Suicide Made Easy and Painless

Warning: This article was written for law enforcement officers for training purposes only. It was intended to give a LEO a lesson in the harsh reality related to the internet’s role in assisting suicidal subjects complete their own death. Unfortunately, because this site is public, we became concerned that some were visiting not to educate themselves in an effort to help others but rather in an effort to harm themselves. The massive amount of visits to a page that was well over a decade old, gives us great concern not only for those visiting this page but for our society overall. 


We have removed the original article but we are of the opinion that you are reading this for a reason.


Depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts are serious and can occur to anyone.  We encourage you to read this article.


There are other resources available to you. I plead with you to review some other options. Give some thought into getting some professional help. Remember, tomorrow may look different. Please postpone any decision to end your life until you have exhausted all of your resources. Call the anonymous toll-free suicide hotline at 800-SUICIDE for starters.




If you have arrived here for any other purpose than law enforcement training, we encourage you to reach out to our partner, Under The Shield at 855.889.2348.




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