Louisville Police Moving To 12-Hour Shifts

WDRB reports that the Louisville Metro Police Department is moving to 12 hour shifts.

This is the second time officers’ schedules have changed in less than a year.

A recent staffing study was conducted in an effort to put more officers on the street.

The results showed that 12-hour shifts or 8-hour shifts would be more effective than 10-hour shifts. That’s what the officers were working.

After the move to 8 hours was not popular with officers, over 80 percent of the FOP Members voted to go to 12 hour shifts.

Police officials stated that the studies actually indicate that officers that work 12 hour shifts have less fatigue, less stress, and use less sick leave.

The benefit to the officers will be more cops on the street and more time off to spend with their family.  In a 30 day calendar month, officers will be off work for 15 days.

Law Officer Editor In Chief Travis Yates likes what Louisville is doing,

“Our profession has spent decades pounding our chest and bragging about the stress and hours we work. Movies glorify it and we pretty much live it but it is obvious that law enforcement needs a change. A quick look at our divorce or suicide rate should convince you, so with that in mind, if this enables our officers to spend more time at home with their family while more cops will be working beside them on duty, this is a win for all involved.  I applaud the leadership in Louisville for making this change for the health of their officers.”

Police say it will also keep their presence in the community up, as the city faces an increase in violent crime.

Police say members of investigative units will still work 8-hour days.

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  1. Mike V

    Less fatigue and less stress? That had to be spoken by someone under 30 or who has never worked 12s. It does put more bodies on the street but it takes a physical toll.

    • Katrina

      It also gives more full days off to decompress. A lot depends on your attitude going into it. Once you get ready, drive to work, staying an extra four hours three+ days a week can counter balance the getting ready and driving to work five days a week. Attitude going into it can make a lot of difference.

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