Martin Luther King Jr. And Black Lives Matter

As we exit Black History Month, Law Officer takes a brief look at Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy.

MLK had a dream to share but it is not the same dream as BLM.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man of faith and principles something BLM would do well to study.

On February 18, 2016, the President of the United States publicly praised the black lives matter movement on television. It is his support of this and other positions that are fueling the fires that have led to the deaths of several police officers since the incident in Ferguson.  We should not be surprised by his statements and adoration of this ideology.  America has been on a decline for many years and it is directly related to the distance that our people have traveled from their moorings.  

America was a country founded on the Bible and Judeo/Christian ideology, there is plenty of evidence to see if you are willing to look.  Even the United States Supreme Court in the case of Church of the Holy Trinity v U.S., 143 U.S. 266 (1892) recognized the religious foundations of our government in stating in part of their decision “This is a religious people. This is historically true. From the discovery of this continent to the present hour, there is a single voice making this affirmation. The commission to Christopher Columbus … [recited] that “it is hoped that by God’s assistance some of the continents and islands in the ocean will be discovered . . . .”

There have been those who hate the biblical foundations of this country and have been working for decades now to undermine the truth.  This journey has led to what we see in our country today.  We have now seen declared from the highest bully pulpit in the land that good is evil and evil is good.  Thugs and bullies who are being memorialized as heroes and those who stand in the gap to keep evil from triumphing over good people are now demonized.  This same man refuses to celebrate the life of a Supreme Court Justice but uses his power to force the City of Ferguson into reforms that they themselves can’t afford to support a lie that never happened.  

In nearly every arena that is entered today, evil is rewarded and good demonized.  The President attends or send representatives to the funerals of people who violate the law but fails to attend or even recognize the death of those heroes who gave up their lives for the protection of people they most likely don’t even know.  All of this is to overcome a problem that does not exist.  I am not saying that there is no racism (individually) but America is the least racist country in the world today.  That can be proven but it does not matter because the media tries its hardest to keep the lie alive.  13% of the population commits about 50% of the murders but that does not make the news.  BLM ignores the fact that in most major cities, black on black crime is the biggest killer of young black men because it does not support the rage.  

Black History Month has been celebrated since I was a young man.  What I remember most from my younger days is there was a man who had a dream.  That man made sense to me then and he still resonates today.  That man was a reverend who went by the name of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He dreamed about a day when all people would follow the dictates of the Bible and live by criteria that did not look upon the color of your skin but on how you conducted yourself in daily discourse.  We would do well to get back to the teachings of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who understood good and evil and preached, lived and died for a cause that recognized that all lives mattered.  Dr. King believed that we could live in a color-blind society but there are those who work diligently to make a racial issue out of everything.  We would do well to seek out the foundational documents of this country so we could work toward seeking the truth in all matters.  The answer to our country’s problems are based in finding a standard by which to live and that standard is found in the same place our founding fathers looked when establishing this country.  I am sure Martin Luther King, Jr. would agree.


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  1. Joe

    The hagiography of MLK continues unabated, but if you really dig deep into the history of that time, you’ll see that MLK was merely using the right tactic at the right time to achieve his and his followers goals. Many of those followers didn’t embrace non-violence, but he argued against any change in policy that could jeopardize collective victim status and thus not maximize guilt in the white population. That he died when he did means that we never got to see him evolve into a Reverend Jackson or Sharpton.

    • Tony

      Joe, just what do you base this opinion on? Certainly not from Mr.King’s sermons or his public comments. Shy of some solid evidence, this sounds more like historical revisionism. Based on Mr.King’s character, and his history, such an evolutionary process as you infer is illogical and baseless in facts. The likes of the men you say King would have become, he would have spoken against. His death unfortunately left a gap through which men of lesser character were able to slip through; then unbridled by Mr. King’s moral and ethical moorings.

      Additionally, Martin Luther King was properly ordained as a minister of the gospel in the excepted and traditional ways of his Baptist affiliation. He was fully accredited with that earned title, under which he properly served as a primary extension of his life. In contrast, Jackson was given his title after twice leaving school for what appeared to be his true life’s motivation-activism. Sharpton on the other hand has absolutely no credible ties to being a proper minister. His claims to being a minister of the gospel have less credibility than my claiming to be an auto mechanic (And for the record, I’m a retired cop-who can barely manage to change his own oil).

      With even just what little I have spoken of here, there is no credible basis for the claim that King, had he lived, would’ve emulated such lesser man as you suggest.

  2. Elizabeth

    While I love everything reading your articles and being a LEO wife I support you guys 100% the truth is that this country while it began as a religious refuge was built on the foundation that no matter our beliefs, race, sexual orientation or gender that we are all free and as free persons we should expect our government to follow those ideologies and not force their view on us. Obama is a joke, he was from day one the only thing he has managed to do in his time as president is divide this country back to the 60s racial tensions but he is not the only one to take part in tearing us apart, there are no innocent parties in Washington they have all played a roll in tearing get us apart. It is time instead of rushing to the Bible as many would want to do we remove the cancers from our government and clean our country try of the disease they have spread both parties need to go they are equally guilty of the destruction of our country.

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