The War Against Cops

Editor’s Note: Almost a year after this article was written, it remains talked about and discussed both within law enforcement and out.  Ironically, The FBI issued a report in May 2017 that mirrors much of what was written here.  Law enforcement saw a record high in ambush assaults in 2016 which further solidifies why this article was written.  Those that hate law enforcement will continue to attack by using the media.  In this case, our author was vehemently attacked personally and professionally by a couple of individuals for writing, what now, has been confirmed by the FBI.

I’ll never forget the mood at the squad meeting at 3 pm on September 11, 2001.  I gathered with about 20 cops in the same room that we had deployed out of for years but this day was different.  Our country had been attacked and we were pissed.

In fact, several from that day joined the military and others seriously pondered it.

Those thoughts and feelings came back like a vengeance this morning as I heard the news about Baton Rouge.  Yes, we all saw five officers killed in Dallas last week and multiple shot throughout the week but today’s news solidifies what just about no one wants to acknowledge.

There is a war against cops!

All we have heard for the last few years is how cops are racist and our training isn’t right and we don’t need basic equipment like riot gear, helmets and armored vehicles and we all need to ‘soften’ our uniforms.  This is all pushed down our throats even more every time we have to use deadly force against individuals attacking us.

We have leaders of state police saying we must all be re-trained, celebrities calling us murderers and even the President saying our profession has embedded racism. Groups advocating the elimination of the police continues to be invited to the White House despite violence breaking out all around them and despite all of that….no one wants to acknowledge the obvious.

There is a war against cops!

The men and women behind the badge know it.  Good leaders know it and decent communities know it.  For the safety of all of our men and women behind the badge, it is time our country knows it.


Disclaimer:  Some have expressed anger because they assumed that I was advocating a war against a community or certain groups.  Just recently, a man told me that I advocated a “war against black people.” The article doesn’t say that or imply that and that claim is not only ridiculous but hateful and vile.   This was written within 30 minutes of watching brothers and sisters being gunned down by a coward wearing a mask and using a rifle to kill 3 Baton Rouge Police Officers.  Just a few days earlier, I watched a similar scene play out in Dallas where 5 police officers were murdered. Those awful images were seared in my mind as I wrote down my thoughts.  This “war against cops” has been well documented by many others including the Department of Justice and Author Heather Mac Donald to name a few and no where in those discussions (or this article) is race discussed. Why am I being accused of being a racist because I wrote about the “war on cops?” Because some, don’t want this discussion to happen and that is the goal…to silence this dialogue.  The hateful, rhetoric will not work with me.  I do not apologize for writing it because it is true.  If you don’t believe it, you have not been paying attention to what is happening to  law enforcement across our land.  In fact, I’ve continued to discuss this issue after numerous ambush attacks continue to happen to police officers. The false narratives and lies about law enforcement needs to come to an end.  Our editors have expanded on this issue and included some of the hysteria from this article here

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  1. my 2 cents

    You write stuff like that. Then people attack police. Then everyone cries bout how evil the police are? Really? If you’re looking for a problem, look no further than your mirror.

  2. my 2 cents

    Grow up and learn to look at things from all sides. Your argument makes zero logical sense. It’s immature, beyond self centered and a huge part of the problem with our society today.

  3. Law Officer

    What you speak of is not true. Many, many agencies have foot beats and very successful community policing programs. It’s worked. 75% fewer people are shot by the police than 2 decades ago. Law enforcement is better trained and more professional in their history. And we agree. Police are public servants that just so happened to be the victims of violent ambushes at a 167% increase than previous years. We aren’t sure where you are getting your information but then again at least you got a voice here.

  4. bigearlxxx

    I understand your concern, but you need to pause and ask yourself, why did so many people come to the same conclusion when looking at police behavior nationwide? Why are there hundreds of YouTube videos which show LEO’s violating civil rights of citizens? If these hundreds of videos exist, then how many times does it occur with no filmed evidence? You cannot act like the accusations are unwarranted. You are not at war, you are under siege.

