33 Shot In One Day In Chicago Is New Record

With 55 shootings and five deaths, the weekend in Chicago was particularly bloody, so much so that Sunday marked itself as having the most shootings in a single day in over a year.

Sunday that brought out the worst gunfire, with a whopping 33 shootings and five more deaths.

The bloody weekend raises the odious totals to 2,218 citizens shot this year thus far, with 330 shot and killed.


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  1. scully

    Surely this can’t be true… I thought Chicago was a “gun-free zone.” If BLM truly thought Black Lives Matter, they’d want to stop the black on black violence. Cops do more to help black lives than many blacks do for themselves.


    If the BLM was really concerned for black lives that would park themselves in Chicago to do something to stop the killing by other blacks. Do something positive instead of calling for the death of LEO

  3. How Not To Play The Game

    What color are the suspected shooters? Your dual citizen mayor is an Israeli citizen first and foremost. They hate black folks. Wonder what’s happening to ya in Chicago do ya? All the cities.


      you are an idiot. He has dual citizenship which is not illegal. Where have you EVER heard or read that Israel hates black people

      • JockF

        Dual citizenship mean dual LOYALTY. Well, make-up the mind and choose ONE citizenship. I wouldn’t mind having a Jewish baby so that no one would dislike me.

  4. GrimmCreeper

    Just out of curiosity, how many were murdered with so-called weapons of war?

  5. Elvin Kauffman

    I believe that the reason for the increase in shootings is from the police not patrolling the streets like they used to. They are tired of being called racist and if they have the unfortunate need to use their gun, they don’t want to go through the headache of dealing with the riot’s. So instead of possibly getting shot or having their families put at risk for retaliation because they had to shoot someone to save their own lives, they just stay out of those neighborhoods and let them shoot each other instead.
    What are your thoughts on this?

    • Brenda

      The increase is because Gang Bangers and Thugs are running the streets. I am so glad Chicago has all these Gun Laws, How is that working for them. If people were able to own a gun to defend themselves and their families a lot of this crap would stop. The Thugs are brave when they know that they probably wont get shot back.

    • texray

      I don’t think that’s the reason, but I think that’s exactly what white cops should do, and for the reasons you give.
      Let black cops patrol black neighborhoods, right up until they start filing discrimination suits, then let the hoods police themselves.

  6. TM McKeny

    I wonder what the race was of those shot? I can only imagine the majority, if not all, were black. Where was BLM? Don’t ALL black lives matter? Oh, that’s right, they only matter if they were shot by white cops.

  7. John

    If they take guns away from people things will get more bloody.they will start useing bars,knives,machette,and a slew of other things.the government and media need to quit their b.s..the people need to rise together and stop this Shit.but there are to many people who are offended about anything and everything.and then there are all the wusses.it’s gonna get bad.and no one will try to change it

  8. Fire_and_Steel

    Other than as a way to push for more gun laws, are any “mainstream media” sources reporting on this? And maybe BLM will make some statement, just so they don’t get ripped-a-new-one for their silence. Apparently none of the victims were shot by cops, so I’ll bet we hear nothing but “crickets.”
    Since BLM doesn’t give a rodent’s rump that their “statistics” are based on lies, they probably also don’t care about how their silence about situations like this is noted (unfavorably) by many Americans, including many who aren’t LEOs.

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