‘Thin Blue Line’ Song Will Help Law Enforcement

We previously told you about former Baton Rouge Officer Caleb Paul and the incredible song he wrote following the ambush on Dallas Area Officers.  The song is called the “Thin Blue Line” and he recently recorded it with some familiar names that you will know.

Here is where you can help.  Not only will a portion of the proceeds go to placing ballistic vests on officers but we also want to support Caleb, who recently lost his home is the Louisiana floods.

Friends, this is important.  Caleb is one of us and this song has the power to change much.  Please buy it, spread the word and tell everyone you can about Caleb Paul and the “Thin Blue Line.”

The highly anticipated single Thin Blue Line drops on August 25, 2016 and is now available on:



Please share and encourage others to do the same!

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