  5. Law Officer

    Can you show us where the author declared war on citizens? He has made it very clear that his context was individuals trying to kills police officers. The article was written in the back drop of the Baton Rouge assassinations which was one individual killing cops. We suppose you could read into any way you like and we can’t help that but we find it ironic that you refuse to listen to the numerous explanations of why he said what he said. Could it be because you want the article to fit into an agenda that you may have? Our offer still stands if you would like to meet the author but we warn you, your agenda could be shattered if you look at someone and have a real discussion and take the keyboard away.

    • Law Officer

      Once again, you are lying. No where does it say a movement is responsible for killing cops. The author cites the individuals he saw do it in Dallas and Baton Rouge. If you want to make a case that there has been no violence around BLM, go ahead. We have ran multiple articles showing BLM members chanting death threats to police officers and police officer injuries by those claiming BLM. That does not taint the entire movement just like a bad cop shouldn’t taint an entire profession. So will you admit you are lying? The author did not say a political movement was responsible for killing cops or by saying that, does that help the story you are telling others?

  6. Law Officer

    Our author is an accomplished officer with over two decades of experience. We would be glad to set up a phone call where you can meet him. We would encourage you to read the entire article including his disclaimer at the end.

  7. Law Officer

    Read the entire article. You are lying. It never says to go to war against a general population. The police need the general population to succeed.

  8. Dave Kalin

    Pls explain why an Armored Vehicle is “need” as “basic equipment?”

    Do you believe that there are Americans running around with M60 MGs or M2 MGs waiting to ambush police on every corner of American cities?

    Why exactly do Police need to wear riot gear to peaceful protests?

    Why do Police feel the need to escalate every situation?

    Why do Police feel justified shooting autistic men who are holding toys that are clearly NOT firearms?

    Why do Police feel justified shooting people shopping in Walmart?

    Why do Police feel that rolling up on a kid and shooting him within 3 seconds of arriving on the scene is justified?

    What is wrong with Police when the majority of you are cowards and feel the need to start firing your sidearm before you know what is happening?

    There is a war.

    It is a war by Police on the Citizens of the United States of America.

    It is a war on the Constitution by Police who feel that their safety is paramount.

    It is a war on the Bill of Rights by Police who can’t be bothered to read and understand the Bill of Rights.

    It is a war on the Citizens of America by Police who are too ignorant, too lazy and too scared to conduct themselves as Professionals.

    Yes, there is a war in America.

    It is being waged by cowardly, ignorant, ill trained, undisciplined, incompetent and, oftentimes, criminal Police.

    If you are too craven, too lazy, too ignorant, too undisciplined and too evil to do the Job, you should resign.

    Find a nice soft job at Walmart where you can be safe and not piss yourself at the sight of the American Citizen.

    • Law Officer

      Orlando and San Bernardino residents could answer your armored vehicle question. I would hope that police would never need it but the reality is there are days it is needed. I don’t think riot gear should we worn to ‘peaceful’ protests but when rocks and bottles are thrown, I would hope you support protecting the police. I can’t speak to your shooting questions but we will report the findings when the investigations are complete. In regards to your “3 seconds” question. I don’t know what you are referring to, but a gun goes off in far less than a second. You call the police cowards. We would be glad to set up a ride along for you. “Cowards” are about as far from the truth with what we have seen. I happen to think that cowards sit behind keyboards and spew their hate without accountability but that’s just me….

  9. Law Officer

    Your lying. Read the article. At no time did the author promote violence.

  10. Law Officer

    The author never mentions “Black thugs”. Both sides are being very deceptive here.

  11. Law Officer

    Why are you lying? Where in the article did he say that? We suppose that by your false narrative, you get the bully pulpit. Congratulations. Try reading the article next time….

