I Remember

I will never forget this day.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I can still see it.

I can still smell it.

I remember what clothes I was wearing.

I remember what officers I came in contact with during this situation.

I remember the faces of the citizens that helped out.

I remember not sleeping for 3 days after.

I remember everyone that called to check on me.

I remember the blood stained concrete.

I remember seeing law enforcement from the entire state.

I remember everyone trying to figure out who passed and who was fighting to survive.

I remember my academy classmates checking on me.

I remember my roofer randomly called to check on me.

I remember the heroic actions taken by my coworkers to save lives.

I remembered how deserted downtown was during that time.

I remembered staying clear of the windows and how loud it was when “the decision” was made.

I remembered how angry people were when they were brought to headquarters as we tried to figure out what was going on.

I remembered smelling a lot of coffee.

I remembered my mom praying for me before I left.

I remembered my typically calm father calling me repeatedly after I asked him not to because he needed to know I was ok.

I remembered going right back to work because crime never stops.

I remembered how emotionally draining funeral week was to everyone.

I remembered being sad for the immediate family members that received the phone call that none of them wanted to receive.

I remember only watching cartoons for the entire week after it happened.

I remember how thankful my parents were when I called them and told them I made it home.

I remember feeling guilty because some parents didn’t get that call.

I remember……….

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