      That card is so used…it worn out. I think the markings on that card are so faded you can’t even see the markings any more.

      This is a kin to “The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf.'”

    • Just my opinion

      You are probably right, which makes me sick! She was so wrong to put those poor officers through hell! She deserves to be fired! Ironically, she most likely tried to charge them because she is black! Possibly a member of BLM!

    • Richard Sandoz

      Racism is just just a distraction from the real issue, classism! The 1% vs the 99%, but unfortunately the 1% owns the press, so distraction succeeds.

    • Sams_1

      So now we shout back about HERS

    • Guy Repicky

      you’re right SHE is RACIST !!! and she is black

    • Pig Farmer Bill

      It’s a city overrun with lefties, that will be fun to watch.

    • Mikkall

      LOL… a WEEK? I give it 10 seconds. NANOseconds.

    • Robert Rachet Green

      noun: prejudice; plural noun: prejudices
      preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

    • Robert Rachet Green

      i give it 0 seconds before some uppity ass white man claims that black ppl will be screaming over it well bitch we not the whole city of Baltimore could give a shit we didnt know the bitch then or before fucking idiot she did a bad job why the fuck would we care we fucking people not fucking animals ya dumb bitch we know whats wrong and whats right stfu and the bitch wont even be disbarred 9/10 calling out black people with that typical ass blue blood American pride ass comment

    • Antonio Corleone

      We Traded Her To Y’all For Jon Stewart In The Racial Draft….She Came In A Package Deal With Steph Curry……

    • Michael Mcdaniel

      and discriminatory because mosby is female

    • Leslie Washpun

      You damn right it’s racism, trying to disbar her for trying to see that 6 white pigs get charged with murder because that’s is what they did murdered that man

      • Count_Iblis

        The black judge disagreed.

    • Wayne "Grandpaw" Watrous

      It has already happened. She was the one screaming it.

    • Tigerblows.com

      racism can’t explain stupid, and she’s STUPID!!!!!!

    • Jeffrey Wilson

      Lookie, black people fight for justice in 2016, and white man get nervous. Lol, government meaning white Supremacy has been lying since the 1800s about everything. I’m still trying to figure out how you take over somebodys land…take a whole race from their land…inslave them, hang them, rape them, whip them, and then put them in poor conditions!!!! From which they are still suffering from this day!!!! And get away with that BS. Damn, the White man don’t play, but still doing it now…in the Mideast. Ask your great great great grandparents why did they treat the blacks and Indians that way…then talk to me about racism. You clearly don’t have a clue!

    • Albert Harper

      It certainly was racist thinking on her behalf.

    • Jim Wainwright

      I’ll say it. Mosby is a racist !

    • Zoe Lovesherlife Spencer

      And here I come. But I’m not going to cry racism because Mosby is Black, I’m going to call racism because you all are White! And what I realize is that in this country, the brutal history of racism will ALWAYS and ABSOLUTELY preclude white people from understanding any plight against any Black person. And this is how I know. Freddie Gray died in police custody. That is a fact. He did not kill himself. That is a fact. His death was ruled a homicide. That is a fact. The 6 Officers were present during the course of that homicide. That is a fact. So these things, we must, by law, accept as truth. The judicial process is designed to uncover the facts surrounding that homicide to determine culpability. That is a fact. To NOT seek the facts and allow those facts to play out in court, would, IN ANY OTHER CIRCUMSTANCE, be a gross miscarriage of justice.
      Let me give an example that “you people” might better understand. A young white college kid comes home to the suburbs for summer break. A group of 6 Black boys approach her. They drag her into a van and it is caught on video. When she is taken from the van she is paralyzed from the neck down and she later dies. The boys admit that she died in their custody. You people watched the video. The prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, fails to prosecute the case. YOU PEOPLE WOULD BE LIVID.
      What is the extracting variable. The group of people, were police officers. So, to be angry at Mosby for Prosecuting this case would have to either (a) be because the action was carried out by Police Officers (which would suggest that Officers are not held to the standard of the law they are hired to enforce) or (b) Freddie Gray (as a Black man) was not entitled to his life at the hands of police officers and therefore not entitled to justice upon his death OR (c) a prosecutor should not be entitled to bring charges against officers in order to fact find a homicide that occurred on their watch OR finally (d) ALL OF THE ABOVE. So, defend for me why you all are mad at Mosby please so that I might be able to challenge my own contention of racism here, please.
      White people wanna cry racism/race card when Black people in positions of power use that power to seek justice against those who are traditionally held to promoting and supporting white interests and privilege because that’s you alls limited trains of thought. Well I’m raising my hand and I’m slamming my Black ACE OF SPADES (I’d say big joker, but I like the Black card better) on this countries historic white supremacist table and this racist ass thread. I’da thrown it down last month when you posted this, but I just got it.
      I’d hope for consciousness and understanding, but the more I read posts about Black people, I realize that anything that disrupts the racial order in this country will be considered a disruption of the historic racial order that puts white people into a frenzy.

    • Bruce Wayne

      If the shoe fits. Mosby is, indeed, a radical Negro

    • Thomas Headen

      I say sexism and bigotry…

    • knowyourdaddyn?

      She looks like Micheal Jackson’s sister wannabe black!

    • shaunnybwoy

      Fuck me! First comment. Was gonna say give it a day before someone mentions her race. White people like you love a race war. Got you pitch forks, noose and medieval manuals of torture to the ready. Such lovely dinosaurs you are. Wish a meteor came and wiped out types like you and left the decent white folks that acknowledge there’s a problem left.

    • Inigo Montoya

      Nation was built and is still ran on race gtfoh lol

  164. Doreen Gaffney Barr

    I hope she gets what she gave . If ever there was a malicious prosecution this is. And the charges brought against her will be real. She destroyed their reputations for politics and personal fame.


      Fuck you, they destroyed a mans life literally! He just happened to break his back in multiple areas right??

      • Count_Iblis

        Guess you were there and have full knowledge of all aspects of the incident. Crawl back in your hole please.

        • Doreen Gaffney Barr

          Same question to you asshole.

      • The Martin System

        no way man the far more plausible response is that the cops all conspired to kill Freddy Gray, who was a police informant and known drug dealer with 20+ previous arrests. How did they plan to murder him? Why, they used the most common method that the mob uses every day – put someone in the back of a van and drive around bumpy streets lol

        Yep it was all a big conspiracy to kill their own informant Freddy Gray because ummm racism.

      • Doreen Gaffney Barr

        Have you ever studied medicine? You can have a partial cervical break and be walking around. It would only take a slight injury to break it completely. Like banging your head on the inside of a van. You won’t believe it because you don’t want to. I worked 30 years in the Emergency Department. I know. Before you take it out on me why don’t you educate yourself? They didn’t prove any wrong doing, with ALL their evidence. So FUCK you too.

        • DOUBLE BARREL .45

          You’ll never understand, instead of thinking race think as if it was your family member, would you except that story???

          • K Morgan

            if one of my family members acted and behaved like freddy gray I would have shot the bastard myself….does that answer it for you? most men and women who work for an honest living have absolutely no cares about a person who breaks the law…actually most of the time we welcome their demise. so it seems to me that you are crying in the wrong cabbage patch.

          • DOUBLE BARREL .45