  12. Law Officer

    Your false narrative is spreading the hate. Did you even read the author’s explanation to some of the questions he has been posed? Once again, those that claim tolerance are the most intolerant. You are part of the problem…..

    Disclaimer: Some have expressed anger because they assumed that I was advocating a war against a community or certain groups. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The article doesn’t say that or imply that but the article was vague in regards to the questions that many have asked. For those of you that have reached out and asked me to clarify, I appreciate you. This was written within 30 minutes of watching brothers and sisters being gunned down by a coward wearing a mask and using a rifle to kill 3 Baton Rouge Police Officers. Just a few days earlier, I watched a similar scene play out in Dallas where 5 police officers were murdered. Those awful images were seared in my mind as I wrote down my thoughts. The “war” that I speak about is against evil individuals that are preying on our law enforcement officers. I understand where that terminology could upset some and for that I apologize. We don’t promise to make everyone happy but we do promise to have a dialogue with others that may have concerns. We welcome that and appreciate those that do that.

    • R B

      you act like this is different than the era of chicago mobs, italian mobs, NYC in the 80’s or any other time in US history which was far more violent. Words matter, sir. I appreciate your service but you’ll never live in the utopia of a crime free society. Nuts are out there. This isn’t a war or anything close. These are offshoots, anomalies to the real trend which is a dropping crime rate across the country. GET A GRIP.
      I am sorry for you loss, losing anyone from a violent crime is horrible. Trying experiencing it without a gun and a badge, then you’re in my and the rest of us citizens’s world.

  13. MikeSoundsGood

    What do mean start to act that way. They already act that way…
    But yeah this is instigating escalation.

  14. Robert Zeurunkl

    As though not a single one of these people were not given instructions by the police, which if they had followed not a single thing in your ignorant diatribe would ever have happened. You do what the police officer tells you to do, and everyone lives to see their kids at the end of the day. Then, you take your grievance to the COURT where it is supposed to be taken.

    Oh, BTW, when you get shot trying to take a police officers gun, that’s not murder. That’s MORON. I know, they both start with “M”, so it’s hard for you to tell them apart.

  15. Robert Zeurunkl

    Hey, RB… Listen up. I’m only going to say this once.

    NOWHERE did officer Yates say he was in a war with the citizens he represents. He is in a war with the criminals, thugs, and sympathisers (such as yourself) who are at war with the citizens he represents (such as me, for example).

    • Law Officer

      Assume much? You say you don’t hate cops and then begin to paint every cop into your lies including calling them terrorists.

      • donny1020

        Actually they use violence to protect property and power.

      • Robert Zeurunkl

        “Cops use violence and force to impose the will of the majority upon the minority.”

        Well, that is, ultimately, what the “Rule of Law” means. If you break the law, the majority of the People, under sanction of the police, will resort to violence to put an end to you.

        And that is the way it should be. If you’d like to be there to take pictures, just let me know.

    • donny1020

      No, I am not going listen up and knuckle under to bullies.

    • Jay Vaughn

      Criminals are still Goddamn citizens.

      • my 2 cents

        Yes they are. Citizens that are harming other citizens. What gives them the right to harm someone else? If you were the one being harmed I guarantee you would feel differently. But as long as your safe behind your computer it’s safe for you to sling mud at those who make and keep you safe.

        • Jay Vaughn

          Beating a cuffed man doesn’t make anyone safe.

  16. Ryan Formy

    A total of 1,439 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty during the past 10 years, an average of one death every 61 hours or 144 per year. There were 123 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in 2015 << you must be confused to what "daily means". More construction workers die yearly then police officers

    • Law Officer

      Are you aware that more U.S. Police Officers have been killed since 9/11 than soldiers? I doubt anything will change your mind. The hate against the men and women behind the badge is incredible.

  17. Martin Palm

    But then explain what happened to those two, LAW ABBIDING BLACK GUYS, who GOT SHOT OR EVEN EXECUTED BY COPS for some paranoid reason? Tell me why the puppycides are so mandatory among USA police officers? Why CANT police officers make a difference between a adult and a PRE-TEEN (The Tamir Rice example)?

