Photo Captures Police Officer’s Children Praying for His Safety

A photo of kids on their knees, “praying their father and all police officers return home safely,” according to the caption, captures the heartbreak and tension in America after recent violence against law enforcement officers as well as police-involved shootings.

The photo was posted by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on Sunday and has garnered significant attention on social media.

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  1. CMRocks10001

    The propaganda is strong with this one. Let the little boy pray for all the children his daddy shot in the head while they were sleeping in their beds.

  2. disqus_NoPfvDt8A2

    Wonder if THAT little boy would be shot within two seconds of a cop driving up on the scene.

    Does his little uniform have a gun included?

    Staged and phony propaganda from the pro-brutality crowd.

    • tryingtopickaname

      Unlike the staged, phony and murderous propaganda from the Black Lies Matter crowd, right?

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