    If you have logically good answers for all of these, then I rest my case and quit being of critical of those few bad apples in a HUGE batch, that for some reason want to keep bad apples around. Weird uh?

  18. Martin Palm

    Call somebody a filth and you have a filth stain on yourself.

  19. Concerned

    So many good points made but, remember they, (the police) are human just like you and make mistakes. He has apologized but considering what has transpired recently with the killing of innocent police officers I’m sure they are living very stressfully right now. Your right, they choose the job to make this place better for you and I. I’m sure he has many regrets for the words he choose. This family has already lost an officer on a simple routine stop. So maybe before being so judgmental you should try taking up a badge and see how it feels to put your life in danger every day to protect others. If you can’t walk in their shoes then shut the front door. Or maybe you could even be proactive and say a prayer that this situation is healed.

    • Martin Palm

      But sad thing is with the other side of the coin. How risky it is to interact with a cop, who is so paranoid, that he kills a puppy, maims or even kills a relative or a loved one out of fear and destroys property just find something that is not there.

      Basically, the risk of death and pain is rising in USA, when mutual trust is gone from the moment the cop gets a order to prioritize himself over the ones they vowed to protect.

      Of course many cops have lost trust towards citizens, when out of nowhere a officer gets killed or hurt. But SADLY that pain and violence SHOULD NOT be spread AROUND AND BACK TO COMMUNITY.

    • CROFT Photography

      “So maybe before being so judgmental you should try taking up a badge and see how it feels to put your life in danger every day to protect others. If you can’t walk in their shoes then shut the front door. ”

      I did better than that. I volunteered as a contractor and protected doctors and aid workers in the M. East., where there is REAL war, REAL combat. We had to VERIFY A THREAT before engaging. See the difference? We not only had to be sure of a weapon, but that weapon had to be in a threatening posture (used against us) per our ROE.

      How sad we give more discretion to enemy combatants in a war zone than the police give to our own citizens in their own homes or vehicles.

      Police are terrorists

  20. SVT

    You are an idiot! I hope all police walk of the job and you are on your own. No one to call when your home is being robbed or you are being shot or beaten by the “people”. You have no idea what is like to be a cop because your too chickenshit.

    • MikeSoundsGood

      Funny how the cops never stopped the criminals who burgled my houses or cars, but have managed to steal thousands of dollars from me for driving my car.

      The police aren’t there to stop crime, protect or serve. They’re there to generate revenue, harass people, and oppress us. Regardless of their intentions, this is the truth of what they do every day.

  21. Young Werther

    Oh, a pot-head I take it.

    • MikeSoundsGood

      You take pot-heads? What do you do with them? How about alcoholics? Or Riddilin users…

  22. Young Werther

    You said “No one decided one day that it would be a good idea to shoot cops.”
    (Actually, that is exactly what happened. Why don’t you know that?)

  23. Drumpf

    Facts are not your friends….LMFAO

  24. Sharon

    Everything you have said either lies or leaves out huge chunks of fact such as how many many of those were justified…

    • Martin Palm

      Lies? Do you even read ANYTHING ELSE besides GOP or Fox News BS? If not, then you have it. It is you who got lied to. And in my book cover-up is kinda like a lie.

  25. Sharon

    Speak for you’re stupid self! Cops are fantastic people and what has happened is that we have a President who painted a huge target on their backs and upheld the LIE that blacks are being hunted down. What it IS is. the criminality is so great among blacks that cops naturally look their way when crimes are committed. Put a stop to blacks having an OVER the top rate of violent crime on blacks and increasingly on whites and you won’t have a problem with the police anymore now will you? We out here don’t have a problem with them.. We obey the law.

    • Nick Barone

      Thanks. I was about to say the same thing.

    • Young Werther

      Why all these up votes for these hipster wanna-be cop haters? Cops have a sense of humor…maybe they did, LOL.

    • Young Werther

      And “jerks” are murderers? That is rather a long reach, I must say.

    • Jackson Pollard

      Sharon let me help you with some facts.
      Sociologists and anyone with basic understanding of living patterns will tell you intra-racial crime is normal, since people tend to commit crimes against those they live near and people tend to live near ones in the same ethnic group; so your theory on “over the top rates” is bullshit and those who study crime would agree.
      Black on Black crime rate is 90% and the White on White crime rate is 82%

      And if you want to talk about criminality, look no further than your own race.
      Take a look at the FBI crime rates for 2014

      Because you seem the type that won’t read, I put the FBI’s summary for you:
      Arrests, by Race, 2014
      In 2014, 69.4 percent of all individuals arrested were white, 27.8 percent were black, and 2.8 percent were of other races.

      Of all juveniles (persons under the age of 18) arrested in 2014, 63.0 percent were white, 34.5 percent were black, and 2.5 percent were of other races.

      Of all adults arrested in 2014, 70.0 percent were white, 27.1 percent were black, and 2.8 percent were of other races.

      White individuals were arrested more often for violent crimes than individuals of any other race and accounted for 59.4 percent of those arrests.

      Of adults arrested for murder, 50.9 percent were black, 46.7 percent were white, and 2.5 percent were of other races.

      Black juveniles comprised 52.4 percent of all juveniles arrested for violent crimes.

      White juveniles accounted for 59.6 percent of all juveniles arrested for property crimes.

      Of juveniles arrested for drug abuse violations, 74.4 percent were white.

      White juveniles comprised 55.3 percent of juveniles arrested for aggravated assaults.

      The infiltration of racist in the police department has been happening for awhile now, maybe you’re just too woefully ignorant to find out.

      DOJ findings

      Undoubtedly, you will read or NOT read all this information and your cognitive dissonance will still not allow you to let go of your false sterotypes and ignorant ass narrative.

      • Jackson Pollard

        Actually Rolla Berge you have no clue; see all you do is throw out the per capita argument but really don’t even understand it. See per capita is used by dumb asses like yourself when you want to be able to say “well based on the total number of blacks in this country to the total number of blacks committing crimes they commit more crimes per capita”. But did you really understand, I don’t think so.

        So you like the figure that 1 in 19 blacks committed crimes in 2014, while 1 in 37 whites commited a crime in 2014 and that ratio is true when comparing criminals in a race to non-criminals in a race but do see how that is nonsense and that’s how per capita works; but any way you spin it, whites still committed more actual crimes in 2014, real crimes and not some proportion of crimes that could have been committed by people who could have committed a crime but didn’t actually commit any crimes.

        2.7% of whites as a percentage of all whites committed 6million+ crimes and 6.2% of blacks as a percentage of all blacks committed 2million+ crimes. So 2.7% of the population of the white community is committing 69.4% of the crimes and 6.2% of the population of the black community is committing 27.8% of the crimes. Did I go too fast, before scrolling below, it’s okay for you to reread it so you can get it.

        Now let’s have you actually be focused on comparing the people who commit the crimes to the people who commit crimes (as the FBI did) and of the 8,730,665 crimes of 2014, whites commited 6,056,687 (69.4%) and blacks commited 2,427,683 (27,8%), so per capita of people who are actually committing crimes (not a comparison to people who may commit crimes); whites are leading.

        Also leading in terrorist attacks on US soil, also leading in shooting police officers, also leading in child molestation and pornography but your ignorant argument for this is “well it’s ok because it’s more of us, so that makes the crime numbers right”……and dumbass award again goes to you.

        And once again dumbass black on black crime and white on white crime and hispanic on hispanic crime is not some outlandish new phenomenon or are you so beholding on to being stupid you just don’t understand that, can you be that obtuse. I don’t think you are that stupid but I could be wrong; you seemed pretty ignorant in your reply comment. Pick up a book, hell pick up a calculator, pick up something other than your same lame ass attempts to berate someone by using half a sentence and no substance.

        The only idiot here is you.

  26. ScottyB

    If we’re going to be at war, I’m on the side of the cops.

    • ScottyB

      Have another so of Kool Ade, Carola. Most were resisting a good arrest, some apparently going for a fun that was subsequently discovered.

      There is NO justification for the current ambushing of LEO.

      • MikeSoundsGood

        There’s no justification of the current ambushing by LEOs. Interactions with police are terrifying. They use force to steal your money and could murder me at any moment, without cause or justice. The police are effectively the biggest criminal gang in the country.

    • Steven Smith

      Facts are not your friend.

      “Most police killings occurred against unarmed black citizens”. This is categorically false. Never mind that it completely ignores that an officer, like anyone else, has justification in defending their life, and over 2/3 of the police shootings in 2015 were upon people who were actively trying to kill or seriously harm someone while armed with a deadly weapon or firearm, your basic claim is FALSE.

      • Steven Smith

        Actually, it means that other weapons [such as vehicles] were employed, or that someone still posed a lethal risk but were not *currently* in the process of trying to kill somebody.

        And yes, it means some were unjustified. Officers were charged.

        The Washington Post broke this down quite succinctly.

      • Young Werther

        No, didn’t you have logic or philosophy in any of your college course work?

      • bacchys

        Your claim isn’t any better.

        We don’t know how many people the police kill. There are efforts now to count them by WaPo and The Guardian, but no official effort to count them.

        Those justifications are also determined by police, usually the same agency as the cop who pulled the trigger. As Radley Balko shower in his series on the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, that’s often whitewashing.

        He writes a column called The Watch at the Washington Post website, if you haven’t read the series.

        • Steven Smith

          There are numerous methods of tracking officer-involved shootings, and unless you’re claiming that the cops are simply walking out and shadow-cabinetting their locales/executing random folks [which puts you in the conspiracy-theorist category], you’re missing out on the facts.

          The “justifications” are determined by law, actually. Graham v Connor, for one. If you look at data like WaPo, you’ll see that they simply state the facts of the matter. I wholeheartedly agree that every use-of-force needs to be judged individually, and the simple fact of “he had a weapon” does not always validate a shooting [ex. Guy has a machete… but there is a 50′ tall, 200′ long chain-link fence between you and him… Pretty hard to justify shooting him at that particular moment]. That being said, the opposite is also true, and the far more popular approach is to try to boil down facts *against* police, rather than looking at each instance independently.

          An unarmed person can kill another person. This happens daily. Further, just because a person is unarmed at point-X does not mean at some future point they will still be “unarmed”. Give me a big rock and I’m physically capable of killing literally any human being, and rocks aren’t exactly difficult to come by.

          Trying to boil data down to “unarmed = unjustified”, which happens *all the time* in modern times, is what upsets me, because then people try to downplay the other side, too. Look at each case on its own facts, and you’ll quickly see that justification is almost always prevalent.

          The “justifications” are provided by law. The training on use-of-force and “force continuums” are typically taught by any given agency, but there are over-arcing standards that are found in virtually every first-world nation, from the US to Canada to France to the UK to Australia and more. Trying to claim that the agency is somehow manipulate this standard to their benefit is either misinformed, or deliberately disingenuous.

          • bacchys

            That’s a rather disingenuous answer.

            There aren’t any authoritative sources for determining how many people police kill. The efforts that have been taken up are recent. The closest we’ve had in the past was the FBI’s tracking of justified shootings.

            What determines whether or not a police shooting is justified is other law enforcement officers. Which is how you end up with a shooting being ruled justified even though the “muzzle flash” one of the officers claimed to see and the gunfire they all claim to hear had to have come from an inoperable BB gun that wasn’t close to the body of the homeowner who was killed by those officers.

            I’m well aware that unarmed doesn’t mean “not dangerous,” and to throw that up is a strawman. It remains that any police shooting is going to be investigated by other police. Even when it’s farmed out to a supposed “independent” investigation, it’s still other police.

            Talk about one incident, and the response is “it’s just an isolated incident.” Talk about the overall numbers, and the response is “you have to look at each case individually.” It’s quite convenient.

            If it weren’t for video, Michael Slagel woudn’t be facing charges right now, and you and other LEO’s would be insisting that was a justified shooting. Even though Scott was shot in the back, and the evidence wouldn’t show he was close Slagel at the time. The history of SLED investigating officer-involved shootings show it.

          • Steven Smith

            The FBI tracks more than simply “justified shootings”. If you’re implying [still] that there are additional police shootings that don’t get reported, please provide evidence, because simply asserting the contrary means nothing.

            And I brought up a point; I never claimed it to be yours, or championed it as such, but addressed an ongoing and continuing issue.

            And no, it is not always “police” that determine justification, once again, but typically DA’s or the DoJ or a Grand Jury or more. A police force can determine if it’s going to institute internal proceedings, of course, but that’s no different than anyone who violates the rules of any given job. It is police that do the investigation because, let’s face it, that is their expertise. It’d be like asking a barista to perform an autopsy to check whether a doctor screwed up, or a fire-fighter to inspect whether a kitchen is up to health-code standards [assuming neither works a second job demonstrating the appropriate expertise]. It takes a mere glance at any form of social media to recognize that the uneducated masses are far from competent in “properly investigating”. Hell, we see people rally by the thousands and demand blood off nothing more than hearsay. Your claims also detract from the notion that those whose lives are made hardest by the presence of “bad cops” are other cops, and those who would want said “bad cops” gone sooner than later would be cops. They also miss that many agencies have specialized units, specifically trained to look into such things.

            In other words, your implications are sorely lacking. If you have empirical evidence to the contrary, then by all means feel free to present it.

            I actually expect that the Slager matter is going to result in an acquittal to the murder charges, though a finding of guilt on some lesser charges, particularly given that people have slowed down the cell-phone video and showed, quite clearly, that Slager had the officer’s taser, and that the officer had been shot by it and had the wires still attached to him. It would take as little as simply not having seen that he had dropped it when he turned [which is entirely possible, given the realism of “tunnel vision” occurring during sympathetic nerve response] to not have realized that the deadly threat had ended. This apparently matched the officer’s initial reports, go figure.

          • bacchys

            The FBI tracks a lot more than just justifiable homicides. They don’t do that when it comes to police shootings. Unjustified police shootings are part of their overall homicide numbers, but they aren’t tracked as police shootings. After the Brown shooting in
            Ferguson, the Washington Post noted,”there is no reliable national data on how many people are shot by police officers each year.”
            ( They started their own tracking, but it’s reliant on news reporting and their own diligence. FBI Director James Comey said it’s “embarrassing and ridiculous” that the Washington Post and the Guardian have better data on police shootings than the FBI (

            So, if there’s some database out there that has been tracking police shootings, by all means, share it. There’s a lot of people who would like to know about it. Me included. It would also help in debunking the ProPublica claim of blacks being 21 times more likely to be shot by police than whites- claim based on a selective use of the inadequate data we do have (

            Police aren’t the only people with expertise in investigation. There’s no need to enlist barristas or janitors. Further, the relationship between prosecutors and police calls into question their independence and credibility when it comes to investigating police,
            especially for certain kinds of acts. That was well demonstrated in the investigation of the shooting of Michael Brown, where the “independent agency” hand-picked by the Ferguson Police Chief entered the investigation with the assumption that Wilson was the victim, interpreted the evidence based on that assumption, and the prosecutor manipulated the grand jury. He did so by knowingly putting exculpatory (for Wilson) witnesses in front of the grand jury who would lie, and misrepresenting the law on shooting fleeing
            felons. We know this because McCulloch released the transcripts of the grand jury, a mistake the prosecutor who investigated the shooting death of Jon Crawford III didn’t make.

            Your Slager comments are disconnected from reality. The slowed-down video shows the Taser wires connected to Scott, not Slager. Slager doesn’t fire at Scott until he’s well past 20′- and moving away from him. Even assuming your “Scott had the Taser” narrative was true, at the point Slager fired, Scott’s not a threat. Slager further moved the Taser from where he dropped it (not Scott) to put it closer to Scott’s body.

            On your claim that the people who most want to rid of bad
            cops is good cops: it’s just not credible;. Back in January, I went off to military training for a month. One of my classmates was a
            former deputy sheriff in a Southern state. During a discussion on the recent controversies involving police, he said there was an “unwritten rule” that if a suspect ran, he got beat. He didn’t say this with shame. He didn’t condemn it. He thought it was justified. He didn’t care it was against the law to beat a suspect after he was in custody: if you ran, you got beat. When other deputies brought in a suspect with a bunch of injuries, even those who weren’t at the scene knew this one got a beating for running. They didn’t hide it from each other. They didn’t hide it from their supervisors.

            These were the “good cops” in his eyes. He was “good cop.” Violating the law. Exercising vigilante justice. They weren’t looking
            to get rid of each other over it.

            The same is true of the “rough ride” that claimed the life of Freddie Gray, and before him Dondi Johnson. Seventeen people were suing the Baltimore Police Department for injuries sustained during transport at the time of Freddie Gray’s death. While his death in their custody may not warrant criminal liability, they were still responsible for his welfare once he was in custody. Their fellow officers aren’t looking to get rid of them, either.

            Joe Chrystal was a Baltimore cop. He’s not anymore. He’s a “rat.”
            He was part of a foot pursuit of a suspect who ran into the home of a Baltimore cop’s girlfriend. I’ve never been able to determine if he knew her, or just ran into an open home. Regardless, after getting him in custody, they called the homeowner’s boyfriend, who proceeded to give him a beating for running into her house. Chrystal reported it. He wasn’t lauded by his fellow cops for reporting lawless behavior. He was harassed, denied support on the street, and even told by his union officials he needed to quit the force. None of the cops who harassed him have been terminated, or even disciplined. Even though he named names, the police department claims they haven’t been able to figure out who did any of it. Was he the only “good cop” in Baltimore, or is there a bunch of “good cops” who don’t have a problem working with the bad ones?

    • Young Werther

      Armies fight wars with other armies. Do you know where the word “assassin” comes from?

    • onechosenson

      you wanna know how to not get shot by a cop? DO WHAT THEY TELL YOU! PERIOD!
      stupid is as stupid does. stupid gets shot. dont be stupid.
      what kind of idiot argues with a man holding a gun on you?
      maybe we will eliminate the suptids of all races.

      • MikeSoundsGood

        Comply or die.

        How about instead of hating the SS you start obeying the law in all things all the time or the ss will murder you. #Merica #Freedom

      • bacchys

        How dId Charles Kinsey and Castile get shot, then?

        For that matter, Google FBI agent Christopher Braga.

    • MikeSoundsGood

      Or stop supporting war and help end the totally uncalled for violence. Because nobody is going to win this or any war, we’re all going to lose and it will only make things worse.

    • Law Officer

      You are lying. But then again it’s your right to lie isn’t it?

  27. Count_Iblis

    Well said! What I would really like is to see the President condem BLM and their rhetoric, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Law Officer

      It seems the police are the only ones that care about Black Lives. Who do you think is picking up bodies and going into neighborhoods to arrest violent criminals preying on blacks? It’s not BLM. It’s law enforcement. If you cared about blacks, then suit up and join a police department and do what you can to stop the over victimization of our countries African Americans.

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